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7 Essential Elements of LinkedIn Company Pages & Ways to Leverage Them

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Few months back LinkedIn rolled out company pages which added a new weapon to the Armour of the social media marketers. Most of the people think that LinkedIn can be used only for b2b marketing but this is not true. In reality it can be used both for b2b as well as b2c marketing depending upon your objectives.

Company Pages

The way millions of individuals have LinkedIn profiles, similarly, now companies can have their profiles on LinkedIn called company pages which gives them an opportunity to present themselves in a more human way to the LinkedIn users.

Elements of Company Pages

#1. Company Overview

On this tab you can introduce your brand in a friendly & professional way. You should also include links to your website and blog to bring in additional traffic to your sites. If someone visits this tab, they see everyone in their network who works at your company, your company’s blog posts and Twitter feeds.

#2. Products and Services

List all the products or services which you offer under this tab. Include high resolution images of your products or related to your services which should be catchy enough for the visitors to click on them. If you have too many products or services, include only the limited number of products which are quite popular & doing well.

#3. Recommendations

This is the most powerful feature on the company pages. You should always ask your satisfied customers to recommend your different products & services. For instance whenever we conduct our social media workshops, at the end of the workshop we ask all our participants to rate us & recommend our courses if they found them satisfying.

Any additional recommendations which come on their own are a bonus. These recommendations accumulate over the period of time and thus serve as a repository for potential leads & sales.

#4. Number of Followers

This feature cannot be directly controlled by you but if you have large number of followers it definitely gives a good impression about your company. Usually companies with large number of employees have large number of followers. So, there is no need to be pushy about this particular feature.

#5. Information about Employees

Encourage all your current employees to update their LinkedIn profiles showing their current designation & company. Once it is done, your LinkedIn company page will automatically fetch the data and update itself with the current information. This gives a very interesting and comprehensive information about your employees to a visitor which goes a long way showing your company’s strength in terms of talent pool & skills.

#6. Analytics

This is a private feature visible only to you, as an administrator of your Company Page. It can be used to understand the composition of your base of followers – who they are, what they do and which other companies they follow. This also gives you an insight into the kind of people who are interested in your company and who can be your potential customers.

#7. Cross Marketing

LinkedIn also allows syncing of few applications like twitter, wordpress, etc for some large companies but soon they will role out this facility to all the companies. There are various other interesting apps available on their store. You can always check with LinkedIn whether they allow such apps for your company page or not. If allowed it gives a good opportunity to you to do cross marketing of your social networks on LinkedIn.

Share your LinkedIn marketing tips in the comment box below.

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