Evo Used Email Marketing To Increase Its Click Through By 904%

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Case Studies, Email Marketing

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UntitledAbout Evo

Evo is a seattle based leading multi-channel brand that sells lifestyle related & products required for urban and outdoor action sports. The company offers most of its sports products, apparels & accessories through its website

Evo’s Business Objectives

Competing with established online retail giants was always a challenge & Evo wanted to position itself in an unconventional manner that can give them an edge in the outdoor sports segment. The idea was to drive customer experience to the next level with focus on improving the customer satisfaction, more engagement & build trust, thereby increasing Evo’s credibility which is one of its core values. Also, another objective was to reduce the return rates of the products.

Strategy Adopted By Evo

The Evo team did a brainstorming session to come up with strategy to achieve its goals. The challenge was how to drive a campaign by utilizing its existing assets & cut short additional efforts.

Evo used its vast repository of online literature & guides to drive its new email campaign, targeting its existing customer base. They used their email service providers’ (ESP) automation program coupling it with the ‘how to guide’ to achieve the objectives. The email campaign involved three part series which are as follows:

  • The first email, the day after the product is shipped contains how–to guide links which directs to Evo’s landing page.
  • Next series contains more helpful tips on making the product experience much better. This again directs to the landing page.
  • The final series is a promotional mail which suggests customer to purchase accessories from the Evos’ online store which makes the product experience awesome

Results Achieved By Evo

Evo’s experience by redirecting its available literary resources for the email campaign is a success story, producing results of 904% increase in click through rates (CTR) for its ski boot product line. The automated email program helped Evo in sending personalized emails and this again increased the CTRs.


The Evo team had earlier experienced lower engagements & higher unsubscribes rates with customers due to its large scale promotional campaigns. Subsequently, Evo then executed a combination of healthy promotional email campaign and the above mentioned new initiative which boosted its relevance with the customers.

Most online retailers squander time & energy, churning out new contents for all its online campaigns to boost the click through rates. Evo saved time, efforts & resources by utilizing its treasure trove of online literature available.

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