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Do You Know How Does Google Traffic Work?

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we all know the fact Google is ranked as #1 search engine and it has so many sub products under one roof “Google Traffic” is one such product which is again a feature in “Google maps”


What basically this “Google maps” is?

It is a web-based service which allows the users aerial/satellite/street views of the geographical location in their laptop/smartphones rather than a traditional also facilitates route planner for the users who wish to travel  via  foot/car/bicycle/public transportation(maybe a train or bus)via Google transit. By key in the approximate departure time, it recommends the best possible route for the mode of travel chosen and also predict the approximate arrival time. It also provides My Maps which permits users and businesses to lay down their own map by positioning markers, poly-lines and polygons onto a map.

Indoor maps were added to Google Maps for Android users and also for website users, which can guide the users to travel on their own within the buildings such as airports, museums, shopping malls, universities, transit stations, and other public spaces.It also has one such peculiar feature that one can share their location to friends and family to mark they are safe.


Google Traffic is the attribute of  “google maps” providing  traffic conditions on major roads and highways in over 50 countries for the current can  be accessed via their website or any smartphones through their app “google maps for android” .Google maps is also available on iOS platform.


With the extra new feature of Google traffic in Google maps, it becomes so driver’s friendly .It is said that Google traffic feature of Google maps is made possible with the acquiring of Zip Dash ( firm peculiar in traffic  analysis).From early 2007 google maps started providing offer real-time traffic views on the roads via collective information(crowd sourcing) provided by users . To get started with Google traffic,we need to know about some colors and their significance which can suggest you the speed of traffic on the road.

  •  colored Green–> no traffic delays
  •  colored yellow–> medium amount of traffic
  •  colored  Red–> more congested traffic (darker the red implies heavy the traffic is).
  •  colored Grey–> indicates there is no data available.


Have you ever think of how Google is so smart enough to gives us information about traffic that too real time traffic ? Of Course!that is possible through our smart phones.Network providers of this smart phones keeps track of their users to charge them based on location right? this acts as a key for Google traffic.this method of tracking  is named as trilateration, where the distance (time delay) to three or more surrounding cell phone towers is measured.

Shocking to know this will be the reason behind traffic data? you might also think like my location is continuously monitored anonymously to provide traffic suggestions ?Definitely that is not the true scene.

we all have the right to opt in or opt out to show their one’s own travel data with Google under their phones’ settings. The Google’s comment on this privacy issues is”we understand that many people would be concerned about telling the world where they were going  but Google has come up with so many aspects to safeguard the identities and locations of users who are willing to share Google with  their traffic data” It also concludes saying that “When they combine your speed with the speed of other phones on the road, across thousands of phones moving around a city at any given time,they end up generating a clear view of real time traffic conditions on the road”.

Another tracking method monitors the exact user location through a GPS-equipped cellphones and vehicles.By switching on the location service feature it will start  sending  anonymous bits of data to Google which implies a permission based sharing.


Google has built up a history with  few years of traffic data – how much of traffic one can expect on specific roads at specific times. That means it can predict how traffic will change over your drive.Hundreds of millions of people around the world trust Google  to share their real-time location,so that  it uses to analyze traffic and road conditions.

Google Traffic can be chosen by clicking  “Traffic” from a drop-down menu on Google Maps.Or the  users can make use of the “search” feature to display traffic in a particular area. For example, a user can key in their area where they wish to start in a while in the search box: “traffic near church gate,Mumbai”, to see traffic for that area on the map.


Google Traffic also make use of  historical data to show users the “typical traffic” for an area based on the time of day and day of the week. Google Traffic also displays “traffic incidents”, such as construction, accidents, and road closures by gathering data from local departments of transportation.


Google Map added a brand new feature of  explanations as to why it’s routing you a certain way to explain the traffic or accident on your route.Google Maps recent iOS update gives you real-time spoken traffic alerts.

we can recommend  a future scenario where Google could suggest to certain percentage  of users to  reroute a trip, either  for lessening traffic or reducing the chance of  delay in the first place. By advising the users to reroute from their normal route will be tricky job , as drivers who travels the same route every day really do have the best sense of what takes the longest time. What so ever Google maps along with the “Google traffic” makes the road travel a better journey for all of us.

Image Credits: Google maps

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