Explore ‘Innovation in Ecommerce by Indian Models’ at India Internet Day (IID) 2017

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What is India Internet Day (IID)?

TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Delhi’s annual event India Internet Day (IID) is being held at Taj Palace, New Delhi on 7th April with the same zeal, vigour and enthusiastic entrepreneurs and industry influencers!  Influential speakers and renowned names from the industry share the platform to express their experiences and suggestions during one-on-one interactive sessions, keynotes, panel discussions etc.

India Internet Day (IID) 2017

This year, TiE Delhi’s annual event has been sponsored by brands like: Flipkart, Morgan Stanley, Spectranet, People Strong, Ola, Sheroes, amongst others. We are glad to have been supporting India Internet Day (IID) an insightful event for entrepreneurs and start-ups for the third time in a row now!

At the India Internet Day (IID) 2017, the emphasis is being led on the post-demonetization impact on the industry. Moreover, with 2016 being a reloading time-frame for entreprenuers, 2017 presents a different set of avenues and new paths to explore and tread upon! This year, #iDay addresses the issues of far more relevance and impact for entrepreneurs looking building their businesses. 

Panel Discussion on ‘Innovation in Ecomm: Indian Model’

Amongst the sessions being held at the event, one of the Panel Discussions on ‘Innovation in Ecomm: Indian Model’ caught attention as e-commerce is one such trend which is here to stay. E-commerce sector has touched all sections of society. Initially, the investors had to be convinced about dot.com businesses but all this has changed because entrepreneurs have numbers to show.

Here are the key takeaways from the panelists at the discussion which was moderated by Karan Mohla – Executive Director. IDGVC India. 

Karan stated that from IDGVC and others have been active investors in the e-commerce market for a long time now. And when they started investing 2009-2010, e-commerce was almost naive and the question arose whether Indian market can do the US and Chinese market is already doing.

Interestingly, a lot of the hacks worked quite well for the Indian e-commerce sector, though there are there will be certain causalities which is bound to happen in such a dynamic environment! However, the next larger wave of growth will only come from the innovative models which are Indian markets that are trying to solve the problems faced by Indian conusmers not only in the big cities but also in tier-II and tier-III towns. Accordingly, the way of reaching out and building the customer-base will be very different.

Shreya Mishra – CEO & Co-founder, Flyrobe

Flyrobe is the largest online fashion rental service company in India, based in Mumbai. The ideology was to bring the concept of sharing economy to fashion.

Krishna Killa – Co Founder, Lifcare

Lifecare is a subscription-based pharmacy for chronic medication such as that for diabetes, cardiac issues, peopel having undergone kidney transplants. About 25% of India’s population is suffering from chronic diseases today, amongst who 55-60% people take timely medicines; which is the precise reason for leading to diseases and complications. The intent of setting-up Lifecare 1.5 years ago was to get patients on-boarded, get the medicines listed and send them to the patients on regular-monthly intervals. Since patients are under subscriptions, so they understand the need of taking medicines on time. Also, they can track when the patients are off-medication for long.

Shardul Sheth – Promoter, Director, Agrostar

Agrostar is the largest agri-products company selling products to farmers in Western and Northern India. The idea behind Agrostar is 4 years old. The intent arose when it was realized that the farmers are not getting good quality products and services as they want. He then realized if e-commerce tacts can be integrated in a different space like that of agriculture, it will have a remarkable impact. Thus, the idea generated that rather the farmer going to the nearest retailer, why not make those products available at the farmers’ doorstep in a frictionless way.

The challenge at that point of time was lack of access to technology. So, that was the biggest hack wherein Agrostar planned to build e-commerce over a missed-call concept, thus making it very simple for the farmers to reach out and get access to some of the basic products.

Tushar Ahluwalia – CEO & Co-founder, StalkBuyLove

One of the most profitable fashion e-commerce brands in India. He was fortunate enough to be born in a fashion family! Her mother is a successful designer based in Europe. Even though StalkBuyLove is a fashion e-commerce portal but for Tushar, the ultimate magic happens in the supply-chain which affects a lot of things altogether. For instance: how do they define the product, how can the product(s) be modified, how does it affect the inventory and margins too!

So, this is how these e-commerce brand owners are serving the community giving the innovative touch! Are you inspired by their story? Share your views, opinions and experience with our community. We’d love to hear!

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