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Does An Outsourced PPC Campaign Add Value To Your Business?

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Have you ever considered outsourcing your PPC campaign management to an external agency and wondered whether it will add value to the business? Well, it may or might not. The success will depend upon the business expectations, level of collaboration with the agency and whether outsourcing this work is a right fit for the organization. Let us analyze why outsourcing a PPC campaign can add value to a business and why it may not.

How outsourcing will add value

1)      Focus on core capabilities – Outsourcing a PPC campaign enables an organization to save time and help them to focus on their core capabilities. For example, let us assume there is a bank who wishes to launch a PPC campaign, but has low technical capabilities and has no prior experience in search engine marketing. It may make more sense to outsource the PPC campaign launch responsibilities to an agency who has developed capabilities in the search engine marketing domain. This will help the bank in devoting more time to the design and development of financial product and services which is their expertise area rather than designing the PPC campaign.

2)      In-depth industry knowledge – A dedicated manager shall have a better and clearer view of the overall landscape than the in-house manager with multiple focus areas. Additionally, they will be better at finding solutions to complex problems owing to their in-depth knowledge and prior experience. Agencies will also have much better awareness regarding all the major changes taking place in the AdWords area and up to date knowledge which deeply affect the implementation of PPC strategies.

3)      Cost optimization – With an access to an expert PPC team, there are higher chances of a greater return on investment on the advertising expenditure. A PPC team can help in avoidance of expensive mistakes by virtue of their experience and to focus on the right metrics to measure and monitor the effectiveness of the campaign.

4)      Achieving scalability – A PPC agency can help a business in achieving scale within a shorter span of time through effective campaigns. This will help the companies in attracting a larger number of customers leading to cost reduction through economies of scale.

How outsourcing will NOT add value

1)      Collaboration gap – Outsourcing a PPC campaign will not work unless there is a high degree of understanding between the organization and the agency. PPC campaigns cannot be developed in isolation. Organizations need to work closely with the external PPC teams in order to make the campaign tie up with its overall business and corporate strategy. Thus, if there is a higher gap in coordination, the PPC campaign might turn out to be nothing than a cost center.

2)      Lack of flexibility and agility – An in-house team is always generally more flexible and agile than an external team. If the dynamics of business keep on changing very frequently, it takes a larger amount of time as well as resources in terms of increased number of phone calls, increased number of meetings and e-mails to get those changes reflected in the campaign. This may greatly reduce the flexibility and agility of an organization to respond to environmental changes in a small time.

3)      Improper timing of the launch – An organization needs to be ready with its sales team to effectively respond to the queries that will get generated after the campaign launch. In addition to it, the organization must also be ready with a responsive web team for making changes to the website. For a startup with a limited budget, the increase in agency fees might be greater than the improvement in sales leading to a decreased profitability.

Thus, a business has to carefully evaluate its business expectations against the usefulness of the PPC campaign outsourcing stated above and take an informed decision. After all, nothing works in the same way for different organizations.

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