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Do You Know How To Build 100 Quality Links Without Creating Unique Content?

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Links play a vital role for the owners of online sites. Recently updated Google algorithm by Google PANDA and PENGUIN, has shaped latest context for an authorized link building process. The importance of a web page is determined with the links used by search engines. It is not affordable to neglect the traffic coming from organic search, as it plays a very important role. According to Search Engine Journal, approximately 93% of online experiences start up with search engine.

You automatically gain 33% of the searchers, if your web page scores at the top of organic search results. If your site builds increases the number of incoming links, then it is expected that your online site is reaching at the top with double speed. Though creating a strong content is important for a blog post, but your need to some smart work with that to justify today’s marketing need. Content solely can’t drive all the traffic, it needs to be teamed up with some advanced marketing strategies.

Enlisted below are the Tactics that will surely help you get more links without creating unique content:

1. Curate Effective and Relevant Info graphics

Creating an info-graphic for the website makes it easy for the website to gain traffic and additional links. It is a more beneficial way of getting your website promoted by other people. It is not necessary for a firm to create its own info graphics, rather you can embed them from anyone’s website without asking for their permission.

All your need to do is go to the website that contains the info graphic, scroll below and copy the embed code of the info graphic. Now, embed the HTML code in your post and see how it benefits your website leaving an impact of looking authentic on the visitors. Now, create a content that is related to the info graphic and explains about the same. Info graphics play the role of a game changer in driving links and traffic on your website.

More the info graphics are embedded in the post, more the audience will accept your website as an expert. 

Curating Info Graphics will help your business attain:
  • Thought leadership establishment, which implies that you are explaining your ideas through data and images, rather than completely depending upon the content.
  • Helps in increasing brand visibility, by making it easy and crisp for the readers.
  • Boosts up SEO, as it gains leads and drives most of the traffic.

Info-graphics makes your website stand out from the other websites. Never forget to give credibility to the right source from where you have taken the info graphic.

2. Commenting brings you traffic

Creating a buzz among the readers is another important key factor that builds links. The benchmark for a blogger is to light up an interesting discussion in the comment section, so that all the readers and followers can participate and bring traffic to the website. Now, all your need to do is select a fruitful post and run with it.

Many a times, the decision of the buyer depends upon the comments in the comment section. The more you are popularizing your blog post via discussions in commenting box, the easier it will become for you to push it on the top.

3. Leverage Connections through Emails

Email marketing is a perfect approach to increase the overall revenue of your business. It is an appropriate gateway to obtain various back links from the influencers.

Essentials for Email Marketing:

1. Send emails at the correct time

Email marketing is beneficial only if you are sending the mails on correct time. Make sure that the reader receives your mail either in the morning or at the time of their lunch break or else in late evening.

2. Utilization of Yesware

Yesware works the best when collaborated with Gmail. Yesware helps you keep a track of your mails with the excel spreadsheet.

4. Gain Extra Links with Re-purposed Content

Content is still the king of the jungle. The web presence and nurturing a targeted audience majorly depends upon the content. If you have good content, then the only thing your need to work upon is to get the right links and leverage ot with your content.

Playing the role of a leading content marketer, you need to understand the niche of your brand identity. It could be one of the most beneficial things one can focus on the increasingly competitive industry. The basic need of the customers is content that will appeal to them.

Being a content marketer, it is needful for you to strengthen the area from where you can increase traffic on your website without creating a fresh and unique content every time you post a blog. This is what you call as smart-work. This process is time-saving and also cost-efficient as you need not hire a content writer for your website just like many bloggers do not.

It’s been years, but still generating a unique content has never really contributed much when it comes to driving SEO traffic to your website. Content will never cease to be the king of the jungle, but the promotion of the published content becomes the queen. Content Promotion is equally beneficial as writing skill is. Both lay a huge role in gaining quality links for the website.

 Please share your views with us by commenting in the comment section. Also, you can suggest us with some more tactics you are aware about, we will be highly obliged to seek your guidance.

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