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Exploring The Key Ingredients Of Viral Marketing: The Carrie Telekinetic Coffee Shop Prank

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What will be your first reaction if you are a living witness to a paranormal activity at a Coffee Shop on a busy morning with furniture flying all around in the air and a guy getting slammed against the wall by some invisible hand? Freak Out? Run for Life? Freeze like a stone? Or Laugh it off? Let us see what actually happened.

Looks like all of those emotions took place! Well, this was a highly successful advertising campaign launched by the makers of the “Carrie” horror movie, released in the theaters on 18th October last year. The entire set up was based in  ‘Nice Cafe’ in New York and was implemented by “Thinkmodo”.

The entire prank idea was designed to set up a big buzz before the release of the Carrie movie. The target was to spread awareness and let the entire world know about the upcoming release of the movie. And what could be a better medium than the Digital media? With a global outreach, low marketing expenditure and quick response time, digital media like YouTube and Facebook helped in spreading the advertising campaign like a wildfire. Over 36.5 million views on YouTube were recorded by the time the movie hit the theaters and people shared the video like crazy on the different social media platforms.

The Key Ingredients of Success

According to the founders of Thinkmodo, the idea behind a viral video needs to be engaging, fresh and compelling. The idea must be newsworthy as well as fascinating and entertaining so that it becomes a talking point in the media and among the masses. The key success factors behind this campaign and in general for any viral campaign are as follows:-

Exceptional Content – The first and foremost necessity for any viral campaign is the presence of an exceptional and unprecedented content. The necessity of a brilliant content for a viral advertising campaign is like the necessity of oxygen to a fire. The content should compel the viewers to talk and discuss about it. These talks and discussions automatically spread like a virus and keep multiplying itself.

Ease of Sharing – The content must be easily sharable to attain a viral status. If people are unable to share the content or idea, it can never become viral. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are one of the most ideal media for spreading word about your advertising campaign. These platforms must be efficiently utilized for a campaign to get viral.

Presence of Emotional drivers – Emotional drivers must be inherent in the ad campaign to keep the viewers engaged and glued. In the Carrie showdown, the real heroes of the ad were the people in the Coffee shop. Every viewer wanted to see the reactions of the people after they witnessed the telekinetic activities. Hence, emotional drivers trigger the urge to share the content.

Appeal to Influencers – The content of the campaign must be appealing to the influencers who typically are fond of sharing the content and ideas which they admire. If the ad can hook the influencers to it, the campaign has a high probability of going viral.

By virtue of having all the ingredients in the right quantity in its ad campaign, the Carrie ad campaign was a huge success and was the buzz in every corner of the street during its release days.

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