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Email Marketing Tips For Businesses In 2015 Unleashed At 3rd Email Marketing Summit

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The marketing trends are changing with great agility be it in the digital sphere or otherwise. The marketers today need to correspond to the pace of this brisk transformation to make sense of their marketing spends and initiatives. Email marketing, too, has evolved by leaps and bounds and with the recent developments taking place, several opportunities to enhance the communication process and increase the businesses have emerged. However, it is essential for marketing professionals to be aware of the knowhow of the novel email marketing techniques. The panelists in the session titled Ready, Set, Grow – How to Build Your Business with Email Marketing in 2015 threw light upon on how email marketing can be implemented in the right manner for better results in campaigns.

The session was moderated by Nitin Agarwal, Sr. Director – Marketing, He initiated the discussion by creating the context that primarily aimed at relevancy for people who wish to scale up their business. He shared the story of his company ShopClues that started three year back so they marketed through Facebook and emails for getting and serving the customers, respectively.

He also stated that the key components of email marketing viz. creative mindshare, content, subject line etc. should be scaled-up to over the challenges of:

  • Segmentation,
  • Experimentation and
  • Reactivations

The panelists shared their side of the story and the key metrics for better email marketing. Enlisted below are the details shared by them during the panel discussion:

Avadhoot Revankar, Head Consultant – Email Marketing Solutions, netCORE Solutions

Hailing from email marketing solutions of netCORE Solutions, he shared some really great innovative and interesting tips for business to leverage upon in 2015. He shared the instance of his company’s association with Yepme for a campaign related to World Cup. Together, they leveraged upon the famous #mauka-mauka anthem and sent emails to customers to which the open rate response was drastic and it raised overtime. It worked really well. This technique of email marketing was effective to build relations. This is what was emphasized upon by Avadhoot ardently as he says it is a cost-effective way that helps to build a two-way channel of communication. He laid emphasis on the same as the desirable measure for better email marketing in 2015.

Key Metrics
  • He stated hat new thought on marketing via mailers should be brought about.
  • Do not restrict channels right from Facebook custom audience to get back and re-target the interested user base that did not reach your website, so that he/she might do it the second time.
  • Email is becoming dynamic in nature: like embedding video and live tweets so, leverage upon that, effectively.

Balaji Rangachari, Vice President – Marketing & Strategy, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services

He started off his set of informative outlook by stating that depending upon the nature and channel of consumers i.e. whether they were for B2B or B2C channel, the role of email changes accordingly.

  • In a B2C scenario, marketers give consumer a charge to see the products & services and let them decide.
  • While in B2B it is different. The less is more, so proper segmentation is the sole key for better results via email marketing in 2015.
Key Metrics
  • He agreed upon with fellow panelist Prashant Jain regarding open rate and CTR as key metrics.
  • Apart from this, the service centres are important to be tracked. So keeping a close check via telephonic conversations for maintaining personal connect with users is equally important.

Satya Mahapatra, Chief Marketing Officer, Junglee Games

Another panelist shared his insights by stating that the key to email marketing should depend upon the industry- services and products for different domains viz. acquisition, engagement and retention. This is s because different companies have different set of objectives. So, it entirely depends upon how a marketer visualizes the campaign.

SMS’, push notifications and other segmenting tools for the customer base are important for marketers to understand and leverage upon. So, doing lot of trials to reach a particular result is one way. Junglee Games does the same and cross promotes a lot on various platforms.

Also, the frequency of sending mails matters to a great extent. Since different customers have different mindsets so, one can set the frequency of emails for the particular customer set of customers. More so, from 100 million to 300 million internet users at present, probably they won’t mind getting so many emails, assumed Satya.

Moving onto the concept of integrated marketing, he said that it is the core and crux of internet marketing these days. Example: while playing games, send SMS if on mobile or some pop-ups that he clicks on might be are effective ways to capture the interest and generate a better Click Through Rate (CTR).

Key Metrics
  • Frequency of sending mails is undoubtedly important but the Return on Investment (ROI) is equally important.
  • Also, since analyzing data manually is a big challenge that marketers face today so the answers to didactic questions viz.- what, why, when, how and where need to be answered at a larger scale.

Prashant Jain, Marketing Head,

Prashant quoted the story of email marketing, According to him,

  1. The purpose of sending mails should be defined.
  2. Subject line should be interesting to click it. As sometimes these basics are overlooked.
  3. The value proposition should be interesting enough.
  4. Next, the purpose for mail body is to make the user click. If he has not clicked then the mail was as good as a text advertisement only.
  5. He defined the need of mails: content, data, time, scheduling etc. are crucial enough.
  6. From sales point of view, it is the story that is built for different domains. Also, consumers wishes to know whether his/her last search is seen or not so that the marketer understands what he/she wishes to see next.
  7. So, start the story on the right note and then name it to customer acquisition, engagement etc. to view amazing open rates.
Key Metrics
  • According to Prashant, the key metric involves open rates, that are important. If the first mail remains unopened, then drop another and not any more as the user is no more interested. This is a signal for improvising emails.
  • Being online portal, another important measure is the CTR or the Click Through Rate.
  • ROI, principally the job of a website is more crucial. So, conversion rate and onsite optimization are inevitable.
  • Content shall remain crucial throughout.

Protik Basu, Head – Digital & Rewards, The Lemon Tree Hotel

Email is still the most effecting form of marketing stated another panelist Protik, on the discussion panel. According to him, it was the only source some time back but with the rise of social media recently, what matters to the customers is the information. He/she does not differentiates between email, SMS or push notifications. So, the content is what matters.

Giving a segmented and targeted approach is important for better results for businesses in Email Marketing for businesses in 2015. He said that tell the customer something that he does not know, so that communication should not get wasted.

Integrated email marketing was another concept that was taken up and from The Lemon Tree’s point of view, they are making efforts of getting back people through emails to people who do not get back. So, mails on related to FnB, services, discounts to the customers are being sent to the customers such that the data then results in retention, engagement and acquisition in terms of repeat guests.

Key Metrics

Email marketing according to him is a twin approach by being an engagement tool as well as an information fetching tool.

Shweta Singhal, Head – Marketing, ATMs & Cards, Deutsche Bank

Amongst other panelists, there was Shweta Singhal who hailed from financial services sector. She quoted that email is not an appropriate medium for retaining customers in this sector. Instead, you need a human contact either through the branch RM or a service manager for the same. As far as acquisition vs. engagement is concerned, email is a great tool, majorly for engagement purpose. But, for acquisition, it is a mixed story as she has a particular disconnect with certain concepts. So, she will engage with that brand.

Deutsche Bank created a special account for doctors, lawyers etc. for a particular product for an extremely targeted base and that worked well for acquisition of customers.

Key Metrics

The key metric for email marketing strategy as per Shweta was that one major area for financial services is card marketing that is great both in behavioural as well as demographic data. The data can be very well analysed and the accordingly leveraged upon.

So, in a nutshell email marketing is not dead rather it is a cost-effective measure that should be leveraged upon for better customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

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