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Email Marketing Strategies to Increase Click Through Rate

Email Marketing Strategies to Increase Click Through Rate

Email Marketing Strategy:

Email is a great way to reach your target audience. The Email continues to be a wonderful medium for delivering ROI. It is useful for enterprises to grow their business. It is also helpful for people engaged in digital or online marketing profession.

The Email marketing provides real-time and personalized services. The response of a customer will become a reality. It may lead to the success of the marketing campaign. Fluid hybrid design enables the Gmail application and other email applications responsive.

In the email communication, an individual sends a message using email service provider. In digital marketing the objective varies as per the nature of business. There are different types of business with different objectives. Companies plan their strategies as per their objectives. Broadly, any mail sent to a potential or an existing customer for commercial purpose is considered as email marketing.

Initially, the approach is to reach the prospective customers. Once the database of the prospective clients, meeting the qualifying criteria are ready, mail is to be sent to welcome the customers. On getting the response, the customer has to be educated about the offer. This approach is an ethical and effective way for increasing traffic. Emails must be sent in a way which will arise interest in the mind of the prospective clients. Animation helps in drawing the attention through an embedded content.

The approach should be Customer-focused. Customer must be clearly informed about the quality of the product, price, freebies & after sales service. The marketer needs to structure the process in order to get the nod from the target group. It becomes easy to customize and to integrate with other marketing techniques through email. The interactive emails add value to the traffic for the corresponding website and business conversion.

The marketer should focus on data driven excellence keeping in view the interest and liking of the customers. The target audience has to be identified through market research. All customers are not alike. Different strategy has to be followed to suit the needs of varied customers at different stages of sales cycle. Meanwhile, the marketer has to be credible, dependable and trustworthy. He must step into the shoes of the customers in order to track their shopping habits. Then only it will be easy to match the product/services with the buying criteria of the customers. The marketer must design the content of communication-based on customer segmentation taking into consideration the location, demography and buying criteria, etc.

Email Marketing Campagin

25 Email Marketing Strategies to increase CTR:

  1. Mobile customers must be reached through email marketing by using push notification. The reason for the approach is  80% of Gmail users access their accounts via mobile and 20% opens in the web mail which is limited to support for CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). It can result in broken emails in Gmail.
  2. The content should be a target oriented. The template should be kept consistent. HTML template should be used to track the campaign performance.
  3. The email title should be customized in such a way that it is clear, concise and compelling to click, it will increase open rate
  4. Implicit permission be sought by providing relevant offers, displaying offers in different platforms, understanding the different channel objectives.
  5. Double opt-in process be used by providing customer a direct link.
  6. Prior A/B test be done for email campaign for checking frequency of response in between both the case.
  7. The content should be clear, simple and lucid.
  8. The marketeer should visualize the change i.e, whether Customers are looking for something other than what they have previously browsed or purchased.
  9. Email content needs to be structured while compiling for target audience which includes the following: creative part i.e. designing of the template, keeping the content relevant to the context, offering some incentive, tracking the time and also considering the time before  triggering  email campaign. We should Integrate the content with the context, preserve the email already sent in the past, mention the attributes to feel the need, link to the landing page with a single click.
  10. We should manage expectations with follow-up efforts, i.e., understanding when to pitch, how to influence the target audience using a Newsletter, usage of auto-responded techniques.
  11. We must arrest customers attrition in smart manner by including “subscribe or not” options in the content, it’s a legitimate approach to gain the confidence of customers on the organization.
  12. The CTA (Call-to-Action) tab button should be hyperlinked which will lead to targeted web page or landing page in a single click.  We must not send only discount offer. They should be educated with some valuable takeaway information.
  13. We should include online visual asset in the context to make the content interesting for example relevant image or video.
  14. We should segment by splitting up the email list into more targeted groups: for example: listing customers, on the basis of product updates, newsletter, daily email list and html code used for template.
  15. We should use psychology by keeping the title precise, i.e., to create a sense of urgency, encourage customer by new ways to participate, ask them to participate now as the offer is limited for a limited period, We may also mention the dates like offer valid between 20th Oct – 27th Oct, We may also ask for participation in competition to win exciting prizes. We should  also personalize the communication by addressing the receiver’s name in the email.
  16. We must checkup for SPF (Sender Policy Framework) before sending emails. In order to check SPF we should go to our domain hosting website. For example website hosted in  big-rock websites, or other service provider etc.
  17. We should check for compliance to avoid spam. There are some resources which will be helpful. We should use sender score websites and keep it clean. If our mail IP shows ‘blacklisted’ then we should send a request mail requesting for white-listing.
  18. We should always try to keep the customer informed at fixed interval with an email automation, and also keep a track of open rate, and also have a provision if the customer is not opening our mail more than a month of subscription then we must ask for permission of removal if they are not interested in  our mail.
  19. We must not use JavaScript as it violates the policy of emails, and if the sender is using outlook then by default JavaScript is disabled.
  20. We should analyse open rate, CTR and subscribe or not, list of the database to know the effectiveness of the campaign.
  21. We should use a series of campaign and influence by using the key takeaways in email content.
  22. We should keep the content simple rate clicks to keep customer engaged.
  23. We should provide email coupons to drive online and in-store sales.
  24. We should keep the file size within 120 KB.
  25. We should avoid using spam words.

Bonus Takeaway Strategy:

  1. We should avoid using short links. It is better to use word as a link by right-click on the word, a pop-up menu shows, from the menu list there’s a link option, it provides an option to paste the hyperlink of the webpage URL where we want to drive the reader. We should maintain the health of email IP address.
  2. We should read well about CAN-SPAM laws and understand to avoid spamming.  We should not use spam words. We should keep a senders’ signature for authentication in the content. We should check if the number of recipients have exceeded the limit as per subscribed plan of email service provider and also check for delivery issue due to sender domain issue.


Email Marketing is a powerful way to connect with people and very personal way of reaching your target customers. Thus, to get an in-depth understanding of Email Marketing, join our Email Marketing Course.

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