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Expert Mobile Web Designing Tips for Ultimate SEO Success

Expert Mobile Web Designing Tips for Ultimate SEO Success



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You are well aware that mobile usage is gradually but consistently on the rise and it is now compulsory to create a mobile-optimized site. Consumers today are increasingly relying on the mobile web for research purposes and making purchases that really make it not only important but mandatory for organizations to have an impressive and effective mobile presence. Make sure that your unique mobile website is following the basic principle as that is the key to a great UX, mobile SEO and an ultimate boost in conversions.

Recently Google is known to have conducted a study where participants were requested to perform certain key tasks independently on their very own iOS and Android mobile phones. Users had to finish a conversion-focused task for each site such as making a purchase, researching prices/plans or booking a reservation. The participants discussed openly while conducting their tasks and ultimately, they went on to rate their individual experiences with each site.


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For the past two years or so, many of you struggled to understand how exactly mobile SEO works. This very much included figuring out how the various ranking factors would get transformed with the switch over to the mobile. Now, after two years people are able to comprehend what mobile web development is all about and its connection with SEO. Now people are becoming aware of the important factors that would actually be affecting mobile rankings in a major way. Here are some of the things to be kept in mind during mobile website design.


Navigation is a key factor in mobile web designing and it is a pretty difficult aspect of mobile web design. Numerous mobile sites seem to be emphasizing on utility. So the navigation menu should be right up front. Navigation menu seems to be just navigation bars present on the screen. An expert mobile web designer once explained that mobile navigation seems to be just like a very good friend as it is always there whenever you need it.

This is right in your face and at this stage; you might be interested in doing something different. You could go for a completely different approach, or take a look at pre-existent ideas which work quite well without looking intrusive. The ‘hamburger menu’ is used by Google, Facebook and a lot of other sites and can take a lot of buttons and options off your screen to a toggle-able section which earns you a ton of screen real estate on a mobile device. Another option is putting a button up top which opens up a drop-down menu.

Put some thought into the navigation menu, as you shouldn’t waste the visitor’s time by throwing a ton of irrelevant navigation options right at the top or front of the page. Having a hierarchical navigation structure on a sitemap which can be followed in a logical order to get to the desired page is a major advantage. Always remember, simple is better.

Homepage & Site Navigation:

  • Keep Calls-to-action center and front
  • Keep menus short and precise
  • Make it really simple to go straight back to Homepage
  • Never allow promotions to be the center of attraction.


Mobile is usually quite underutilized from the aspect of a feedback channel. Your site should be having something that would provide your customers with a feedback channel. The feedback could be a link to the manager’s email or just a short form. The manager could then be personally sending them a reply. If you run a local business, you have the permission to include a telephone number where customers could call.

You could go one step ahead by taking your filled-in feedback forms and gathering sentiment. This could really be a qualitative evaluation or reliance would be more on quantitative information and data. You seriously need to consider the various feedback mechanisms which could be offered on mobile sites to drive traffic.

Content Is King

Content is always regarded as King of the SEO. It is quite true but this fact is not really of any consequence for mobile. It is definitely about content but the context seems to be the real king. Mobile websites are designed now mostly on proximity and need-based. Local results play a crucial role in the mobile and tremendous amount of real estate for clicking on. Local listings should possess a clickable website, a mapping feature that you could click, and even clickable directions. All these would surely be taking up a lot of space and it is bound to be really click-friendly when users are coming via mobile search. 

Site Search

All sites are not that big to require a search function. But what would you do if your site would need site search? You should opt for Google analytics along with site search. Site search is useful and can assist you in identifying if there are any snags or pitfalls or if there are some areas that people cannot access from the navigation menu of your website. If you realize that visitors are looking for a certain page, you may consider adding it to your navigation menu. Similarly, if you notice that some specific terms and concepts are being searched frequently and you realize that you do not really have a solid content relating to those terms then you must concentrate on resolving this issue.

Make the Most of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are regarded as very effective content generation tools and they should, therefore, be leveraged to the extent possible. Consider adding social content to your mobile website. You could boost your social online presence by simply taking and sharing pictures from your business on various social media platforms and your website. Keep in mind your kind of business and your specific target audience while you share things such as tips, pointers, photos or even reviews on your website.


Remember to keep these easy tips in mind so that you could have a winning experience while creating your first ever mobile experience or redesigning your present mobile site. 

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