Embassy Digital Used SEO To Put The Website In Top 5 Positions

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Embassy digitalAbout Embassy Digital

Embassy Digital is a North America based manufacturer of photo books for professional photographers, the creative industry and community. They also provide on demand printing solutions and web based print ordering. They believe in bringing a story to life through their products and services. Their pro photo books are designed for creative freedom and are created for professionals who want the best products. They aim to use cutting edge technologies to solve problems and create newer opportunities for the future. They regard client satisfaction as the most important aspect of their business and want to provide products and services tailor-made for their customer’s needs.

Business Objectives of Embassy Digital

The primary business objective of Embassy Digital was to adopt a SEO strategy for their entire website. They wanted to target competitive keywords specially focused on their niche business nationally. The main goal of their SEO strategy was to create and build their online brand awareness. Furthermore, they also wanted to increase their search engine visibility, achieve top 5 rankings, sales and gain a strong repeat customer base.

Strategy adopted by Embassy Digital

Their first strategy was to optimize their website with well researched and highly targeted keywords. For building their brand and creating awareness about it, they launched a thorough link building exercise. Furthermore, they also developed a content marketing strategy and created social profiles, blog posts, engaged with customers on blogs, created monthly e-newsletter and other content centric features.


With the help of their thorough SEO, Link building and content marketing strategies they have succeed in building a strong Brand of Embassy Digital online. They have successfully increased the number of organic visitors to their product website and have achieved top 5 rankings for all the targeted keywords.


An integrated SEO, Link building and Content marketing strategy gives excellent results for increasing rankings, organic visitors and a strong online brand. This integrated strategy is especially useful for customer-centric, product and digital services company which intends to build strong brand awareness and achieve online growth.

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