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Evolution Of Email Marketing With Big Data And Analytics

Evolution Of Email Marketing With Big Data And Analytics

E-mail is one of the most efficient ways to acquire new customers. Even with the advent of social media and networking platforms, E-mail still continues to be the most preferred channel to generate leads, inform and influence the customers. A study conducted in 2012, showed that email is 40 times more effective that Facebook and Twitter combined.

Traditionally, E-mail marketing has followed a ‘batch and blast’ approach to acquire and retain customers. However, the dynamics of E-mail marketing is undergoing a fast transformation with the penetration of new technologies such as Big Data, Social Media and new platforms like mobiles and tablets. Let us look at how E-mail marketing is evolving with Big data and analytics.

Big Data

Big data is one technology that has huge potential and one that could completely transform how E-mail marketing works. Strangely, most of the marketers are still using age-old practices and their gut feeling to optimize E-mail marketing campaigns. Data ranked last in the list of available resources that marketers use for their E-mail campaigns. Another strange fact is that E-mail marketers refrained from using data even when they had access to data.

Reasons that prevent Marketers from embracing Big Data

  1. ‘Batch and Blast’ still works: E-mail marketing is such an effective channel that even the conventional practices and decisions based on gut feeling continue to drive sales. This is the biggest challenge that is preventing marketers from adopting data-driven decisions. The upside of using data-driven decisions is huge and the E-mail marketers have seen this yet.
  2. Data Silos: Customer’s data is locked up in data silos within the various departments such as Point of Sale (POS), Marketing, IT, Customer Care and other departments.
  3. Architecture and Design issues: The current E-mail marketing platforms expect the marketers to feed in the data. However, Big data adoption requires a platform that is capable of cross-channel integration and collection of customer’s data from various sources.

E-mail marketers have to make a gradual shift towards adopting Data-backed decisions. For this, they will have to transform their Management Information Systems to break data silos and enable the various departments to seamlessly exchange information. They should also focus on continuous data collection because consumers leave behind valuable information about themselves and about what they seek. Data from the internal departments and data collected from external sources like social media should be used to build a holistic view of the customer and his needs. Such efforts will increase the relevancy of the campaigns. Insights from previous E-mail campaigns and the consumers’ interactions to those campaigns can be used in future campaigns. Web interactions such as consumers’ movement in the website, clicks, search strings, wish lists, past purchases, abandoned carts can also be used for consumer profiling and generating highly customized campaigns.

In order to leverage the data from different channels, the E-mail marketing platforms should be capable of cross-channel as well as multi-channel integration. According to Forrester research, consumer data is the greatest untapped asset and only about 45% of marketers are collecting consumer data from multiple channels. Data-driven decisions have been shown to amplify the unique open rates, click-through rates and have given greater return on investment.

As said earlier, there is tremendous potential in Big data-driven E-mail marketing. Some of the industry leaders such as the e-commerce giant Amazon have already started using data to run highly customized e-mail marketing campaigns. Organizations should deploy resources to continuously collect and mine data and to generate insights about their current and potential customers. Otherwise, they will be playing catching up game with their competitors who have already started using Big data.

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  • 5 years ago

    Aman Sharma   /   Reply

    Quiet a knowledgable blog about E-mail marketing and to asccociate it with Big Data email marketing campaign , this will help users to go wide in E-mail marketing strategies.

    • 5 years ago

      Vinoth Kumar D   /   Reply

      Thanks you Aman

  • 5 years ago

    Richa Midha   /   Reply

    Short but Well-versed Blog to let the users understand about the impact of big data on email marketing campaign. Good job !

    • 5 years ago

      Vinoth Kumar D   /   Reply

      Thank you Richa

  • 5 years ago

    Paramesh   /   Reply

    Email marketing has been one of the most effective way to reach out to large customer base with lesser efforts. It is normally a hit or miss! With the power of big data, many big corporate have already fine tuned their marketing mechanisms and increasing the percentage of hits! A good post for general audience on integration of big data and email marketing!

    • 5 years ago

      Vinoth Kumar D   /   Reply

      Hit or miss! You are right Paramesh. It is all about sending the relevant information to the customers.

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