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E-Mail Marketing: Why Spend More Time Personalizing?

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The return on investment on e-mail marketing can range from being extremely fruitful to completely useless depending on how well you personalize your e-mails. Particularly in the case of the e-commerce industry, having a good e-mail marketing system is crucial to acquiring and retaining customers. In any case, personalization is key to an efficient email marketing system. Treating your customer as a person and providing information of the best you have to offer will let you make the most of your email marketing campaign.

Personalization should be the first priority when it comes to any form of email communication as it is one of the most powerful ways to build a relationship with your customers. A good Customer Relationship Management(CRM) system might be well worth your investment as it lets you personalize emails specifically based on your customers. When writing or designing a promotional email, you could get significantly better results when you put focus on your customers’ needs. Sending multiple sets of emails based on customer’s preferences might even be worth taking into consideration as it might prove to be a good investment of time and money.

  1. Welcome

The welcome email is a great opportunity to capture the potential customer’s attention. A good welcome mail should have the online retailer’s USP and can be personalized heavily based on your customers. A good way to do this is by using the information the customer enters during the sign-up process. Highlighting the best that you have to offer taking in consideration the customer’s preferences will give you a great start to building a relationship with your customers.

  1. Cart/Bag Abandonment

Owing to the convenience involved in shopping online, it is also extremely easy to get distracted or to get carried away with other work. A lot of customers are known to have added products to their carts but not completing the checkout process. Although a lot of the major online retailers have a system to track this and notify users by email, there’s still a lot to be wished for. Adding a personal touch to cart abandonment mails and perhaps offering discounts to complete checkout has tremendous potential to increase sales.

  1. Search Abandonment

Search abandonment is another significant area of opportunity where online retailers lose a huge amount of potential sales. A lot of opportunity costs can be avoided by a simple email that sparks customer interest. Using images of the products searched and related or recommended products is a good approach to handling search abandonment. With apps now available for all platforms, it also allows customer to pick up where they left and complete checkout process on the go.

  1. Product/Service review

Crowd curated content about products is the best way to bring credibility to your website. Customers tend to prefer purchasing from retailers with reviews written by other customers over retailers without reviews. You can see this as a trend like how most businesses and customers rely on reviews to make decisions. For example, whether or not to book a buffet in some restaurant through Zomato reviews. You may also like to check Oyo Rooms coupons, offers from various e-commerce stores like Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Snapdeal, Paytm, Dominos, Peppertap and more. In addition to this, asking a customer for a review on a recently delivered product is also a great way to build a relationship with the customer.

  1. Re-engagement

Customer retention is the best thing you can have as an e-commerce company and should be on the top of your priorities. Personalized emails acknowledging that you’ve noticed the customer hasn’t made any orders lately and asking if there’s anything you could do to change that will go a long way in building your relationship with the customer and increasing customer loyalty. Another way to do this is by sending compilations of related or recommended products or services based on previous purchases made by the customer. Data provided by the customer might prove supremely useful in order to run such campaigns.

  1. Special Events

These emails can range anywhere from anniversary or birthday e-mails to festive emails. While it is of course important to have good offers and deals, it is extremely crucial that it is highlighted in the emails in a subtle and personal way. Customers tend to immediately delete or ignore over-the-top generic advertisement type emails, in case they somehow manage to escape the spam filter. A lot of online retailers miss out on great customer acquisition opportunities due to spammy advertisement mails. Instead, it is infinitely better to focus on the customer and using personalization to build a relationship.

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Karthik Kumar Sunder works as a Content Strategist at GrabOn and guest writes on blogs. His interests include startups, technology, travel and music.

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