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Enlarge Scope Of PPC Advertising For Better Business Growth

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Paid search advertising is the most common type of PPC advertising and is one of the most important marketing channels when it comes to ROI. The main reasons that a good ROI with paid search can be achieved is because of having the capability of targeting keywords with a high buyer intent. Take an example of an query where a user is looking for something usually having most number of ads (e.g. “buy a toaster” will fetch several ads). It means that for all the best keywords, SEO results only get about 60% of the clicks. That is something you can guess of why PPC visitors are 50% more likely to buy something than those who comes with organic search results.

4 reasons to give PPC a shot are:

•It is predictable

•You get results faster than inbound marketing

•It is extremely easy to scale

•More time to focus on the product

But obviously there is much more to PPC and that is what we are going to discuss.

There’s much more than just Adwords

If you’re not experienced with PPC, you probably see PPC only as Google Adwords. You are not mistaken, because Adwords is obviously the biggest advertising network.Google earns over $100 million per day through this service.

You can get traffic easily because Google has huge amount of traffic. Still, Google is not your only option. Some businesses thrive on Adwords and some struggle to make a good profit. But when later businesses try a different PPC network, they get success. The best network for a business will depend on product, knowledge, audience and many other factors. The only way to find a suitable network is to give a few different tries. So always keep an open mind. Here are one of the biggest networks, after Google, which are beginner friendly and might be worth for a try.

Bing: Though Bing does not stand even near the size of Google, but by normal measurements, Bing is still huge.Its network is well-developed and provides many of the same features as Adwords. Bing usually has a lower CPC than Google, and often converts upto the mark. All this means that it’s mush easier to run a profitable campaign on Bing.

WordStream recently published Bing’s many clients, almost all of them were getting lower CPCs on Bing’s network (about 33% cheaper). If you’re struggling with the cost of Adwords, you can face some less competition on Bing network, without any big sacrifices.

Facebook Ads: World’s largest social network site has its own advertising platform that is very simple to operate. You can place ads directly to your content and landing page, or you want to get likes for any of your shares(We are assuming that you’re looking to drive traffic back to your website).

PPC on social media is not based on keywords. You can’t target someone when he or she needs to buy a toaster. However, you need to target at their interests and demographic information to connect with them. If you join content marketing with Facebook PPC, you can create a powerful platform to drive your sales sales.

LinkedIn Ads: Ads on LinkedIn work in similar way as Facebook but the users act differently. As Linkedin is more of a professional network, searchers usually go to the site to look for the jobs. They look for opportunities to build network, to hire, to be hired and to grow their businesses. Even though LinkedIn is not such big as Facebook, case studies have shown that LinkedIn is the best network to advertise on to drive B2B sales.

LinkedIn PPC offers great and unique opportunities to build links with those in charge of sales decisions for other businesses.

Adroll: Last but not the least, Adroll is a third party PPC network that specializes in remarketing or retargeting. Adroll provides you easy access to all the other important PPC networks with their platform, saving a lot of time for you. Remarketing is being so important that more and more advertisers understand how useful it can be.

These were the major alternatives to Adwords, but there are still several other PPC networks that are not so great but that can also be a good platform for some specific businesses. They typically don’t have the same userbase, but generally charge much less. We would suggest to get started with one of the above mentioned networks, and when you are comfortable with PPC, you can try smaller networks with which are get comfortable.


We understand why PPC advertising seems hard to adjust at first, but it is easy and profit making. Using PPC to drive traffic to your website is a great way to diversify your traffic sources and protect yourself from any variance from SEO or content marketing. If you are excited and want to get started with PPC, we would suggest starting with one network initially. Get familiar with that network and do some research so that you avoid common PPC mistakes that cost you money. Finally, be patient. Ability to create profitable ad campaigns is a skill. It will take time and practice to develop such skill, but it is well worth it.

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