Fab Furnish Increased Their Orders By 12 Times By Leveraging Social Media

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fabfurnish-logo-180x110Home décor is considered to be an inseparable part of any household. If we turn back the pages of history, we can see that people belonging to different era have shown interests in various home décor techniques. Over the years, people have started implementing various creative methods for the beautification of their place and these methods vary according to an individual’s interest. Home décor finds its roots in our tradition where people love to deck up their living place using different types of furniture. The awareness amongst people towards these home décor techniques has helped to uplift the lifestyle.

Fab Furnish understood this requirement and came up with the wonderful concept of providing a plethora of options in home accessories at one place.

About Fab Furnish

Fab Furnish is a website which displays all the home décor accessories under the sun. It has become one of the most widely visited website for any home décor related requirements. The website has around 60,000 products displayed. Fab Furnish offers furniture from over 500 brands which include local as well as international players. Fab Furnish offers products as per the customer’s requirements and at a decent prize. Fab Furnish have also got their physical stores set up at Bangalore and Delhi-NCR.

Recently, Fab Furnish increased the orders placed on their website by 12 times. Fab Furnish took on to social media to achieve their objectives.

Business Objective of Fab Furnish

The following were the two major objectives of Fab Furnish:

  1. FabFurnish.com wanted to increase the traffic on its website.
  2. Fab Furnish wanted to increase the sales by at least 20% every month using their Facebook advertisements.

Strategies Adopted by Fab Furnish

Social media marketing is the latest buzz in the marketing world. Fab Furnish decided to tap their potential customers using social media. Fab Furnish has always made their presence felt over social media by posting various advertisements over Facebook. The Facebook advertisements helped them to leverage their sales. Facebook advertisements also helped Fab Furnish to build its brand reach, increase the number of visitors to their site and as a result the overall revenue.

The following were the strategies implemented by Fab Furnish to attain their objectives:

  1. Photo Ads: Fab Furnish made the campaign attractive by posting relevant photographs and showcased the best of the best products on their page. These photo ads appeared in the form of news feed on the desktop and mobile & at the right side column of the Facebook page. These photo ads were really attractive and it forced people to click on them.
  1. Link Ads: Links were provided along with the news feed over desktop and mobile which helped people to click on the links directly for further details. This helped to increase the traffic to the website.
  1. Quality Images: Fab Furnish chose in-house top quality images to be posted in the advertisements. These images were used for photo ads along with embedded call to action tab so that visitors are be able to take immediate actions. 
  1. Targeting Right People: Success of a social media marketing campaign depends on the kind of people one targets. Fab Furnish decided to target the upwardly mobile people who have better spending abilities and those who expressed their interest to know about a product.

Fab Furnish used lookalike audience feature in order to target those people who indicated traits like age, gender, likes and location etc. similar to the customers who were already present in the customer database. The list of lookalike audience is generated using the details of people who show interest in the customer’s page, contact details and people visiting the customer’s website. One can generate this by visiting Adverts Manager>>audiences>>create audience>> select lookalike audience. 

  1. Custom Audiences: Customers are the most important part of any business. A business house should always start with tapping the already existing customers in its database. These valuable customers should be the first line of target. It is very easy to identify the requirements of these customers like their reading interests on the website, activities in which they take part etc. This helps to market appropriately. One can use these data and initiate engaging advertisements for such specific group of people. The data can be secured so that others won’t be able to access these information. Custom Audience can be generated using adverts create tool or Power Editor. Fab Furnish identified such customers who visited their site and did not take any action and included them as custom audience,  for targeting them with appropriate ad copies. 
  1. Increased Online Sales: The most important aspect in an online sales is that people who click through the page are forced to visit again and again. There are few mandatory points one should follow to increase their online sales. Fab Furnish took the following steps to change their online presence to achieve their objective.
  •  Setting up a page: The foremost thing is to set up a Facebook page for the business. The page should have all the information about the business, its various products, attractive images and links directing to blogs and website. At least one Page category should be mentioned, so that the page will appear in search results. Fab Furnish had their Facebook page set up with all the necessary information making it easily accessible to the customers.
  • Identifying the target people: Marketing a product to a wrong set of people will not be of any use. It is very important to identify the right audience. Fab Furnish identified their target group as people who would be willing to spend on furniture and those who showed interest in various products while visiting the website.This helped them to market the product to their prospective customers.
  • Compelling Content: Images have better impact on people than plain text. Fab Furnish posted many attractive photos of their products which forced people to click through. Queries from visitors were reciprocated promptly. This helped people to develop a bonding with the brand. Fab Furnish posted contents on the page which included the reasons for a product being nice, the various offers going on and the reason for the company to pursue this business etc. The links provided on the page directed to the correct product makes it user friendly and more interactive for the visitor to use.
  • Measuring: Any course of action carried out in social media marketing should be measured regularly. It the current strategy is not fetching desired results then one must look for an alternate. Fab Furnish also carried out many trial and error methods to drive their sales.

A combination of good strategy and tools helped Fab Furnish to leverage their online sales.


Fab Furnish used Facebook as their medium to increase their online sales. The entire strategy was implemented over a period of one year. The campaign started in May 2013 and went on till April 2014. Facebook being the most widely used social networking site helped to increase the sales revenue and the number of visitors to the website.

The following were the results of this campaign:

  1. The revenue increased by 10 times.
  2. Traffic to the website increased by 5 times.
  3. The number of orders increased by 12 times.
  4. The return on investment over advertisements increased by 2 times.


Fab Furnish being one of the leading online home décor solution provider leveraged their online sales by successfully implementing social media marketing strategy. Using Facebook page as the medium is the most commendable step they undertook. Fab Furnish could gauge the impact of using Facebook as their medium and as a result attained their objectives.

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