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Enrich Your Inbound Strategies Through Quality Content

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If anyone among you, who likes to surf the webpages and blogs, is putting even a whisper of attention to understand the driving factor, which makes them go again and again to some blog or click the link of an advertisement or post, must have noticed clearly, the importance of a ‘quality content’. After the term “Inbound marketing” coined by the company named “Hubspot”, many who used the stratehubspot-logogies of inbound marketing could feel the difference created when they started using it. The Inbound marketing strategies answered the drawbacks of “Traditional form of outbound marketing” by reaching a large number of people and attracting them towards the sales in a short time along with an efficient investment for its promotion.

The main tool that is used by inbound marketing to emerge as the best form of marketing in new era, is the use of “Excellent Quality Content” and its scheduled management.

Why quality content is an important tool in inbound marketing?

Now, it is obvious that a question may arise in your mind that inspite of having so many analytics tool to implement, why should we focus more on a content? The answer to this question can be found with those persons that I earlier mentioned – the one who frequently visits a particular website pages or blogs. Some of them might be totally unaware about the hidden driving factor that is making them to go to those blogs again and again, is just because of the interest that is create by reading the relevant contents in those blogs or webpages.

A catchy content with relevant key word can bring up dramatic change in the number of visits of your website or blog.

What you will learn from this article?

The persons who are reading this article with a genuine interest, to make there Inbound marketing strategy strong enough to boost their pages, blogs or website visits must no longer wait to see the results, for I am here to provide you a “Secret Sauce” of making a relevant content which can be the magnet to draw the visitor to make them read your content.

A complete set of points that needs to be taken care of, is combined together for you to use it and feel the difference in writing. Tricks that can hit your brain to boost innovative idea to trigger the pulse of your readers is also included in this space. Things are explained in a very simple way to make it easier for you to implement.

The “Secret Sauce” for writing pulse triggering contents.

Content writing is the way how you treat your visitors who approached your blog or your website, If they don’t feel connected enough with your website, you probably should not expect his return or even a click for your website.

Yes, Ofcourse the main motive behind the use of a quality content is to attract more number of visitors and increase your traffic and make your link visible. But, your content won’t much help if you are showing your incentive rather than taking care of the incentives of your visitors.

NEIL PATEL/PORTRAIT ON WHITE BACKGROUND 040315Neil Patel – co-founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, and one of the       most well-known person in Digital Marketing, suggested in one of his webinar for the starter of inbound program, that

  • You should always start with a blog for it is the core of any inbound content program.
  • One must tie their email list into their blog in order to build their subscriber list.
  • You always keep in mind that your content must teach something for those who read it.
  • Promoting your content in various platform is must this will help your content to reach out to the people, and let them know its existence.
  • You must stick to a regular schedule for writing contents.

Now, for those who among you, have a tight schedule, must find the last advice by Neil, as the hardest part to follow through. In that case you must not worry, the best way to tackle that problem is to have a team who can manage it regularly.

In order to achieve all those above mention points by Neil, you must take a note of the following guidelines.

Simple guidelines for your easy approach
  • Frame a regular schedule and proper structure for your content

         Maintain a strict schedule for posting a number of topics on a per day basis. Put sufficient holidays in between              posting schedule to avoid fatigue of your brain.

         Tips for deciding the topic:

  • List out the current and hot topics
  • Check out the recent challenges and tasks
  • New development of your product.
  • New formulas for boosting up new marketers.
  • Development of an existing topic.

This will spark an idea in you for getting a number of topic every day, or you may check on your competitor blogs and posts shared in social media as, suggested by Neil.

  • Importance of structure of your content

Your content must not end abruptly at the end of a paragraph nor, start as a new topic in every paragraph, without maintaining a continuous connection with other paragraphs. This will save the readers form losing their interest in your content.

  • Know where and how to publish your content

The medium to publish your content must be decided well to reach out to the right kind of readers that might be interested in the knowledge that you are providing through your content. The medium might be a page in Facebook, a twit or a blog. And you must keep sharing with right kind of target.

  • Use of analysis tools for better selection of keyword in the content

In order to have a better analysis for making sure of using effective keywords to optimize the content and make it visible you may make use of tools like “cohort analysis” (measuring engagement of content).

Try using the secret sauces to prepare a quality content for enriching the inbound marketing in your website. And you will be able to see the difference.

Please write us or comment below about the way this article have helped you. We will like give you new recipes for your business growth time to time. Stay connected with us and let your friends know about this tips by clicking on to Share button.

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