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ESPN Generated 1250 Tweets In A Day By Leveraging Twitter

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ESPN Generated 1250 Tweets In A Day By Leveraging TwitterAbout ESPN

ESPN is a leading global cable and satellite television channel based in United States. ESPN is a joint venture company between the Walt Disney Company and Hearst Corporation. This is an exclusive sports channel; hence, the channel focus more on sports and sports related programs.

ESPN was founded by Bill Rasmussen, his son Scott Rasmussen and Ed Eagan, an insurance agent from Aetna Health Insurance Company on 7th September 1979 and this company received its first funding from the Getty Oil Company. ESPN opened its office and studio facility in Los Angeles in the early 2009 and its popular telecast ‘Sports Center’ is broadcasted from this studio. This signature telecast of ESPN has completed its 50000th episode in September 2012.

ESPN is one of the most successful sports networks that enjoy viewership from over 200 countries. According to a survey conducted in 2013, ESPN was available to 97,736,000 pay television households in the United States alone. Under the ESPN flagship channel, there are seven related channels in the United States and few regional channels in Brazil, Australia, United Kingdom and Latin America as well. ESPN owns 20% stake in The Sports Network (TSN) and NHL Network in Canada as well. website is a part of ESPN group. The website provides the latest news, video, in-depth sports reporting and other related news to its audience. This website has the most widely-viewed sports content which has visitors from across the world.

ESPN’s Business Objectives

This case study is all about the Twitter campaign that was initiated to drive more traffic to the articles and videos on site and thereby enhance the popularity of the articles and videos published on this website. ESPN’s Twitter handle (@espn) has played a major role in distributing its content to sports fans from all over the world. In this campaign, ESPN aimed to leverage Twitter platform to gain more popularity for its signature telecast ‘Sports Center’ and other popular sports series.

Approach / Strategy adopted by ESPN

ESPN has adapted a simple strategy to make this campaign successful. To enhance the effectiveness, ESPN made it possible to tweet directly from site which really helped to get the content spread further. ESPN used Twitter Web Intents on all articles on its website to drive more content sharing. Web Intents provided pop up-optimized flows for users to interact with Twitter content in the context of a site without leaving the page. Since the Web Intents are mobile friendly and extremely easy to implement, ESPN ensured that this is a perfect choice for driving content popularity amongst its fans.

ESPN Generated 1250 Tweets In A Day By Leveraging Twitter

This Web Intent is set in such a way that it moves up and down as reader scrolls through the web page which enables the reader to easily click on the embedded Twitter bird logo at any time or area on the web page. When a reader click on this Twitter logo, this Web Intent pops up a window with a pre-loaded, tweet for the users to share the content on their Twitter page. This pre-loaded tweet can be customized as per the user’s choice.

ESPN Generated 1250 Tweets In A Day By Leveraging TwitterIn addition to this, ESPN has placed Tweet Intents in each video as well which work exactly the same as the one placed on the webpage. This Intent is conveniently placed near the Play/Pause bar and when a user clicks on this Twitter logo, it pops up a window with the suggested Tweet from the ESPN team. To view the count of Twitter conversion from its top writers, ESPN has created customized MLB and NFL widgets for the website. These widgets are created with options like Tweet, Follow, Retweets, and Favorite Intents. Visitors can view top Tweets from ESPN writers and engage with them on the page itself.

Results achieved by ESPN

ESPN succeeded in getting good results from this campaign. Within 30 days, ESPN saw over 40000 tweets sent from its website during this campaign. It means, almost 1250 Tweets on each day. Out of this, 10% of all Tweets with ESPN links have come from the Tweet Intent. All these Tweets contain ESPN links have created 15 clicks back to the ESPN site.


This campaign received a good response from its followers and fans because ESPN has made the sharing activity simpler by using Twitter Web Intent tool effectively. Twitter Web Intent has encouraged the users to share content directly from site. This was become possible because has integrated Twitter Web Intent into its site and Videos. This way ESPN succeeded in getting the sharing action easier for its readers and that has driven the sharing count. Customized preset Tweets used in this campaign has made the content sharing action much simpler which further enhanced the result.

In order to make a campaign successful, it requires more participation from the followers and fans. Marketers need to ensure that the actions that need to be performed by its followers in a campaign should be made simpler and easier to make it successful with more participation. Use advanced tools and apps to make the actions simpler. The following are few facts that have helped this campaign to become a success.

  • Visitors find it very convenient to use Twitter Web Intent tool that is embed into site. This tool was made floating on the webpage so that the readers can send Tweet at any time without going back to the top. This has encouraged users to share content on their Twitter page. (Read: How to implement Web Intents)
  • Pre -loaded Twitter messages helped users to send Tweets faster with no efforts. This has made the process even simpler which further encouraged more users to share the content on their Twitter page.
  • Suggested Tweet text helped to spread words through the users’ Tweets without much effort which has helped to gain more shares as well.
  • Fans of site are anyway going to share their favorite contents from this website. It is a usual thing for them. However, when ESPN made this sharing process simpler by adding features like Twitter Web Intent, users find it very helpful for sharing their favorite video and text content. This has encouraged more readers to share their favorite news content on their Twitter pages.

Image Source: Twitter and ESPN

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      Aparna   /   Reply

      Twitter is undoubtedly one of the strongest social media platform. The organization like ESPN, whom people have been following for decades and with a strong fan base, used Twitter as their major tool to reach out to their fans. The interesting factor is that ESPN allowed its fans to use their website itself as their Twitter page because of which the fans need not close the window and go looking for ESPN twitter page. It is a good strategy to keep people hooked to the page and to avoid any kind of distraction.

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