Discover New Facebook Ad Structure – The 3 Core Elements

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New Facebook Ad Structure

So, you want to run an advertising campaign on Facebook, want your Ad to run in a right way and reaching to right audience.

Discover in this article, a new facebook ad structure and understand the 3 core elements of every facebook advertising campaign.

How to set up a Facebook Ad campaign in the new structure?

Earlier facebook ad structure had a simple two-level structure i.e.


2. Ads

The campaign was used to set the start/end dates and daily or lifetime budget. The ads were for creative, placement, targeting and bidding. After the change, the new Facebook advertising campaign structure came.

In this new structure, there are three parts to run an advertising campaign on Facebook: A campaign, Ad set, and Ad. All these parts together make the campaign structure. A campaign contains one or more ad sets and ad. You will choose one advertising objective for each of your campaigns.

Ad sets contain one or more ads. You’ll define your targeting, budget, schedule, bidding and placement at the ad set level. Ad is the creative you use makes up an ad.

What are the New Changes in Facebook Ad Structure?

Earlier with the old structure, Facebook optimized ads within a campaign. So if your campaign included different audience segments and one ad was performing better than another, Facebook would direct more of your budget to that ad, neglecting your other audience segments. If you didn’t want Facebook to optimize your ads in this way, you would have to create separate campaigns for each audience segment.

The new structure allows you to create one campaign and several ad sets to represent each of your audience segments, each with its own budget. Then Facebook will optimize ads based on ad sets.

The biggest change is that budget, schedule, bidding, targeting and placement of your ads are all configured at the ad set level. Only the images, copy, call-to-action button and facebook page are configured at the ad level.

So, if you want to do split testing your ads, you may need to set up multiple ad sets, as well as multiple campaigns.facebook-ads-campaign-structure

Better Reporting

Additionally, reporting is a lot better. Creating reports using the old structure was difficult because you could only filter your reports based on keywords or phrases in campaign names. The new structure allows you to filter by campaign name, ad set name, or ad name. You can also customize your columns to include more or less information.

First Part- Create Your Campaign

Think of the campaign as the foundation of your ad. First, you have to choose an advertising objective for your campaign keeping in mind that what you want from your Ad. What to be achieved and then enter objective details.

Using the new campaign structure, you may have a few different advertising objectives like drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, promote offers.

For instance, if you want to generate new leads and sales for your business, you run either a website clicks campaign or a conversion campaign.

Then name the campaign-once your click continues after entering the objective details, you can name your campaign.

Second Part-Creating Ad Set

At the Ad Set level, set up targeting, bidding, and budget. You create an audience for your ad using Facebook’s targeting options.

Define your target audience by choosing things like location, gender, age, interests etc.

Next, you will create a budget, set a schedule for your ad and choose your placement. Select from the placements – desktop news feed, mobile news feed and right-hand column – where you want your ads to appear.

The campaign can include multiple ad sets, by selecting different targeting, scheduling and budgeting. You can have no more than 50 ads per ad set.

Note that targeting and pricing are set up at the ad set level.

Third Part-Designing an Ad

At this end level, you design your ads in a creative way which includes images, video’s, text, URL’s and call-to-action button. We can create multiple ads with different copy and images within a single ad set. You can split test to improve your campaign performance in a most effective way.

You can also edit the ad after whenever you require. Click edit next to creative area or click the wheel to see the ad set information and can edit from there.

Setting up proper campaigns can help you better organise, optimise and measure the performance of your Ads. The right structure can help you to measure results, test different audiences, identify which ads work better.

Conclusion and Tip:

Your campaign objective should be defined, your ad set needs to be set with your target audience & budget, create multiple ads to optimise creative and your ad should be creative with your message or offer that people want to see.

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Tips: Every ad account is limited to 1,000 campaigns, 1,000 ad sets and 5,000 ads.

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