How to Become an Email Marketing Consultant: Beginner’s Guide

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Do you know more than 60% of customers react to the marketing promotions targeted to them via email? Even, Emails create 40X chances of converting a customer compared to other Social Marketing Channels- And all this creates great career opportunities for an adept Email Marketing Consultant.

If you do your share of research, you can find out that businesses of all sizes prefer using Email Marketing Campaigns to generate and convert leads, despite the emergence of different Social Media Platforms.

Email Marketing Consultant helps businesses increase the return on investment from their Email Marketing efforts.

Having a general knowledge of what is involved in email marketing is the first step to become an Email Marketing Consultant. You need to know some strategies and tactics that can build and run a successful email program. Responsibilities of an Email Marketing Consultant include more than just using a mass-marketing distribution tool and sending out weekly “blasts”.

Businesses want Email Marketing Consultant to determine the right Email Marketing approach to target the audience and ensure conversions.

Some of the questions that businesses want their Email Marketing Consultant to answer are-

Questions Companies Ask to Email Marketing Consultant

1. Can the Email Marketing consultant develop the underlying strategies for their marketing campaign?

When a company hires an Email Marketing Consultant then this would be their first question. They want their consultant or Email Marketing Consulting services to have strategic expertise across several levels to create Email Campaigns that are synchronized with company’s marketing objectives. Businesses want you to have-

  • Demonstrated experience in building businesses and a deep understanding of branding
  • You need to have the working knowledge of the strategic use of different Email marketing tools along with good understanding of Websites, SEO, social media, Copywriting skills, etc.
  • You should have the ability to conceptualize, design, architect and execute an Email Marketing Campaign strategy

2. Does the Email Marketing Consultant know how to build and manage a list of successful Email Campaigns?

Email Marketing starts with your high quality and well-managed list. Businesses want their Email Marketing Consultant to know how to build an Email Marketing list, channelize its growth, and manage different challenges that may occur e.g. unsubscribes, inactive user issues or spam complaints.

  • Businesses are smart nowadays and they are well aware of the “blasts”. Therefore, sending bulk emails without caring about the consideration for the segmented needs of your audiences will never help you land a high earning Email Marketing Consultant job
  • An Email Marketing Consultant should know how to develop segments, how to accurately capture the demographic details as per those segments and get subscribers
  • And finally, you should know how to create unique and resonating offers and content to convert your subscribers and other leads
  • Having a knowledge and experience in segmentation will help you maximize your conversions

3. How will Email Marketing Consultant create & design promotional Emails that are creative and convincing?

An Email Marketing Consultant should always understand that his or her job is to do much more than simply providing a Newsletter template. You need to know how to create an effective email that converts.

  • Along with having great design capabilities, your email should also have the components that can drive the desired call to action
  • It is must for an Email Marketing Consultant to include conviction in their emails so the reader can be compelled to visit your Website
  • Copywriting is one skill that takes Emails to just another level where connection, conviction, and conversion become guaranteed if the skill and technology is comprised in a synchronized fashion
  • Consultants need to exactly know the logic behind the structure and location of each and every component used in email

4. Is the Email Marketing Consultant is well adept in creative and technical Skills required for successful Email Campaigns?

Knowing how to write effective copy for email newsletters and landing pages is one of the most important things for any Email Marketing Consultant. Following things are incorporated under copywriting of Emails-

  • Knowing how much copy to use
  • Recognizing the importance of landing pages with respect to an Email
  • Knowing the right way to write and test subject lines
  • Testing Email Copies is another important thing
  • Email copywriting should also be perfectly blended with good design skills

Along with copywriting and creative skills, Email Marketing Consultant is required to work with customer data, measurement, reporting and analysis for continuous improvement of email campaigns. Therefore, an immaculate amalgamation of both creative and technical skills is important for Email Marketers. Technical and Creative Skills important for Email Marketing Consultant are-

  • Strategic skills for effective planning of email marketing strategies
  • Data Administration and Analytics for creating and managing lists which lead to conversions
  • Copywriting skills for creating engaging content
  • Marketing skills for optimizing brand as per audiences
  • Research skills for finding out the right audiences
  • Technical Skills (HTML, CSS) for creating attractive and personalized email campaigns that have perfect blend of images and text, and to skillfully use email marketing management software
  • Quality for running error-free email campaigns
  • Project Management for flawlessly managing different email marketing campaigns
  • Problem-solving skills for resolving any problem occurred while running an email campaign

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5. How can Email Marketing Consultant use Email Marketing Analytics to audit Email Campaigns?

Email Marketing Metrics are the key that ensures ongoing improvement in an Email Campaign. Companies want their Email Marketing Consultant to focus on important metrics and explain their significance in making the campaign more result-driven. Different important metrics for you are-

  • Open Rates
  • Click-through Rates
  • Unsubscribes and changes in the unsubscribe rate
  • Metrics related to spam complaints and initial conversions
  • Revenues and long-term list growth

6. How will Email Marketing Consultant use SEO and SMM to optimize Email Campaigns?


  • Companies also expect their Email Marketing Consultant to be well aware of SEO and Social Media for ensuring overall online success for the email campaigns
  • SEO drives list growth and guides Email Marketer to know what people are searching for and guide them with effective newsletter article writing
  • SEO Lets Consultant get the needed insights about the trends through the keyword analysis, plus, it also guides you how to optimize your newsletter article on your site


  • In today’s time, it is also important to know how to integrate Email with Social media
  • Social Media Platforms help Email Marketing Consultant drive list growth, plus, it extends the reach of an Email campaign
  • Email Marketing Consultant should also have effective social presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as companies ask them how they currently integrate social media into their Emails

7. How much is the Email Marketing Consultant familiar with Email Marketing Tools?

Dexterousness with Email Marketing Tools add a credential to the skills of an Email Marketing Consultant and that is why companies always prefer the one who is well aware of some of the best Email Tools. These tools are used for-

  • Distributing email
  • Managing lists
  • Testing emails
  • Improving deliverability
  • Monitoring success
  • Integrating with social media
  • Analyzing the competition

In next section, I have summed up some of the important skills that an Email Marketing Consultant should have to answer aforestated questions that businesses or recruiters may ask- So, without any more ado, let us peep into those as well-

Email Marketing Consultant should have following Skills

Email Marketing Consultant

Email Marketing Process

  1. Ensuring Deliverability of your Emails by keeping away from Spam objections and hard bounces and by removing list on regular basis
  2. Understanding working with Gmail Promotions Tab and ensuring subscriber Engagement
  3. Knowing how to do effective list building and integrate Social Media and SEO for an Email Campaign
  4. Knowing the factors Email Open rates depend upon along with the Right use of CTA and CTR i.e. Call to Action and Click Through Rate
  5. Knowledge of data and analytics important for Email Campaigns
  6. Right use of Email marketing automation, Email Segmentation, and Email Attribution

Actually, when an Email is sent, it cannot be retrieved back that makes the role of an Email Marketing Consultant very responsible. To become a successful one, you should have the aforestated skills. In addition, you need to be well experienced in juggling many data simultaneously to fulfill the related job responsibilities. Delving into Email Marketing Consultant Job Description would for sure help you comprehend this more accurately. So, let us dig deep into that as well-

Email Marketing Consultant Job Description

  • To be a successful Email Consultant you should know how to manage email campaigns and channelize result driven communication via email marketing. You should also be aware of current email marketing trends and related recommendations
  • Having the ability to trigger email campaigns throughout the customer lifecycle and do segmentation of the database and channelize remarketing strategies is also an email consultant’s responsibility
  • You should be skillful in A/B Testing, MVT Testing on email marketing campaigns
  • An Email Marketing Consultant is also responsible for reporting and effective analysis of email campaigns
  • Such consultants should also know how to work with head of CRM

To have the needed skills to fulfill job responsibilities of Email Marketing Consultant being a certified professional would ensure better chances of having best Email Marketing jobs. Available certifications for an Email Marketing Consultant are-

Email Marketing Consultant Certifications

Email Marketing Consultant

Email Marketing Certifications

Govt. Certification- VSkills certification is a Govt. of India Initiative that you can get once you are well adept in all the channels of Email marketing. By passing the exam, you can easily be a Vskills certified Email Marketing Consultant

Google Certifications- Appearing in Google exams that suit your skills will help you get Google certified

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification- You can get Inbound Marketing Certification from HubSpot that is offered for your expertize in different segments of Email Marketing

Email Marketing Consultant Salary

Approximate salary of any Email Marketing Specialists depends on their educational qualification, experience, certifications (will discuss it in next section) and professional background.

A certified and experienced Email Marketing Consultant working in a reputed business or high growth startups may appreciate an annual package of around Rs 10 Lakh.

According to Glassdoor, Salary Range of an Email Marketing specialist is-

Email Marketing Consultant

Email Marketing Job Monthly Salary Range

In Conclusion...

It is very important for an Email Marketing Consultant to have a deep understanding of the different skills, components, and channels that make an Email Marketing Campaign result-driven.

Email marketing landscape changes frequently and it demands lots of practical testing and training that might turn quite onerous for budding email marketers. Enrolling in Email Marketing Course would alleviate the task for you and will help you be a certified Email Marketing Consultant.

You can also broaden your skills & undertake the entire landscape of marketing by becoming a marketing consultant.

In case you have any queries then do share in comments, I will be happy to address those.

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