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Discover Your Brand’s Next Campaign Through Social Conversation

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social-media-conversationAll across the globe there is sea-change in the marketing landscape and the basic idea at the center of this change is how to engage your customer. Brands, nowadays are trying all sorts of ways and approach to woo their target customers. Running mass advertising campaigns without any concrete goal and just for the sake of maximum reach are gradually phasing out . Today is the age of marketers who charts out well defined plans of authentically engaging with their customers and helping them out in attaining their objectives.

When brands are keeping their customer as the fulcrum of their marketing plans and strategies then it becomes absolutely important to have a broad intelligence of who your customers really are and what is that which attracts & influences them to make decisions. The real challenge that has dogged the brands for long now, is how to gather this information.

There are many ways that brands adopt to gather intelligence for e.g. focus group interviews, primary and secondary surveys, running an opinion poll etc. Some take a cue from the keywords used by the customers to describe themselves in their social media avatars.

binaryclub-gatheringcustomerintelligence-120626161648-phpapp01-thumbnail-3These are all good and traditional techniques of procuring intelligence about your customers , their likes, dislikes etc. Though these are no doubt useful tactics to collect information but there is catch here. All these methods like focused group, surveys and social media profiles completely depends upon the kind of information the customer is self-providing.

A lot has been put together by social media experts about the demerits of self-reporting such as subjective rating scales, challenges of self-examination and intention of the participants to control or restrain their image. For a moment give an honest thought to your Twitter bio. Can a platform limited with a 140-character scoop really capture your audience’s wide gamut of interests, online behavior, priorities etc.

Though a Twitter profile provides you with controlled and a limited access into your customer’s life, but at the same time studying same customer’s expansive activities across social media platforms can actually provide us a lot of relevant information such as what are the things they really like, what are his or hers interest areas etc.

You get to know about what type of content they are interested in depending upon what they constantly share on their Facebook profile.You can also derive a fair bit of an idea by checking who they are following on Twitter, and what kind of conversations they are participating in. Similarly from observing which Pinterest boards they frequently pin to capturing what kind of videos/channels they frequently watch on YouTube. A summation of all these observations can give a fair bit of an organic picture to the brands about what their consumers really like and their requirements.

Once you have an idea regarding your audiences likes and requirements for e.g. which TV shows and movie they watch, what kind of music they listen to, what causes they favor, who and what influences them, what kind of magazines or books they read, what kind of techs/gadgets they like or use— the ultimate question is what is to be done with this information. Following are few steps that can be taken:

Revamping and bolstering the keyword strategy

Keyword ResearchApart from Google’s keyword planner tool there are many tools available in the market which can assists companies and brands in identifying keywords which can be used for both online and social promotions. Some of these tools are pretty effective and can straightaway get you to your customers conversations. Some good examples are keyword discovery tool, radian 6 etc.

Make good use of the insights about your customer’s interests areas on social platforms this can assist you in discovering and testing new keywords related to the niche content your audience like to talk about. This will not only help jack-up brand’s click-through rates, but at the same time also facilitate them in delivering content that is relevant to it’s audience’s interest. This will also not only help contribute but also further positive experience for the customers and help bolster audience-brands relationship.

Ring the bell of the content team

Content-Marketing-Social-Media-SEO-The-3-Things-You-Need-To-Boost-Your-Website-Infographic-Insights-FeaturedTry to create content that is inbound as it not only appeals to the audiences by addressing their needs but at the same time also hits their taste chord. It can be pretty challenging to continuously churn out new content on daily basis that can relate and appeal to the taste of the brand’s target audience. Thus observing the social conversation of the audience can provide a holistic view of the topics and subject matter around which the content team can develop their offerings.

Take for instance, an analysis of fanbase of “Sa re ga ma” displays that there’s a substantial overlap between ones who are regular fans of the TV show and the ones who are ardent followers of classical Indian music. Suppose if you are a digital consultant of the content team of “Sa re ga ma” then this simple but important insight could help the content team to develop content keeping in mind the interest of their target audience for different social platforms for e.g. videos, blogs etc— think “A history of Indian classical music,” “a walk with the maestros: K L Sehgal, Md. Rafi and Mukesh” , “How to play 60’s hits song on guitar”, “top 10 Kishore kumar hit songs of 80’s” etc

Identifying media partnerships

social-media-partnershipsOne of the coolest ways of connecting your audience with your message is by way of strategic media partnerships. Continuous and keen examination of social media data helps brands in discovering possibilities of partnerships which were not thinkable previously and can prove to be quite efficient.

A good case in point are the premium affiliate networks like Tyroo and Komli. These agencies boast of high network of partner sites and native technology platforms which enables consumers to discover different products and services of their choice. These networks are technology driven and have developed a deep understanding of the consumer market and the behavior of the audience, their interests, like, dislikes etc. Now networks like these can pursue effective partnerships at both domestic and global level that previously would have been considered quite unimaginable.

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