Dot & Bo Leverage Woopra And Increased Conversions By 200%

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imagesBusinesses are all about their customers. Be it a small start-up firm or an established business house. Comfort of a customer is the most important aspect in any business venture. If the customers are not satisfied then there will be an immediate impact on the business.

People these days have become very tech-savvy. Everything and anything is done online. The concept of visiting a shop, meeting a sales person etc. is fading away slowly. Organizations also prefer to launch their website through which they can connect to their customers properly and everything is so hassle free.

Where there are so many advantages of having an online store, there are disadvantages too. There is no personal touch while shopping for a product or service. Everything is so robotic that people just look for easy access and complete information. There is lot of competition in this prevailing scenario and it is very important to take extra measures to make online shopping a fruitful experience.

Dot & Bo is one such company which has used web analytical tools online to capture complete data about their customers which in turn helped them to assess their position.

About Dot & Bo

Dot & Bo is a San Francisco based home décor company. They provide personalized advice by assigning an interior decorator to help their customers and also focus on entertainment by providing a glimpse of home design television show. Dot & Bo believes ‘Great designs should be accessible. And shopping for your home should be a delight.’ Dot & Bo customize their products according to the customer’s requirement. They encourage their customers to come up with their ideas like changing colours, changing the design etc. and with the help of hosts, these desires are fulfilled. Dot & Bo provides assistance from the start to finish.

Business Objectives of Dot & Bo

Dot & Bo is an online store which has seen tremendous growth in the recent past because of their ability to provide curated designs and personalized service. Providing customized experience was their key strength. In spite of various successful strategies, fast growth and quick business expansion, Dot & Bo started experiencing certain setbacks as far as their customer’s data was concerned. They were not able to keep a track of what their customers were doing.

The following were the major business objectives of Dot & Bo:

  1. To visualize their customer data so that they can provide better personalized experience.
  2. To generate Real-Time Data: Dot & Bo had so much of data collected about their customers that they were not able to organize and study them. This data needed to be converted to Real-Time Data which in turn would help Dot & Bo in making decisions.
  3. To develop a consistency among the data across their organization. There was no centralized monitoring of their customer data which led to lot of discrepancies. This resulted in lack of co-ordination among various cross-functional teams and data-backed decisions became impossible.

Strategy Adopted by Dot & Bo

Dot & Bo was rapidly expanding their business and the growth was really appreciable. The customer base increased manifold. For any organization, managing their customer details and the data is very important. If the business house would not know what their customers are doing, then the business may miss out on crucial details and related decisions.

Dot & Bo was facing a situation where they were not able to keep a track of their customers and thus they were missing out on lot of information. In order to overcome this situation, Dot & Bo took shelter of Woopra.

Woopra is one of the widely used web tracking and analysis application. The desktop application of Woopra allows the industries to generate the statistics of the visitors to their website and at the same time understand the data clearly. It is very beneficial to sales, marketing and services team. The behaviour of each and every visitor of the website can be clearly understood along with the customer life-cycle. This analytical data helps to bind various cross-functional departments and brings in co-ordination among the departments.

Results Achieved by Dot & Bo

The following were the results achieved by Dot & Bo:

  • Dot & Bo were able to completely understand their customers’ behaviour on their website. The visualization of various data related to customers like their purchase history, what they look in the website etc. helped Dot & Bo to engage better with their customers. Dot & Bo could nurture a healthy relationship with the customers by improving their shopping experiences. The average customer response time increased by five times compared to their earlier strategies where resolving a client query used to take more time, even days. Now they could respond to their client’s queries within few minutes.
  • Woopra’s Funnel is an analytical tool which determines the ‘path’ on the website. Using Woopra Funnel, the user can assign a series of steps on the website which may include signing up on the site or purchase process. By analysing this path for individual customers, the user can identify where the customer is deviating and is not finishing the process. This analysis will help the company to modify their website.
  • The conversion process of Dot & Bo was experiencing certain rough patches, as a result of which the company was not able to analyse the problem. By using Woopra Funnel, Dot & Bo could identify the problem areas and rectify them. There were many areas on the path that were indeed confusing to the customers. By fixing this problem, Dot & Bo saw 200% increase in their conversion rates.
  • Data speaks a lot about an organization than any opinion. Dot & Bo understood the importance of organised data very well and they quickly acted upon it. Absolute mismanagement of data across various functional departments of Dot & Bo had resulted in many complications. Woopra brought a new wave in their organization’s culture. Everything was streamlined. Organised data was made available across all the departments of Dot & Bo which helped in taking many strategic decisions. As a result, Dot & Bo became a data-driven organization from opinion-based organization.

Woopra helped to identify the way the data could be managed within an organization. An organization’s growth depends on how well they understand their customer’s behaviour and their response time. Dot & Bo could manage their data well because of Woopra and as a result, was able to expand their business.

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