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Establishing smarter methods to reach your customers

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Identifying and understanding your customer is critical to success of any business. Before you implement any marketing strategy to capture potential customers, it is important to first identify whom you are marketing to i.e. who are your target buyers.

Customer profiling helps to group consumers in different ‘types’ or ‘categories’ with similar interests, likes and dislikes.  It recognizes the typical users of a product or service and helps the businesses to make decisions that are customer-centric.

The first step towards customer profiling is to identify or describe your customer.

Before making any sale, first create a basic identity of your customer. Create a broad description of your customer such as who would purchase the products and services, what do they do and what makes them want to interact with your company.

Ask yourself whether your product or service would fit best with customer’s search. Also study outlook and behaviour of customer towards other offerings available in the industry.

The second important step is to identify the goals of your potential customers. It is essential to determine the needs and benefits that make customers purchase your products. Finding out detailed description of your customers and understanding their buying habits helps you to formulate plans that better appeals to each customer.

The third step is to locate your customers. This involves identifying places where they shop and how to best reach them. Learn whether your customers are attracted to a physical location or cyber space, the kind of blogs that they read and the kind of content that appeals to them. This is helpful in predicting demand for your products and converting prospects into customers by creating meaningful content.

Once you have created a database of your customers, it could be used to create any content on your webpage, in your email or on your blog. Customer profile could be used to guide all of your marketing efforts.

Products or service that meets the customer’s expectations is more likely to succeed. Customer profiling is a method of informing a project team about the choices of end users or customers so that it assists them in making products and services that go with customer’s needs. Creating strategies keeping the ideal customer in mind helps avoiding wastage of time, efforts and resources on futile marketing efforts. It also boosts your ability to connect with existing as well as new customers and ultimately grow your business in a cost effective manner.

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