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Ensure Content Originality With Copyscape Plagiarism Detector

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According to Lee Oddan, top rank marketer, “Content isn’t king, its the Kingdom”. Content is very important as its adds value to the audience’s life. Content is all about the quality and originality. But what if content website get stolen by others? Plagiarism totally destroys your ranking from the search engines. In general, plagiarism means illegal form of copying. Now, the question is how plagiarism affects the ranking in search engines? Due to plagiarism, your original content may get less ranking and might not come in the search results. So, the best tools available to stop plagiarism is Copyscape Plagiarism Detector. Also, it is most widely used online tools for duplicate checking.


What is Copyscape Plagiarism Detector?

Copyscape is an online tool to check plagiarism and is a good tool for those whose website has lots of content. Through this tool, one can easily get to know who copied the content. There are two types of membership. First is free and the other one is premium. One can try with the free membership first and then go with the premium one because it will give extra checking with extra features like batch search, checking offline content etc.


The importance of having this tool is that your content will be protected for sure. Originality matters a lot. Your content will get higher ranking and one can report to Google, Webhost, AdSense etc. In this way, scraper gets caught and banned for further activity.

For what it is used?

One can use Copyscape to all the valuable content like for blogs, website, online publication etc.

How does it works?

If one wants to check whether their website content is safe or stolen by spammer, follow the below steps:-

1. Click on the link

plagiarism-checker-copycape-5-7282. Insert the URL of the page whose content need to check.

plagiarism-checker-copycape-5-7283. In the next step, it will show the list of website with duplicate content.

4. One can also click on plagiarism to see the resources which provide advice on Plagiarism.

With the paid membership, Copyscape also gives the guideline for plagiarism and keep an eye on the website for further plagiarism.

How to avoid Plagiarism from your side?
  1. Write unique and original content.
  2. Take citation.
  3. Images, graphs and statistics are also copyrighted content. So mention in the reference list.
  4. Add your own ideas. Don’t overwhelm with the citation and reference list.
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    • 5 years ago

      Tristan Perry   /   Reply

      This is definitely a useful article. It’s imperative to keep track of plagiarism and duplicate content, to help guard against potential search engine ranking issues and help preserve your website’s reputation.

      I agree that tools such as Copyscape are very useful in detecting plagiarism and duplicate content.

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