12 Email Marketing Uses to Get Leads

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Email Marketing is one of the most effective and efficient ways of marketing of services to current and potential customers. You must be very confused as to how am I so sure about it? Do you read your emails? If you do, you already have the answers. No matter how much we want to ignore a certain email, we will still open it to so that we don’t see its notification. Even if the consumer doesn’t read your email, he will look at the brand name and the odds are very low. So, it is going to be read!


Email Marketing Uses are mentioned as Follows:

  1. Reach

    The reach in reference to email marketing is far more if compared with other content marketing tools. Here, there are more chances that your email will reach the potential buyers or the existing consumers. In case of social media the reach is even less than the people following your page. This basically means that if you post something on social media the probability is very less that it might or might not reach the target. Whereas, in email marketing 75% of the emails will definitely reach the target consumer.

  2. Credibility

    People associate themselves as consumers to brand they trust and similarly a lot of research goes in from customer’s side when he or she tries something new. Which means if your emailers  reach the customer he will know the brand and there is a chance of consumer trusting that brand.

This is basically how trust is build within the hearts of consumers and help you further in getting leads.

3. Engagement

Don’t get shocked to hear the term engagement when talking about emails, you don’t generally hear this term but think about it. Generally people reward to their mails and if you’re a small business firm you should definitely engage people at personal level. Every customer you have is going to benefit you on personal level.

Never forward emails with a no reply host, if you can’t handle it on your personal account, create a different email id and talk to your customers. Make a list and reach them to leverage your brand.

4. Generate Calls 

Proper use of email marketing can make your customer care callers mad, as your one click may interest the user. The right content to the right customer can help you in growth and can make you just give the customer what he wanted from so long.

So this could result in generating calls and then you’ll again have a chance of luring the customer into buying one of your product or service.

5. Improves Communication

Being available on emails for your customers can make it simpler for your consumers and this brings in a sense of comfort for them. This is the best way of making it work as this integrates a two way communication for them. So, they would never be muttered whenever in a problem as they have been able to build a trust on your brand and this will enormously increase if you’ll be able to help them.

This method is going to give you space for feedback and will enhance your bond in better ways. The feedback is paramount as it will only lead to improvisation of your product or service and also lead to enhancement of your brand’s persona.

6. Boost Sales 

Once your audience is interested in reading your emails, you’ll have to find a way to boost your sales. This basically means that you will inject methods of boosting sales through various email marketing techniques. This can be done easily, you just need to know the nerve of your customer, and you exactly need to know where your target is and he should exactly want whatever your product is. As that is the only way to boost your sales.

Otherwise, you use traditional methods for doing the same and this minimizes the scope of fast paced growth.

7. Get Started Quickly 

Stop wasting your time and get at it, as this if not started won’t benefit you at all and something that isn’t making a profit is not worth it. Starting would help you in achieving your reveries and that can’t definitely be done without even starting it. So put your efforts where your efforts are needed and you will definitely see results.

The more you aspire to grow the more efforts are needed from your side and this is how you go about after getting started.

8. Less Time, More profit 

The best thing about email marketing is that you get more but you do less. As you have so many free tools wherein you can get templates for your email marketing content and within less than a minute you can design an emailer which will be ready to send.

So yeah, this is one way of devoting less time and getting more leads.

9. Add a Personal Touch 

A personal touch is paramount as it gets the reader to think that he is personally being asked about something or that the product or service is personally designed for him. This gives a sense of attachment to the audience and entices him for better try to get the customer to think that you are talking to him one on one and this can be done if you induce a lot of connection into the content.

10. Generate leads 

Once you have fallen into the procedure of keeping your customers and potential customers into loop, it is necessary to keep in touch with them so as to convert the list of potential customers into customers. This could be done by being in touch with them on a regular basis and understanding the customer psychology so that yo can get them to buy your product or service in the best possible way.

11. Attract New Clients 

Try to find something in common with new people, who are basically of your list. It is very important to make new connections as this is going to increase your customer base and this can only be done if you are going to focus on doing so.

12. Don’t be too Promotional 

Try and minimize your promotion as this is not going to look good, try to make it generic and relate to the consumer base. This is going to build relations and increase the number of consumers of a business. It also helps in maintaining a good will for the brand.

The brainchild is to benefit your business extraordinarily and that can be done by following the above mentioned points.

How Sony Electronics Leveraged 3000 Clicks Through Innovative Social Email Marketing Integration: Case Study

Sony corporation is a global company working in the technological and entertainment arena. They capture the consumer and professional markets by their retail business. Other operations include Research and Development, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Distribution and Customer Service. 

They integrated an email marketing campaign that worked really well and was able to to create a lot of leads for them. They followed the following steps to achieve their respective goals that are mentioned as follows:

Step 1: – Dedicated Pinterest email

Step 2: – Resend Emails

Step 3: – Integrate Pinterest with emails as to get informed about products

Step 4: – Brand advocacy through subscribers

Source: PrestigeMarketingINC

How to Write an Email for Marketing?

1.Keep a Valid Subject Line : The subject line should be really short, like it should be under 50 characters as that is just to denote what the email is about. You should mention why are you sending the email and yes all this in 50 characters is how you create it. Following this the open rate of your emails can increase by 50%.

2.Visuals: You really need to add relevant visuals as that’s how you are going to go about it. Don’t be too loud or else people will just look at the images and not the content making it of no use for you. Also, the visuals should be related to the content and should portray what exactly you what to infuse and nothing else at all.

3.Content: This is the most important part, don’t beat around the bush. Be precise and to the point as relevancy is another very important factor. Content can make or break your email marketing, therefore it is very important to write good content for your email marketing.

4. CTA or Call to Action: Writing the Call to Action in the right way is very important. CTA is basically something that gets the reader to take action towards buying or purchasing your product or service. This should be placed right and in a particular manner wherein, it doesn’t looks promotional and the reader relates to it and would want to click on it for further information.

5.Mobile Optimization: It is really very important to optimize your emails according to the mobile format as more than 50% of the people check their emails on phone. So one needs to understand as to how important this could be.

6.Email Regularly: Your job is not done yet, you need to keep on emailing the users as to keep them in loop and to also lure them towards your services. This is going to make your life easier and you’ll be able to fetch a lot of leads on the basis of this.

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