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Email Marketing Of Adult Content

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Email marketing of adult content and adult entertainment takes good know-how. Once setting up operations is accomplished, achieving deliverability is the next most important goal. Many adult content emailers are legitimate, so how then, do they achieve high deliverability?

First, the obvious challenges: mainstream ESPs like MailChimp, decline to support Email Marketing of Adult Content. Also the CANN_SPAM act has created its own restrictive rules.

Yet every day, email marketers of adult content and entertainment accomplish the seemingly impossible. In 2006, 2.5 billion adult entertainment emails were being sent daily; this accounted for 8% of all emails.

So what is the magic business model that results in these figures? And if an email  marketer wished to market adult content, what would a basic checklist contain?

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Email Marketing Of Adult Content: Evaluating The Size Of The List

Is it a small list of say about 1000 subscribers or is it a semi-big list with over 5000 subscribers?

Depending on the figure, it may be cost effective and operationally practical to choose a specific business model. Option 1: self host. Option 2: use an email service provider.

Email Marketing Of Adult Content: Self Hosting V/S Email Service Providers

If the size of the list is large and budget permits, the first impulse could be to use an email service provider. However, mainstream ESPs like MailChimp and Icontact do not entertain Email Marketing of Adult Content or pornography.

Aweber and Ynot are a better choice in comparison as they are not upfrontly averse to adult content emailers. However, Aweber’s policy with regard to this is sketchy and there is always the fear they may shut the mailing list abruptly.

Ynot mail is more specific about its ease with being a channel for Email Marketing of Adult Content. For this, they charge a premium. This is a fair tradeoff.

Closer in India, there are ESPs who are inclusive. is being recommended, so it would be a good idea to check their current policy and get in touch with them.

Email Marketing Of Adult Content: Some Loopholes To Watch Out For

Some ESPs have policies that offer room for broader interpretation. Simplycast does not allow nudity, hateful material or escort services. However, they have many email marketers of adult content that hawk books, toys, etc. These marketers are able to avail the service by avoiding content that looks like suspicious adult spam. Pharmaceuticals and nudity for instance, are avoidable. So sometimes it is a matter of interpretation and working between the lines during Email Marketing of Adult Content.

Email Marketing Of Adult Content: The Pros And Cons Of Using An ESP


  • Lists are taken care of  by the ESP
  • There is no burden of high initial operational costs that would incur if one had to buy and install a self host software and buy or rent servers
  • There is no pressing need to have technical employees on payroll
  • Powerful and flexible email templates with advanced workflow management are available

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  • In the long run it is more expensive paying a monthly fee to an ESP
  • Servers used also send emails of other marketers. This ups the chances of servers being blacklisted because of real spam and reputation issues. Consequently, legitimate newsletters being sent from the same server suffer deliverability challenges

A note of caution:

In Email Marketing of Adult Content, if one uses an SMTP email service or a shared email server from a hosting provider, then it pays to evaluate the reputation of their servers. Always check to see the IP addresses of their servers are not blacklisted. There are enough tools online that are available for free.

Email Marketing Of Adult Content: The Pros And Cons Of Self Hosting

Continuing our story, a huge proportion of email marketers of adult content and entertainment, self host. They could use a self hosted autoresponder and their own sever and external SMTP servers to handle delivery.


  • As long as one complies with the CAN-SPAM rules and creates a carefully tailored Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record,  issues with deliverability should not occur.
  • It is cost effective in the long run, for as ones list expands, mailing expenses will not increase like they would with an ESP.
  • Investing in autoresponder software pushes up the initial investment cost, but once the software is yours, it is yours for life. You only pay once a year for the upgrades and troubleshooting, if you require the same.
  • List segmentation can be more focused and as per your needs.
  • A good API programmer can code a huge level of automation and   personalisation into an autoresponder campaign.
  • If one runs into deliverability problems, it is possible to quickly change the SMPT sender server.


  • The ever-present need to conduct regular IP reputation checks/management
  • Entry cost barrier for setup, software and multiple servers
  • Investing in an experienced technical team for setup

Email Marketing Of Adult Content: Popular Self Host Softwares

Those conducting Email Marketing of Adult Content, seem to prefer two softwares: AutoResponse Plus and Interspire.

With Interspire, expect to get much of the facilities that mainline mail hosts offer. These would include statistics, reports, an autoresponder and a subscriber management tool.

Email Marketing Of Adult Content: Look Around Take Regular Backups

Before settling on a business model, a good idea is to research and compare ESPs used by those conducting Email Marketing of Adult Content.

Big ESP hosts have their own reservations. Whereas smaller ESPs may be more willing to channel adult content emailers – not necessarily adult entertainment and pornography, but various other adult content.

When conducting any email marketing including Email Marketing of Adult Content, being hacked is a concern. It could happen with either ones own server. Or the server at an email service provider. Both can be devastating.

When self hosting, securing lists and taking backups should be done regularly to avert great damage. It goes without saying that generating Sender Protocol Framework records (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail records (DKIM) will prevent spoofing. There are plenty of tools and help available online to help create SPF and DKIM records.

As we have seen above, Email Marketing of Adult Content, adult entertainment and pornography is a bit more challenging. While it is seemingly tough to do, compliance to rules and different groundwork is required to hit high deliverability.

Now the question that might arise is: is there scope to successfully start an ESP for email marketing of adult content? The answer is going to be different from country to country. But if done, it is sure to reap rewards financially.

Credits: Nityanandan Ramakrishna, uglykidd, senderbot, Marco Yandun, Sean Earley, Phargy, Zerocool, Toptenreviews, Warrior Forum

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      Email is definitely the most convenient mode to reach out to people and it is very effective too. But many a times, we face spam issues. Especially if the email has adult content. Nevertheless, it is a huge market which has remained untapped. There are very few players in the market to support emailing of adult contents. Leading Email service providers can venture out to tap this area while keeping up with the rules and regulations. Finally its the recipient who is going to decide what content they would like to see.

    • 1 year ago

      jerry   /   Reply

      i am looking for ESP for promoting a escort site.any suggestion?

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