Engraving Company Used Search Engine Optimization To Achieve Monthly Visitors Of 356%

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About Engraving: 

Engraving Company has specialized in offering custom name tags, office signs, etc. through the use of web. Engraving Company had over 2000 unique visitor when they started their web journey, but as the time passed they saw significant reduction in the traffic.

Business Objectives Of Engraving Company:

The main objective of Engraving Company was to get the maximum unique visitors, and convert these unique visitors to the potential customers. Web is continually evolving, to cope up with this evolving and huge web space. Engraving Company needed some strategy to evolve with the web. It has a limited budget to achieve their objective of surviving in the web space. 

Approach / Strategy Adopted By Engraving Company:

Now the main challenge of Engraving Company was to find a digital marketing firm that can modify their site structure according to the various search engines in their limited budget. Engraving Company’s site was having the pages for product descriptions, pricing and samples. They decided to go with Prime visibility’s SEO plan for small business. Prime visibility plan is suitable for small and medium size businesses which are capable to change their website from in-house.

To help solving Engraving Company’s problem, Prime Visibility first did some keyword research and then prepared the plan according to that. Prime visibility appointed a webmaster to apply this plan on Engraving Company with specific guidelines. In their strategy, Prime visibility applied keyword phrases to Engraving’s website. Site structure was also improved to provide better look and feel to users. They helped Engraving Company in finding other sites for external links and suggested to add some extra text to improve the website’s performance in search visibility. They also suggested to merge the pricing page and product page to reduce the number of clicks that users needed to place a order.

This strategy applied by Prime visibility on Engraving Company’s website helped search engine to index it properly and with more text to index.

Results Achieved By Engraving Company:

With the help of the strategy given by Prime Visibility, Engraving company achieved significant results.

  • Number of unique visitors got increased by 356% within just 6 month.
  • Website got nearly 5,500 unique visitor in a month.
  • Improved site structure helped the company to convert their visitors in customers.
  • Company got orders worth of $13,000 per month from the web with just an investment of $1000.


Keywords are the base that helps any website achieve the visibility in search engines. First thing that needs to be done before applying the optimization is to search for the appropriate keywords that has higher rank in search engines. In short, keywords are the main ingredient of any website to get indexed into search engines.

Engraving’s study explains that structure of the website is also important to get indexed and to caught potential visitors. Apart from these, external links can also help search engines to index and rank your website well. Proper modified text is also a good way to improve your sites visibility in search. So, main focus here is on Keywords, Site Structure and External Links.

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  1. Karun Takkar

    Well Structured and organised case study

  2. Indrajit Goswami

    Hope ‘Prime Visibility’ is an agency, which offers digital marketing solutions. Can you please embed the web link of Prime Visibility to this blog?

  3. Apurva Ramteke

    Good Case study…but Intro was to short that I had to look through google search to know more about the company for which you are writing. I think, if strategy would be in point could have been had a better impact while reading.


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