Dr Vita Achieved 3x Conversion Rate Through Paid Campaign

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vitaAbout Dr Vita

Dr Vita is a USA based D2C manufacturer of nutrition products. They manufacture these products in their own manufacturing facility. Hence, they are able to have full control over the quality and shipping process. Due to this, they are able to offer their best prices. Their claim to fame is that they have the best nutrition products in the market, manufactured using the latest science techniques in their state-of-art facility based in USA. They conduct over 90 control checks and hence their products are of premium quality. Unlike other sellers selling their products in stores, wherein the consumers can go and buy the products, they also launched a website, DrVita.com with DrVita Healthy Deliveries wherein the customers can browse and buy the products online. After the purchase, the products get delivered right at the doorstep of the consumer. This service is made available at the best possible prices.

Dr Vita’s Business Objectives

In order to sell their products, Dr Vita required to conduct efficient online marketing campaigns. For the same, they employed a dedicated in – house professional to focus on marketing the products online. However, they found that due to heavy work load, it was not possible for a single resource to take up complete marketing of over 10,000 products in an efficient and successful manner. Also, they did not see a sustained growth in their online sales and the ups and downs were rather erratic in nature. They found that the cost of conversion for many products was too high and leading to losses. Also, very few keywords and ads that were used by the company were able to bring about any sales conversions. The amount of relevant traffic coming to their website was very low. In addition to this, if they wanted to regularly monitor or make changes to the ad campaigns, then the single resource had to juggle around with his existing work and found it difficult to do justice to the entire effort. Hence, the company’s objective was to have a dedicated team which could look after the company’s marketing campaign successfully thereby bringing in valuable revenue in terms of online sales. They also intended to bring down the marketing cost for their products in order to increase their profits. They wanted to establish a steady growth of their sales and build their marketing efforts accordingly.

Approach / Strategy Adopted By Dr Vita

Dr Vita decided to partner with and outsource their marketing campaign to a digital marketing agency, Ms. Trada. Trada was detailed about the objectives of Dr Vita and the expected results of the marketing campaign. Trada brainstormed and developed a marketing campaign. They launched the same in Trada Marketplace. They also created a number of ads and placed them on networks like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Trada used their proprietary algorithm, Optimizer MatchingTM and four dedicated paid search professionals to manage their campaigns. These dedicated professionals were responsible for building, monitoring and tracking the performance of the campaigns in order to ensure that the final objectives of Dr Vita were met. Due to the decision to outsource the marketing campaign was taken by Dr Vita, their previous in-house resource was able to dedicate his time and efforts to complete other important tasks of the company. The strategy adopted by Dr Vita to seek professional help in carrying out their marketing campaigns proved to be a good one and was able to bring about the desired results.

Results achieved by Dr Vita

The campaign set up by Trada was successful and saw an increase in the conversion rate by 3x since its launch. The overall conversion cost also could be lowered significantly and this straight away doubled their marketing spend budget in just 10 weeks. This could be possible due to the hard work and smart thinking by Trada’s optimizer team. They provided regular updates to the top management of Dr Vita. The optimizer team also worked as per the advise of Dr Vita’s top management regarding the changes happening in the industry which were highly dynamic in nature. Due to this, the campaign settings needed to be altered and the keyword campaigns launched within a short duration. The Optimizer team was quick in their actions and came up with the required changes in a few hours. Since the payment model of the Optimizer team was basis their performance, it gave then sufficient incentive to perform better and deliver good results. The feedback received from Dr Vita’s top management regarding the performance of the Optimizer team was good. They were impressed with their quick accurate responses and their way of communicating about brand Dr Vita. They were smart enough to monitor and check which keywords were not performing well and to cease them immediately in order to avoid any wastage of marketing budget.


The following learning was observed through this case study:

A PPC campaign has the capability of generating traffic from day one, if done efficiently. This helps to make up for the loss in of business done in the past. It is important to realize and act at the right time to ensure that too much damage is not done. One might need to seek external help and outsource the marketing activity to an agency whose expertise can be used to realize the overall objectives. Relying merely on one method can lead to loss of advertising investment with little revenue generation. Continuous monitoring should be done by conducting analysis to exactly identify the area needing improvement. The results of these analyses should be used to further strengthen methods giving positive outputs and improvise on ones which need further attention.

Image Credit: Dr Vita

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  1. Shital Kalamkar

    Paid Campaign can definitely boost online sales. Quality product, dedicated marketing team, smart marketing strategy and correct campaign are key success factor for any business.

  2. Aparna

    Dedicated effort is very important for any campaign. Organizing the entire course of action which is being handled with dedicated experts will help an organization to achieve the desired objectives. An interesting case study depicting the same.


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