Email Marketing Aided Ecology Centre Of San Francisco To Sustain Environment

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About Ecology Center Of San Francisco

The Ecology Center of San Francisco (ECOSF) is a  non-profit cooperative. It raises ecological awareness in the San Francisco Bay Area. The organization came into existence in January 2006.  Davin Wentworth-Thrasher, Tori Jacobs, and Sam Hartman are the founder of this cooperation. Within San Francisco, it offers resources, education, and support. so that they create sustainable and regenerative communities.

They focus on ecological education, the science of relationships and connections. Which helps them for a better understanding of the local environment. It motivates them to create a balanced life among created cooperative communities. So that a social, cultural and ecological equilibrium establishes among them. With this community cooperation, they develop more public spaces. which includes schools, community gardens, parks into educational and enriching neighborhood centers. They promote the cooperative model by using consensus-based processes for all decisions. which drive a cultural change that makes their lives healthier and more sustainable.


Their principle is to ease projects that the community builds together. They also steer some educational workshops. That demonstrates sustainable living skills. Those are ecological gardening in schools and houses. Some natural building like cob ovens and other structures. Nature awareness that includes some local plants and animals. Other activities include Solar cooking, gray-water use, rain catchment, soap making. They want people to learn things by their engagement into these activities. They generate the opportunities for them to experience the ecology of San Francisco. The interconnectedness of people, plants, animals, fungi, the physical environment. That affects the many natural cycles and processes that support life on earth. To drive the company of community people and for more awareness, they built a system.That can engage other members of the community for the growth of this environment.


Objectives of Ecology Center Of San Francisco:

  • Firstly, they want to enlighten the community about the environment and its development. To do so they started building gardens to schools. As a result, they got paid contracts for this. Following this, they start to give their hands on other programs. They acquired email address in community events and volunteering activities. In this way, they got future contracts and relation building. To ease the entire process they want to apply a cost-effective email marketing system. Through which they could keep track of their subscribers. Besides their database can also manage of about 1,000 contacts at once.
  • Afterward, they wanted to connect with volunteers and their subscribers. So that they could keep their lists updated on an Excel spreadsheet. They wanted to segment the list of different kinds of emails by a specific new email marketing tool. For this purpose, they wanted to get an Email Marketer who keeps in touch with the local community.
  • Finally, they wanted more awareness about their work. So that they shared their newsletter on social media platform. By creating a page on Facebook and updated it with their activities and new events they achieved it.

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 Strategies Adopted By Ecology Center OF San Francisco

Cut Back The Content:-

  • When ECO-SF first implemented email marketing, their newsletters were lengthy. which contained their work and some sustainable energy topics. Hence not getting enough opening rate. Get to know about this they cut back their newsletters content. So that recipient could read their emails from top to bottom as quicker as possible. That increased the open rate of newsletters.

Informational Newsletters:-

  • They used the implemented email marketing system to send newsletters and event invitations. People intrigued by these educational content and information emails. They also captivate many users by putting a bunch of links. These links open to other web resources, their own website and Facebook page of ECO-SF in the body of the email.
  • From their website, anyone can subscribe the newsletters. To know about what are they doing for the environment through their activities.

Results Achieved:

  • The idea of cutting back their lengthy content worked well. So that these newsletters are now readable quickly. As a result increased their open rate now averages 20 percent.
  • They got more paid contracts as well. through their newsletters. That develop their business as well as the environment.


  • Operational at local level Email marketing helps to grow the organization. It takes a lot of work and learning about what it means to run a business. The engagement of more customers, marketing and keeping up with connections help by Email Marketing. As a small business, it is hard to communicate knowledge of their business under the vision of prospects. But ECO-SF acquired a platform for this.
  • Manual work of doing things was hard to perform. Like making the spreadsheet of contact information, segmenting them according to their kind and to send each customer a new mail at every event was a tedious job. Application of an email marketing aid made the whole approach very easy. It made the process more approachable to prospects and customers. A little bit of planning up-front makes a lot of difference down the road.  But the application of low-cost Email Marketing made it possible for this organization.  They have been able to build something and have come a long way.
  • Being a small nonprofit they set organization in the Bay Area of San Francisco that does this kind of work. Working with an effective email marketing system gives them the motivation to keep going. They are educating the world to adopt “Email Marketing” to take environmental friendly measures. Additionally, they are giving knowledge about their productive model for growing food locally. Learning through hands-on education in their newsletters also helping them to grow their business. Apart from that, social media sharing of their work also increasing the numbers of subscribers. They can be the part of this either in volunteering work or as a donor or by joining their internship program. Links for their website and other websites in their Email also helpful for Design/build services, workshops.


It’s not necessary that always best practices give the motivation to thrive a business to move forward. Sometimes a small business can also make a high jump with a right technique and a cost effective tool as like Email marketing. Please comment below if you learn something from this case study.

Image Credit: Ecology Center Of San Francisco

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