DrVita Ran Paid Search Campaign And Achieved 3x Conversion Rate

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dr vita logoAbout DrVita

DrVita is a US based manufacturer and seller of nutrition products having science backed formulations, which promotes vitality, health and wellness. They have more than 10,000 products which include high quality vitamins, supplements, and other health and beauty products. All these products are manufactured in its state-of-the-art facility. They have tight control over quality as the products undergo ninety quality control checks. As they market, sell and ship the products directly to the end consumers instead of selling it through big retail stores or involving intermediary advertising such as television, radio ads or public display as, they have managed to reduced the overall cost and thus offer the products at best prices. They also ensure that the products are delivered to the customer as quickly as possible, without having customer to bear shipping charges.

Business Objectives of DrVita

DrVita had been struggling with online marketing of their huge number of products. They did not have enough in-house expertise for paid search. They had assigned only one Pay-Per-Click (PPC) professional, in-house, who was taking care of the marketing of 10,000 products!

Building effective keyword lists and relevant ad groups with targeted ads also seemed challenging for DrVita. The keywords and ads which they used did not trigger enough sales. They also struggled with setting-up and achieving successful conversion goals. In addition to this, the overall conversion costs for many products were unprofitable.

Furthermore, if there were any changes to be made in the AdWords campaign whenever an update happened in product features, the in-house resource had to struggle with this build out with the daily work required to keep the campaign live.

“We have over 10,000 products,” says Seth Waite, marketing director, DrVita. “Doing PPC successfully   with just one in-house person was impossible.”

Strategy Adopted by DrVita

When Seth was looking for solutions to manage the marketing of its huge variety of products and a solution which could lower the overall cost of its conversions, soon he discovered Trada, a Colorado based, crowd-sourced online advertising services marketplace. This marketplace makes offers a pool of certified online ad experts who work as a group on the assigned paid search project of advertisers. The target audiences of Trada are small and medium-sized businesses, enterprise companies and channel partners who do not have in-house paid search expertise and time to manage such campaigns. Furthermore, the qualified and highly experienced team of professionals provides meticulous planning, scalability, effective and prompt execution.

After researching DrVita’s company, business objectives and website, Trada’s Optimizer Matching Algorithm, assigned four experts for their campaign, based on their experience and skills. These paid search professionals or optimizers launched DrVita’s campaign in the Trada marketplace and soon DrVita’s ads started appearing on Google, Yahoo and Bing. The expert team began to build out keyword lists, relevant ad groups with targeted ads, and strategic bidding and set-up conversion goals. Dr. Vita would approve all of their work before their work would go live.

As the campaign progressed, the Optimizer team would continue to curate and improve the campaign: performing research, testing, adopting new strategy and constant campaign build-out and maximizing the Return-on-Investment (RoI) of DrVita.


The solutions provided by Trada proved to be successful for DrVita’s overall marketing objectives. DrVita could increase their conversion rate by 3 times more.  This led to dramatic decrease in their conversion cost, which further encouraged DrVita’s marketing team to decide to double up their budget with ten weeks of starting their campaign.

The management of the campaign got easier. Now, they could easily make changes in their campaign if any update in deals happened or a new product was launched. Within couple of hours, the team of optimizers would be ready with strategic keywords and ads.

“The demand for products can change dramatically and quickly in our industry. I message my optimizer team and in a couple of hours they have a really strategic keyword campaign ready to launch”, added Seth.

It is also worth mentioning that as the optimizers are paid based on their performance, they are highly motivated to make the campaign as profitable as possible. Trada has been a bigger part of the overall marketing strategies of DrVita, since Trada launched their campaigns.


As Trada launches the campaigns of the advertisers on all the major search engines, the reach of the customers is further extended. The capable team of optimizers can manage the paid search campaigns well and as we saw in this case, to improve the conversions, it is necessary to have relevant conversion goals. To sum it up, we can say that any small or medium-sized company, with a large number of products selections, with little in-house expertise in paid search could benefit well by partnership with Trada.

Image Credit: DrVita

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  1. A write up focused on how companies could leverage paid advertising to increase its reach!
    Good one!

  2. Shital Kalamkar

    Just having good and quality product is not enough in today’s market. Combination of quality product,best marketing strategy, best marketing tools and field experts can lead to better result.Paid search campaign is good way to boost online sales.


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