Dove Leveraged Social Media Marketing To Increase Brand Loyalty To 27.6%

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logo-doveAbout Dove

Dove is a global personal care brand for both men and women, started in 1957 in the US,under Unilever.Now it has established its presence over 80 countries.The brand currently includes Beauty Cleansing Bar,Shampoos,Deodorants,Face Washes,Hand and Body Lotions,Body Washes,Conditioners and Hair Styling Products.Dove has embraced the real beauty of women at the core of its products.They consider ‘Real Women’ as their brand’s inspiration.The brand has a great focus on ‘Purity,Moisture,Cleanliness,Natural Beauty and Touchable Skin’.The new range of products for men were launched in 2010.Dove has positioned itself as one of the leading personal care brands because of its innovative Social Media Marketing campaigns.

Business Objective of Dove

Dove being a global leader in the personal care brands, wanted to expand its customer base to cover more women.They wanted to attract more younger and vibrant women to use their products.They also wanted to increase their presence on various social media platforms.Dove wanted to achieve its set targets with the new product: Dove Go Fresh.

Strategy Adopted by Dove

GoFresh_image 2Dove decided to take help from Media Contacts,Philippines to solve their problem and achieve targeted goals.Media Contacts,Philippines used the route of Social Media Marketing to increase the reach of Dove to youthful women.As all women love to sing in shower so they launched their campaign titled “Showeroke”.The campaign “Showeroke” (Shower+Karaoke) was designed seeing the influence of music in the lives of younger women and how much they loved singing in the shower alone.It was like an online talent show.

  • Dove’s Showeroke was a competition which invited everyone,to upload a video of them performing a choice of song in shower while holding one of Dove’s Go Fresh products.
  • Youtube was the main Social Media Marketing platform used.
  • Own the shower experience online and give every girl a chance to become a celebrity.
  • Dove created a microsite called the “Shower Remixer” where users customized their shower experience selecting different fixtures, floor designs, shelves and window scenes and as they remixed the shower experience,the music changed along with it.
  • The contest ended with the top performers,selected by the fans voting, singing live with a band at Strumms Makati,Philippines with a  shower design behind them.

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Result Achieved By Dove

Dove leveraged the power of Social Media Marketing effectively by using Youtube and achieved phenomenal results with their campaign.The following are some of the major outcomes:

  • Showeroke video and blog entries were picked up in several blogs generating a readership of 18,000.
  • Dove Bar annual penetration went up from 13.7% to 18.4%.
  • Dove Body wash loyalty went up from 24% to 27.6%.
  • Winner of the Best Creative Campaign ICON Award (Havas Digital awards)


Dove being an established brand has never shied away from using Social Media Marketing to expand its customer base.It has always tried to use innovative methods to build their brand.It engaged the users directly with the brand and the users had a delightful experience.


Today the power of video marketing cannot be ignored by any organization,whether it is startup or a conglomerate.Youtube,Vimeo,Vevo,Dailymotion etc. being video-sharing websites can be used to launch creative video campaigns or share promotional videos on them.If one is serious about building a successful Social Media Marketing campaign on the above websites,one should consider a long-term plan.Both the quality of content and engagement matters on these platforms.Having unique content is the key to a brand’s success.Video marketing will encourage people to visit,buy and support your brand.


Social Media can do a lot for your business growth if used the right way. To understand the complete manner in which Social Media can help you grow, enroll in our Social Media Marketing Course.

 Image Credit : Dove,Vintersections,Linkedin

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  1. Shital Kalamkar

    Done is well established and well-known brand. But still they adapted new marketing social media strategy to stay ahead in marketing race. Interesting case study.

    • saurabhralhan2

      Dove has really done well with it’s campaigns over the years,keeping real women as the epitome of beauty in their campaigns.

  2. meltag

    It’s great to hear that Dove has increased brand loyalty. Dove really worth it because it has implemented many interesting programs to make a good customer relationship management.


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