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E-Commerce Essentials for Effective SEO

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E-commerce has proved a significant growth in last one decade welcoming many retailer & manufacturers to deviate to online platform. Never the less e-commerce’s journey is just started & a long way to go making many changes in its approach to grow by involving many small & mid-size companies across the world.

What challenges the most is to make its presence significant in the Digital platform effective way for a long term. For which any existing or upcoming e-commerce ventures need to present its Digital presence most simplistic yet relevant ways..

Some of few Challenges in the growth of Organic search for any E-commerce venture,

  • Complex Webpage
  • Critical information flow from Category(s) to Products)
  • No Unique Title or Duplicate Title
  • Lack of Product Description
  • No Options for product review
  • Complex Search criteria
  • Slow server for opening webpage

While addressing some these challenges in a right platform, below are some essential tricks for any new or existing E-commerce platforms to follow to make its presence viable while making its organic search grow.

1. Maintaining Simple Site structure

A simple site structure always make search easy for not only a new user but also for a returning user resulting to higher organic search for the site & maximizes the conversions.

For most of the online stores, it is suggested for maintaining 3 or 4 levels of navigation facilities,

  • Home Page
  • Department Page
  • Article Page
  • Promotion Page (with internal link from Article Page)

If someone is in “Restaurant or Apparel Business, additional Category level navigation gives further      clarification to the searcher.

The rule behind is to make the platform as simple as possible avoiding complicacies in the product search.

  • Simple yet unique keywords for URLs
  • A URL must feature with the Category, Department, Brand or article name
  • At department level, it separates two names with a dash or dashes

Few Examples for Online Apparels:

At Category Level

At Department Level

At Article Level (Option-1) include brand name)

Above is one way of showcasing the URL at article level. But we can make it simplified by showing the article right after domain name as below,

At Article Level (Option-2)

We can make a little different by shortening the length of the URL at product level by putting it right after domain name, with a logic that the article can appear in multiple categories. This can also be a suggestion to avoid duplicate content in the key word search. We can insert the key word “formal-shirt” as internal keyword to make the product search further easy.

2. Change from HTTP to HTTP

As Ecommerce stores will generally have a number of forms which collect personal details from users, it is good practice to make sure ALL informations are encrypted.

HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (or “HTTPS” or “HTTP over SSL”) is the internet standard for secure communication between the browser and any webserver.

The internet is inherently open to the point that anyone can read what data you send to and from any server. You’re searching for “STD treatment” on Google and anyone can read this: the government, your neighbor, and even your spouse.

HTTPS solves that problem by encrypting the communication end-to-end: Only your computer and the webserver can see what data gets transmitted. Additionally, HTTPS provides a mechanism to guarantee authenticity: You can be sure you are connected to the right server as long as the green lock icon displays in your address bar.

Need for HTTPS:

No doubt, HTTPS is only a very small ranking signal. It won’t make the site suddenly rank #1 for each and every keyword, but if your website and another website tie on every other ranking signal then having HTTPS will make you rank higher.

3.Optimize Category Pages

Category pages are key hub pages in any Ecommerce store and when optimised correctly can bring in good traffic for top level keywords.

Simplify category title tags into a templated format and add purchase intent keywords (buy/online) to enhance user’s intent for online transactions. An addition of unique content for a category descriptions/introductions is recommended to sting for a buy.

4.Enhancing Product Descriptions & Titles

It is always noticed for a race to populate an E-commerce store as quickly as possible and products are thrown up with little regard for SEO. At the very least, this lowers the likelihood of individual products ranking in search, and in some cases can even result in site-wide penalties.

Any new introduction of products should have original description written before uploading them. The flow of products to be maintained with bestselling to low selling from top to bottom in the webpage.

One should maintain a clear format for writing a product description for easy understanding & encouraging for buying. Like,

  • Header with Product Name + additional keywords
  • Product Introduction in a start paragraph
  • Highlighting product features in Bullet points
  • Closing Paragraph
  • Any video (if required to explain further)
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