EagleRider Used Social Media Marketing To Smartly Garner 80% More Facebook Fans

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logoAbout EagleRider

EagleRider, a motorcycle rental agency in USA, was established in the year 1992 by four Harley Davidson owners. It was started with the passion of the founders to create one of the largest pools of adventure vehicles in the world and to offer services to the adventure motorists and enthusiasts. It has more than 3,500 dirt bikes, ATV, motorcycle, watercraft and snowmobile rental vehicles in its vehicle pool. It runs 45 rental centers worldwide.

Business Objectives of EagleRider

The following were the main business objectives of EagleRider.

  • To sustain and grow by revenue generation through catering needs and requirements of the adventure motorists and enthusiast vacationers.
  • To market the ‘American Dream’ among the destination minded vacationers, adventure travelers and motorcycle lovers.
  • To grow sales and brand promotion through social media.

 Approach/Strategy Adopted By EagleRider

To achieve the above objectives, EagleRider  decided to leverage the social media platform by optimizing its market campaign. The company approached Wpromote, a social media marketing expert to materialize its dream. The company wanted to adopt the most cohesive and consistent approach for leveraging social media. The following were the major strategic actions undertaken and implemented by the company with the help of Wpromote.

  • Designed and used Vanity URLs on Facebook & Twitter to make the brand prominent and potential for SEO.
  • Changed the old getup of Facebook page and replaced with New Badge and Cover Photo.
  • Although reciprocal following is very much sensitive, but EagleRider proceeded with its own ‘Reciprocal Follow Policy’ on Twitter.
  • Planned, scheduled and posted contents for ‘Daily Engagements’.
  • Conceptualized Avatar & Skin Design for Twitter
  • Very seriously executed Reputation Management
  • Created Fan Gate to increase new Likes
  • Developed separate Events Page and posted to Track the audience
  • Along with its biological reach, EagleRider created separate Facebook Advertising Campaign for getting more paid reaches.
  • Leveraged multichannel presence by integrating all platforms and posts.

Results Achieved By EagleRider

The following results were achieved by the adventure company.

  • A sharp increase of 80% in the accumulation of Facebook fans.
  • Had been able to connect with the 90% of Facebook Ad Clicks.
  • The Facebook Advert Campaign reached more than 600,000 users.
  • More than 50% increase in views of EagleRider’s YouTube videos.
  • More than 800% increase in Twitter followers in just three months.
    twitter_graphThe company’s social media campaign was a grand success and was professionally recognized. It was honored with the prestigious award of “Most Improved Business” for their Social Media integration by Heartwood Digital at Motorcycle Live.


EagleRider had rightly understood that those who had interests in adventure motoring and adventurous holidaying, definitely would have interests in social media networking. Hence, with this learning they realized the power of social media to market their brand. It had been evident from the case study, that their learning helped them to turn around their business. More so, the learning about social media marketing or campaign is a continuous process. Every bit of your experience helps you to understand the dynamics and synergy of social media. The case study revealed another important learning of EagleRider. That was about the strategic integration and sharing together on different social media platforms.

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  1. Ummer

    This case study is interesting. Well presented with facts and appropriate graph. Nice presentation. However, this study focus only on company’s Facebook fan count, and improvement on other social media networks. But what is the impact this improved visibility and engagement on social media networks created on its overall sales volume and profit during his period? This important fact is forgotten in this study and I feel this study is incomplete without that information. May I know your views on the same?


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