DMA Solutions Used Inbound Marketing To Gain 40% Increase In Revenue

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exp_logo_9081_fr_2014_04_28_16_16_10About DMA Solutions Inc.

DMA Solutions Inc. is a marketing agency in a new industry with a mission to inspire consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and with an creative idea at a time. Company provides services to clients spanning the breadth and depth of the fresh produce industry, from producers of national companies with national presence to regional growers. As an integrated marketing resource, company provide customized solutions that positively impacts their clients to bottom line. DMA’s successful track record ranges from the enhancement of traditional sales and marketing tools to the development and implementation of cutting edge business strategies and marketing initiatives that enrich client’s value proposition. With a successful track record in freshly produced marketing, DMA provides a full spectrum of marketing services with quantifiable results to fit each client’s need.

Business Objectives Of DMA Solutions

Being a leading marketing agency in the fresh produce industry and working with clients to achieve business and marketing goals with measurable strategies. Following were the objectives of the DMA Solutions:

  • Company wanted to focus its efforts on building online communities.
  • DMA’s one of the most important objective was to measure and analyse website at a very high level.
  • Developing creative assets such as websites, blogs and social content was also their objective.

Strategies/Approaches Adopted By DMA Solutions

download (3)Company was looking to keep their presence in a specialized market and understand its clients and their challenges. So, they started aggressively researching online market with a belief in inbound marketing approach. Following were the strategies adopted by the DMA Solutions Inc.:

  • DMA Solutions used analytical tool to qualify and quantify their marketing effort.
  • They also used smart lists to help nurture and close the leads that are consuming DMA Solutions marketing content.
  • DMA started monitoring the effectiveness of its marketing effort and segment audience.
  • With social media and SEO tools, they started identifying the areas of content that customers and communities want to know more about.

Results Achieved By DMA Solutions

Inbound marketing transformed in the better way then the DMA solutions was doing business earlier. Company exceeded its initial goals and expectations. Within the first year after implementing inbound marketing as its marketing technique, company already reached its more than half way to platinum. Following were the results achieved by DMA Solutions Inc.:

  • Within first year, DMA Solutions increased its revenue by 40%.
  • Online traffic also increased by a multiple of 2 in just two years.
  • With inbound marketing technique, company increased inbound client base in a multiple of 2 and in just one year, which was more than doubled its reach in all traffic sources and more than doubled its blog subscriber base.


Inbound marketing allowed DMA Solutions to help it’s client surface develop and deliver the content which was more relevant to it’s target audience. This ultimately helped in increasing consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables from DMA Solutions Inc. Following are the learnings from this case study:

Initially DMA Solutions were unable to track and measure their marketing efforts, which in result come up with company loosing their money as well as customers, with inbound marketing they resolved this issue.

More leads can be gained with help of inbound marketing, because here your contents speaks only what your customers want.

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