Eureka Forbes Used Social Media Platform To Create Awareness About Air Purifiers

by Ummer Salahudheen V P | Updated on: February 26, 2021 | 5 Min Read.

Eureka Forbes Used Social Media Platform To Create Awareness About Air PurifiersAbout Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes is a joint venture between Aushim Gupta of Sharpoorji Pallonji & Company from India and Electrolux of Sweden. This company started its operation in 1982 and started selling domestic water purifiers to retails and institutional customers in India. Eureka Forbes sells all its products through direct marketing channel. Now the company has added many products to its portfolio and selling them across all regions in India through direct marketing channel. Water purifiers, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, ancillary services and security systems are some of the core products sold by the Eureka Forbes to the retail customers today. Under Industrial services, Eureka Forbes offers Forbes facility services and Forbes Pro Railway Solutions to companies of different sizes.

Euro Air: Euro Air is an advanced purifier system from Eureka Forbes that consist air purification system for home and car. Euro Air wants to use Facebook medium to enhance its audience and generate awareness about its air purifier system.

Eureka Forbes’s Business Objectives

The objective of this campaign was to create awareness about its air purifiers on Facebook medium in a fun and engaging manner & get a better acceptance from Eureka Forbes’s Facebook fans. Eureka Forbes wants to use this campaign to create an impression about the importance of air purifiers in life and spread awareness about the EuroAir products amongst its fan base.

Approach / Strategy Adopted By Eureka Forbes

This campaign consists of two parts and the first part is named as “Breathless”. The first part of this promotional campaign was set like a game where the participants or players were asked to choose a girl shown on the screen and rescue her in the least time possible from three different scenarios & finally make her go “breathless”. There are three scenarios shown in this part of the campaign where players need to do the same tasks in each stage and make the girl go “breathless”. After the “Breathless” part is over, the impact of the game is analyzed. The participants who completed all the three stages are scored based on the time taken by them to complete the “breathless” part. Then the players are taken to the second part of this campaign and that is the “Breathless photo contest.” The campaign is complete with the end of the “Breathless photo contest.” The scores received by the participants are analyzed and finally the winner of the contest is selected.

The “breathless” part of this game consists of 3 stages. In the first stage, the player has to choose any one girl from the three girls named Tanya, Nikita and Anisha shown on the screen. After this, the player will be taken through three different scenarios where the selected girl is seen. In the first scenario, the girl is shown sitting on a chair in her office. The participant has to use computer mouse to search for hidden objects in her office that will make her go breathless. The player has to click on each object. When the player clicks on EuroAir air purifier, the girl goes breathless.

In the second stage, a different scenario is shown. In this scenario, the girl is found sitting inside a car. Here also the player has to find out hidden objects inside the car and make her breathless in the similar manner. Like in the previous stage, the girl goes breathless when the player clicks on EuroAir air purifier shown in the picture. In the third stage of “breathless” campaign, the player gets to show the girl his crib and make her breathless. The girl goes breathless once again when the player clicks on EuroAir air purifier. After completion of all the three stages, each player is given a score based on the time spent for making the right choice at each stage and make the girl go breathless. Players who took the minimum time to make the girl go breathless gets to receive the highest score. The received score is analyzed and finally the highest scorer is declared as a winner to get an iPod Shuffle.

This campaign has received tremendous response from its participants. They received a total reach of 1.5 million people. That was an incredible figure and beyond their expectations. So to leverage the overwhelming response they received from this campaign, they integrated the game with Facebook through a photo contest. The contest began in December 2011 and it continued till January 2012. There were about three rounds in the contest and each round has lasted for two weeks.

The entire flow of this contest goes like this:

  1. Players need to play the breathless game and complete all the three stages.
  2. Then the players take the screenshot of their final score and upload their final score on the contest tab.
  3. The player who received the highest score would be declared as a winner.
  4. Finally, the winner gets an iPod Scuffle as a reward.

Results Achieved By Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes received good response from this promotional campaign. The following are the overall impacts the company received from this “Breathless” promotional activity:

  • 20,000 people played the game and completed all the three stages.
  • They received total 30,000 clicks on the game.
  • In total, this EuroAir Breathless campaign has managed to reach 15 million people and that was above expectation of its organizers.
  • The EuroAir Breathless campaign received 227 entries and received 12586 votes in total.


Eureka Forbes has succeeded in getting good response from this campaign beyond their expectations. The result of this campaign shows us that we could get good engagement level from our fans and get more participation from them if we organize the campaign in an interesting manner that appeals to its participants.

Through this campaign, Eureka Forbes has achieved a better interaction on its Facebook page. The company is able to create brand awareness and awareness about air purifiers in a fun way. The game encouraged people to play and make them aware of the importance of air purifiers through it. The photo contest followed the game to claim attractive prizes added more value to this contest and increase the engagement level as well.

This campaign is also emphasizing on the fact that it requires more than just good looks to woo a girl! It appears like this hidden message has triggered more participation from fans, especially from youths. This shows us that we need to understand our participant’s frame of mind and make the campaign suiting to their priorities & interests.

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  1. Alex

    Great campaign did by Eureka Forbes to create brand awareness and awareness about Air in a fun way.

    Congratulations and Keep it up….


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