How Email Marketing Course Helps Your Business?

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Email Marketing Course helps inbound marketers be a lead and conversion machine that ultimately helps them optimize email marketing campaigns, target leads, get the expected outcomes and grow their businesses.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective solutions that offer you the authority to reach customers in a place where they prefer to come repeatedly i.e. their Inbox. Let us delve into some of the data-insights that highlights the influence of Email-Marketing campaigns-

  • More than 90 percent of Indian adults like to receive promotional emails from businesses they love interacting with.
  • According to McKinsey, “Email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping your business acquire new customers”

For email marketing campaigns, it is must to attract new customers and retain existing clients

If you want to know techniques to run that kind of powerful Email Marketing Campaigns, it is highly advisable to join Email Marketing Course that can let you be a Lead & Conversion Machine, who knows innovative and powerful email marketing techniques to build sustainable and result-driven customer relationships.

In this article, we will let you know what is email marketing & how email-marketing course can help you be an e-marketing expert who sends mails to convert, and then I will help you know about the available Email Marketing Certifications and Best Email Marketing Course in India.

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Let us firstly go through 10 points to know how e-marketing courses are beneficial for inbound marketers-

10 Reasons How Email Marketing Course helps you Generate More Leads & Ensure More Conversions

1. Helps you learn How to Build Credibility through Mails & Generate Calls

People prefer to do business with people they trust. Email marketing course provides you the ability to build credibility with your audience by sending emails that include helpful and informative content. With well-crafted newsletters and by using right template suggested in Email Marketing training, you can know how to create a newsletter that builds credibility and highlights your authority. You can let people read your newsletter and know that you are the right person for their project.

  • E-marketing courses also help you reach the right person, at the right time, with the most befitting offer. A well-timed email ensures flood of calls each time, and hence helps inbound marketers generate calls in the most efficacious manner possible.
  • Emails are the prime mode of communication. It is highly important that whenever you send something out, it should instigate prospects to call you.
  • Email marketing course helps you know those techniques essential to create call oriented emails.

2. Lets you know how to Strengthen Relationship & Improve Communication

To build result-driven relationships with prospects, you need to have an effective tool to communicate with your audiences that matter most to your business. Emails are the one of the oldest and most trusted customer-relationship tools that gives you the ability to stay in constant touch with your prospects and let them stay engaged with your business. E-marketing courses help you be able to get your message out there in the format, language and tone that strengthen the relationship. It lets prospects have a feeling of being included. Template plays highly important role in doing this, and with right email marketing course, you can know which kind of template you should use for a particular kind of communication.

  • Generally, most of the inbound marketing communication depends on a reliable way of communication with your members and clients, and for that, you need to have a communication channel that your prospects trust.
  • You need to send out an email right away letting your prospect know what is happening, as this is how you can improve communication with your customers. Email marketing training helps you know how to improve communication to meet the needs of customers.

3. Helps you build your Brand & Boost Sales

Well-planned and crafted e-mail marketing campaign can strengthen your brand recognition with new and potential customers. It can likewise extend your reach when your target audiences will forward or share your message with their friends. Emails are one of the most important reinforcement channels of any brand. You will get calls from those whom you have never met all the time. Once they or their friends see your highly informative and convincing newsletter, they know that you are the person, they should contact. This establishes credibility upfront. A right email marketing course can convert your newsletter into lead-generation machine.

  • Once you build your brand, you will have an audience who is interested in receiving updates from your business. At this stage, email-marketing course helps you know the right technique about how to boost sales throughout the year from those audiences.
  • This is one of the easiest ways to reach people, which even works on a slower day e.g. if you want to reach local people, you can create a quick email by incorporating right strategy and accurate template, for sure in a few hrs, you may get at least a few calls right away.

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4. Email Marketing Course helps you know what works and how to start quickly

Email marketing course helps you know important metrics you need to see to know how your email campaigns are performing. With the help of these insights, you can know what works. It also aids you have better understanding about the interests and preferences of your customer base. Email marketing course lets you know the steps to grow an email audience that will definitely help you with web traffic at your online events. By having the knowledge about Analytics, you can go back and see how many prospect clicked through and on which links. Email marketing course helps marketer get started with effective Email marketing campaigns ASAP.

  • Email marketing training lets you know right email marketing software like Constant Contact, that lets marketers have the tools and training they need to get started quickly with their email marketing campaigns.
  • Email marketing course helps you know everything you wanted to know to promote your organization like an expert, by generating leads and converting them into sales by using target-oriented email marketing campaigns. 

5. With Email Marketing Course you can reach prospects on any device and can get more from doing less

Email marketing course helps you take advantage of the growing popularity of mobile technology. As study says, two-thirds of all the emails are opened on mobile devices; you too can use this by knowing the right technique of channelizing Email marketing campaigns on different devices. There are great probabilities that if you send flyer then you will get phone calls that can further be converted into sales. Internet marketing course helps you know how to switch to mobile to channelize ROI-driven E-marketing campaigns. Email marketing course also helps you get more profits from doing lesser amount of efforts.

  • Email marketing course helps you use professionally designed email templates that are designed to make it quick and easy to convey your message to your audience. This also ensures that your mail look professional when it lands in your prospects’ inbox.
  • Email marketing course helps you know Email marketing techniques that do not need a lot of effort to have a big effect.

6. Email Marketing Course helps you look professional and increase website traffic

Email marketing course helps you know email templates that aren’t just easy to use but they are also designed to make your mails look professional in your prospects’ inbox. Email marketing training helps you know how you can insert your own content and personalize each template with your kind of content, logo, theme and colors to make sure it suits your brand. With befitting templates, it is guaranteed that you will get really good feedback from your newsletters and you will be getting a lot of opens for your mails. Email marketing course helps you know best business and non-profits email templates that drive action and ensure conversions.

  • Email marketing training also helps you increase traffic to your website to bring more people into your store and increase ROI.
  • Emails definitely work, if they are rightly designed and have content that can convince and convert.
  • Email marketing course helps you know how you can use images to attract prospects and influence them to go through your email and do the action you want them to do.

7. E-marketing courses help you market your brand with customized messages to get immediate results

With email marketing, you can customize your message for the different kind of audiences you communicate with. Email marketing course aids you organize your audiences into lists, and communicate with people as per their interest, tendency, demographic and more. You can put all your contacts in different contact lists so you can email selected members as per the kind of event announcement or email you are sending. Email marketing course also helps in getting immediate results and it lets you know techniques that help you be able to get the results you are looking for right away.

  • Email marketing course helps marketers know the right approach for reaching right people with email at right time.
  • Internet marketing course also helps you track how your different email marketing campaigns are performing with the help of tracking tools.

8. E-marketing courses help you know how to generate leads by starting a conversation

It is not essential that everyone who joins your email list is ready to make a purchase. However, emails give you an opportunity to capture new visitor’s attention, start a conversation and nurture the relationship by using helpful, informative and engaging content. Internet marketing course helps you know how to create newsletter for your kind of business that pull in your prospects as customers and generate leads. With right email marketing technique, you can start a two-way conversation that may help you and your readers.

  • You should not just push your message out to your targets but you need to encourage them to share their feedback and ideas.
  • This conversation approach works well for the companies that rely upon emails to share helpful advice, updates, news, and education with customers
  • Email marketing course helps you know how to build a content rich email.

9. Email marketing courses help marketers stay organized, grow audience and increase their value

Targeting audiences on an individual basis can be quite time-consuming and costly. Email marketing training helps you use emails to reach out your target audiences by delivering messages that are personal and relevant to each of them. It helps you know how to use tools like Constant Contact to stay organized and send out an email to about 300 people in less than five minutes. With right email marketing strategy, you can build an audience that is interested in hearing from you, and internet-marketing course helps you in knowing that strategy.

  • When you adopt a communication strategy that fits your audience’s needs, you will have more people paying attention to your message and get a higher return overall.
  • Effective emails help businesses increase their value that ultimately doubles the amount of sales that they were being able to generate earlier.
  • E-marketing courses are great in helping you know right tools that can automate the awareness of your brand through automated and well-targeted emails.

10. Email marketing training saves your time, improves visibility of your brand

Once you learn the basics of Email marketing course, you can put together a plan to let your emails reach out to your audience in less time in the most effective manner possible.  One of the biggest benefits of email marketing courses, from an expert’s perspective, is accuracy. You know the right tool, template, right tone and right content that are so accurate to target, convince and convert prospects in limited possible time that they ensure sales in a guaranteed manner. Internet marketing course also helps in improving visibility of your brand. It helps marketers incorporate more proactive approach to their marketing to improve exposure of their brand.

  • Email marketing course helps you know the right time when you should make an offer with right kind of content, automation and ensure conversion as early as possible.
  • Internet marketing course helps you know Digital Marketing strategies that let customers know all different products and services you offer and then with engaging newsletter, you can initiate the process of conversion and lead generation.

Now, as you know how email-marketing course can help email marketing campaigns be a lead-magnet, let us discuss the available email marketing courses and certifications in India that can help you be a well-trained and certified email marketing professional-

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Best Email Marketing Course in India- Digital Vidya

Email Marketing Master Certification (CEMM) Course

Course syllabus of Email Marketing Master Certification includes-

  • How to ensure deliverability of your emails?

Helps you learn how to setup Email Delivery Infrastructure to ensure better delivery.

  • How to create effective Email Content?

You can learn how to create relevant conversion oriented email content.

  • Learn to acquire customers using Email Marketing?

Helps you know different kinds of emailers including co-branded, event triggered, third party, newsletters.

  • Effectively using creative in Email Communication:

Assists you learn about CRABS Framework for creating emailers & understand customers through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Demonstrations.

  • Nurturing & Automation:

Includes nurturing and automation lessons that help you learn to Analyze & Target users based on the behavior of emailers using various tracking tools.

  • Resources to do situational analysis and progressive updates:

Helps you learn about different updates about the automation & analysis tools to ensure better ROI on Email Marketing Campaigns.

Available Email Marketing Certifications

1. Govt. Certification

Vskills certification, which is GOI initiative, is offered once you clear the exam after your email marketing training.

2. Google Certifications

Google conducts multiple certification exams in Internet Marketing Domain. Digital Vidya internet marketing course will help you prepare for these exams.

3. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

HubSpot provides internet marketing Certification that covers all the segments of internet marketing. After your email marketing training with Digital Vidya, you can clear the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification exam quite easily.


By joining an email-marketing course, you will be able to stay top-of-mind of your audience and can build credibility in the most sustainable and conversions driven fashion. With the help of an e-marketing course, you can let your audiences know that you have something that can benefit them and can solve their problems, in the manner they would prefer and hence can maintain a relationship.

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Email marketing is preferred by a large number of businesses of all sizes all around the world. The individuals who are new to this technique of marketing may not promptly comprehend why it is so famous amongst organizations in an assortment of businesses. However, I hope, aforestated 10 reasons would have cleared the picture for you, and in case you have any doubts about email marketing, then share your thoughts in comments below.

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