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dvBytes: Your friendly neighborhood Social Media partner!

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It’s been almost 1.5 years since the time we started Digital Vidya. In this duration, we have conducted 50+ workshops (across India and Singapore) and trained 1000+ professionals. While it started more as a hobby (you know one of those things that you do on the sides just because you like it), the rise of Social Media forced us to take a relook at it.

Social Media as an opportunity space is growing rapidly and our expectation is that it’s going to become only bigger. Considering that we have been in the middle of this evolution (revolution?), often times we have faced this question: “Do we want to play a bigger role in this industry?” Finally, over last week, we answered this question with a “yes”. Or was it “YES”? Or may be “Yes”. Fine, let’s move on.

The point is that we, the team behind Digital Vidya, decided to play a bigger role in the Social Media industry. So, we moved to the next level of questions: a) What that bigger role is, b) How do we structure our presence (should we extend the scope of Digital Vidya or float another entity).

For deciding “the bigger role”, we reviewed our strengths and came up with a starter list where we could add maximum value to our customers. Going forward, we’ll be offering the following services in the Social Media space:

  • Social Media Workshops: Of course, we have been doing it for a long time. Not only it is business for us, we enjoy it so much. So, we’ll continue to do the workshops.
  • Social Media Strategy: To be successful in Social Media space, corporates need a well thought-out strategy which is aligned with the business objectives. We have found during our workshops that this tends to be one of the biggest gaps in execution because people don’t realize that they even need a strategy. Given our vast experience in this area, this became an obvious choice for us.
  • Facebook Marketing: With nearly 700 million active users, Facebook is a big opportunity for Brands to actively engage with the customers. Again, given our extensive experience in managing India Guide and Digital Vidya Facebook Pages, it became an easy choice.
  • Social Application Development: Social Applications (including Facebook Applications) go a long way in spreading the word about Brands. And we have deep expertise in this area (didn’t we develop in one month; from seed of the idea to the launch). So, this was also a no-brainer for us.

While we are starting with this list, we’ll be open to expand our offerings in areas where we consider ourselves qualified 🙂

We call this new arm dvBytes. Digital Vidya will continue to evangelize Social Media on various community channels. Our public workshops will continue to be under the Digital Vidya name. However, when it comes to work with a single customer for their specific needs, dvBytes will take over.

So friends, please meet dvBytes, your friendly neighborhood social media partner. We are sure that we’ll continue to have your love and support in this new endeavor.

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