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Editing posts now possible on Facebook!

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Has the autocorrect option on Facebook ever ruined your posts? Finally your prayers have been answered with Facebook introducing editing post option that allows you to edit your post after sharing it on web and mobile. This feature works on the web as well as the Facebook App for androids and soon the iOS capability would also be made available.

Earlier, introducing this option for the users was a dicey territory for Facebook as it bought with it the danger of a bait and switch with the followers. For example, a user could post, “Who likes traveling?” and receive hundreds of likes and affirming comments, then edit the post to, “Who likes to beat up pets?”

Facebook found a solution for this issue by marking the posts as edited and also allowing the users to access the history of any edited post through a simple click. In fact, Google+ that allows users to edit posts works in a similar fashion.

It has been found that from quite some time Facebook has been offering its users the power to edit content. If you remember, a few months back Facebook allowed users to edit the photo captions and comments. Reason behind such options can be that Facebook must have established the risks of letting users hand over such options was minimal. In fact any user who misguided their followers or friends with a post, they would soon find themselves with less followers and friends of any value.


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