Ektron Used Inbound Marketing Tricks To Garner 73% More Qualified Opportunities

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ektron1About Ektron:

With more than 3800 customer, Ektron provides innovative web content management software that powers corporate websites, intranet portals and social communities. In general its a provider of web content management and customer experience management software, which simplifies the creation management and delivery of digital experiences for global organizations that are looking to drive revenue growth and improve customer satisfaction. Company also helps to deliver their experience to not only customers, but their audiences too through all the digital channels, which includes websites, mobile devices and social networks. Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, with offices in Australia, Canada and United Kingdom. Ektron has many clients, including Walmart, Las Vegas Sands, Microsoft, NASDAQ and national health services UK.

Business Objectives of Ektron:

having customers spread in many countries, company wanted to stop irritating people and wanted to shift their marketing in a way, that people love and be proud of them. With such goal in mind, below were the objectives of Ektron:

  • To deliver innovative software that changes the way people experience.
  • Integrate them self with best in class technology.
  • To build a good lead nurturing strategy.
  • Reduce their expenses on marketing.

Strategies/Approaches Adopted By Ektron:

Ektron was spending too much money on list rentals and interruptive marketing. Company wanted to be a better marketer, but were not aware of how to execute it, all they know was traditional outbound tactics. Then after Ektron implemented inbound marketing technique and following are the strategies adopted by them:

  • Company made a bold decision to nearly eliminate all the outbound marketing expenditure.
  • To deliver more, company started target marketing and segmented industry by role, by company size, by lifecycle stage.
  • They improved quality of conversion to all the segments.
  • They actively leveraged Calls To Action, marketing automation, landing pages, SEO, Lead management and analytics tools to experiment with new ways to achieve break through results.

Results Achieved By Erkton:

Inbound marketing technique turned out to be a pivotal moment for the company. Nine months after using this new marketing technique, every metric which they tracked including lead volume was trending in a positive direction. Following are the results achieved:

  • Their site regained a top rank for the key search terms.
  • A striking 73% of all qualified opportunities start generated through inbound marketing.
  • Company decreased its 3 times expenditure on email marketing.
  • Company also lowered their cost per opportunity by 60%.


With this case study of Erkton, following are the learning’s which came out:

  • To generate leads with low expenditure, inbound marketing is the only solution you have.
  • Targeting your customer and dividing them into segments, is one of the way by which you can be able to decide, which segment needs more focus and which segment less focus.
  • Calls To Action, landing pages are a very important element of inbound marketing technique and leveraging them regularly, you can maximize your leads from visitors.

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