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Discover The Success Path With 4 Email Marketing Tips

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Email  marketing  provide an excellent tool to promote your business. It is becoming more and more popular because of its easy availability , fast  and assured delivery timeline and above all, its most economical cost.  There is no other mean of marketing which is as simple, as economical and as fast as email marketing. The below mentioned tips will help you in maximizing your returns from email marketing.

 1. Utilise ideas of you competitors

To be able to match your competitors in the market, you should know what they are doing.  Towards this end, you need to subscribe to quite a few of the newsletters and updates published by other marketers in your field. You can also search Google to know about leading authors and quality blogs in your area so as to enable you to subscribe to their emails. However, take care not to use your usual email address for this purpose and create a new email address exclusively for it. By doing this, you will be able to escape any flood of emails from that end but at the same time can go to their emails anytime you need to draw upon their content or ideas.

Though it is business to know as to what is being offered by your competitors and also what they are promoting, it is not at all prudent to copy their emails out-rightly because a copy can never be an authentic piece and also because it will be against business ethics to do so.

2. Hyperlink on the top

Put a hyperlink in bold at the earliest in your email  which should invariably be ‘above the fold’.  The ‘above the fold’ implies that the reader is not made to scroll down before getting to the hyperlink. This is because email readers are generally found to be not so keen to scroll down to get to the link you want them to get.

3. Target your emails categorically

It is important that you know whom your email is meant for because not all the recipients have the same tastes, goals or decision-making styles. It will, therefore, pay you handsome gains if you design your email according to the audience which means that you should separately target your email for B2C and B2B.

4. Customise your emails for different types of customers

Same style and content of your emails for all the customers will not be a good strategy because it does not cater to the needs of customers at different stages of  your relationship.  While your existing customers know you and been familiar with your products on offer, the new  or prospective customers will naturally like to know sufficiently about your company, its reputation and the products/services you offer. Hence, you should be informing your existing clients about your new products, particularly special offers and privileged information while educating your new/prospective customers about the standing and goodwill of your company and the products and services you can provide to them.

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