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Email Marketing: 5 steps to own your audience!

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Email marketing has become one inevitable aspect in building up your marketing image. With today’s tech-savvy generation email can play a crucial role to promote and create awareness about your service. But if you think merely sending an email with some info about your company can bring you more consumers, then you are absolutely wrong. In order to persuade your target audience through email campaigns, you need to master some very essential nuances.

1 Know your audience

If you know what majority age group your target is you can do wonders. It is very important to interact with your audience in the right way! You can reach out more clearly to them in their style. People are more likely to enjoy your email if your content and subject line concerns and relate a bit with fresh and interesting on-going topics.

2 Keep it light

In today’s hectic and tedious lifestyle anybody is rarely going to be interested in your email if the content during heavy and requires too much brains to consume the information. Always try to keep all information short and simple which can easily sink into people’s minds.

3 Never roll out a campaign on weekends

If you want your email to be read and clicked, never ever send it on Saturdays or Sundays. People usually expect serious emails on weekdays. Emails received on weekends are often assumed and considered spam or unimportant. Weekdays are when emails are expected to be useful and effective and are opened with sincerity.

4 Connect with the audience on SNS

To maintain a healthy and interactive relationship with your audience you need to connect with them, on their chosen platform. Try to keep your company’s fan page on, active and fun on Social Networking Sites. Don’t just create a page on Facebook or Twitter and forget it, learn to be regularly and highly active on those sites. Reach out to your audience, interact with them and keep them engaged. Let your consumers know you are there and are easily approachable whenever they require your assistance.

5 Roll out Campaigns with correct intervals of time

Do not roll out an email campaign every other day. Your email will only be taken seriously when you maintain a cycle to it. Your campaigns need to be rolled out in a manner and in a frequency which doesn’t make your audience feel like you are annoying or bugging them. But also don’t take really long breaks. Just be on time before the previous messages fades away from their minds.

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  • There are 2 comments

    • 5 years ago

      Smita Pawar   /   Reply

      Excellent article. Today the most common form of communication is done through email marketing. It is flexible and messages can be composed for specific users. It is a direct connect to the existing audience.

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Appreciative post. Would like to know some research reference about the claim made in points (3) and (5)?

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