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E-commerce Brands Flipkart & Myntra Shift Focus From Mobile Websites To Mobile Apps

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Two of the most profound and highly anticipated e-commerce portals operating in the country are none other than Flipkart and Myntra. The two big players that cam together sometime in the last year, have been offering plenty of products to a set of satisfied customers.Flipkart_myntra

With a view to reach out to a massive set of audience altogether from a single place and to hit the right note at the right time, Flipkart and Myntra landed onto a decision to take away the focus from their desktop websites and land onto the mobile apps.

Interestingly, India’s largest e-commerce players that have shut down their respective mobile websites are now redirecting their users to the Google’s Play Store as well as iOS App Store so as to download the application or the ‘app’ of these biggies prevailing in the e-commerce front. Additionally, a point worth noticing is that the mobile website of both the portals is very much active on the Symbian operating system for the older Nokias.

Left: Mobile website redirect on Android. Right: Mobile website on the Symbian OS

Left: Mobile website redirect on Android. Right: Mobile website on the Symbian OS

As per one of the renowned financial daily- Livemint, it has been substantiated that this attempt of Flipkart to shut down its desktop website is a part of it’s strategic move that shall be indicative of Myntra’s desktop website being shut down very soon.

Besides this, the report has also suggests that Myntra already generates more than90% of the traffic and 70% of its orders from its mobile application. Thus, with a view to become the mobile-app only shopping platforms, both Flipkart and Myntra considered to ultimately shut down their functional websites operating on desktop. This step is taken such that it becomes easier for them to move their sales completely onto the mobile app.

Flipkart’s spokesperson stated to the financial daily- Livemint that:

“With the app, customers can stay logged in to Flipkart at all times. This helps them save time and get smoother and faster checkouts.’

Myntra, which is a subsidiary of Flipkart, generates over 90% traffic of its traffic and 70% of its orders from its mobile app. It is expected to transform into a ‘mobile-only company’ this year. Over the past few months, both companies have launched initiatives to push their respective apps, by offering app-only discounts and offers.

According to yet another report- We Are Social’s report, it has been reflected that 72% of the population from India access mobile phone devices to search for a particular website. On the other hand, the percentage of users accessing websites from desktop/laptop is merely 27%.

Moreover, Flipkart and Myntra’s decision of shifting the user base from desktop website to mobile apps is reasonable enough. This is so because it has been anticipated that as many as 500 million users will be accessing internet by 2018; as substantiated by a report ‘Mobile Internet in India 2014’.

What is your take on this decision made by the biggies of the e-commerce domain prevailing in India. Is it the right move to shut the desktop website altogether and shift the entire focus on the mobile app? Drop in your views and comments in the comment section below.

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    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Interesting!!! I think yes, it is the right move to shift from the mobile website to mobile apps. People, likes easy and simple way of shopping. The overall sale process will be easier in mobile apps than mobile website.

    • 3 years ago

      Andy   /   Reply

      its good but if they will remove their mobile/website then they will loose lot of traffic

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