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Want to know how Facebook Algorithm ranks content in newsfeed?

Thinking how to show up in the new feeds of your prospects? – Facebook Algorithms manage who sees your content and who does not.

This article will help you find how the Facebook Algorithm functions, and how advertisers can streamline their posts for optimized newsfeeds. So let us delve into Facebook signals, algorithm and Facebook algorithm change that decide ranking of your content-

Facebook Ranking Factors and Algorithms

1. The Signals Facebook Considers When Ranking Your Content

  • According to Adam Mosseri, Vice President, News Feed at Facebook “the most critical input into what you see in your news feed is who you decide to friend and what [pages] you decide to follow in the first place.”
  • This is quite critical in determining how Facebook interprets the myriad of signals it goes through while deciding a news feed that is most relevant to your target audiences’ interests.

Some of the specific signals that affect Facebook-ranking include-

Facebook Algorithm

Signals that affect Facebook ranking

1. Who posted a story

  • How frequently posts come from the publisher
  • Previous negative feedbacks that an author gets

2. Story type

  • Completeness of your Facebook profile page
  • How engaging and informative your post is
  • The post is posted from a page or friend

3. Engagement

  • The time spent on content
  • Quantity of friend tags
  • Quality of comments from friends
  • Overall engagement your post has

2. Ranking of Page via Facebook News Feed Algorithm & Facebook Search Algorithm

Facebook Algorithm

How Facebook Newsfeed algorithm works

According to Adam Mosseri, VP, News Feed at Facebook, the four steps that Facebook uses to rank your content in the news feed are-

  • Inventory
  • Signals
  • Predictions
  • Score

Below given are some of the most important Facebook Search Algorithm factors that decide ranking of your content-

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Top 10 Facebook Algorithm Ranking Factors are

  1. Direct Engagement, which is directly proportional to the content that generates more shares, likes, and comments. Such content receives better organic search rankings.
  2. Clicks, which is associated with content that generates lots of clicks and comments by users, plus, such content ensures more tagging and initiates engaging discussions that helps you receive higher organic Facebook search rankings.
  3. Adapting to new mediums is another important Facebook ranking factor, and it would be good for you to adapt to new type of post that Facebook is pushing forward, before other starts using the same. For example, Videos, which are uploaded directly to Facebook and play a significant role in generating substantial amount of views and higher organic search rankings. Your video should be unique and engaging.
  4. Avoid using ‘guaranteed now’ jargon as the posts that make hyperbolic claims suffer in Facebook organic searches.
  5. Despite being a tag spammer, try to use content that tags a different page in general as this helps in receiving higher organic search rankings.
  6. Avoid linking to bad websites, as spammy links are generally not shown in Newsfeeds.
  7. Be more visual with your status updates to ensure better ranking in organic searches.
  8. Making friends also helps in Facebook search as having audience of same niche helps a page rank better.
  9. Images should be optimized for desktop and mobile news feed.
  10. Post relevant content that your audiences is looking for on a regular basis

Top 10 Facebook Ranking Tips

  1. Having verified pages and verified profiles ensures better exposure for your posts than pages and people who are not verified.
  2. It would be beneficial to have links in a post rather than sharing a link via a status update or photo caption. Links that are comprised under posts gain higher Facebook search rankings as per Facebook Algorithm.
  3. Facebook ads and organic posts should never reuse the same text, as this will hurt Facebook search rankings.
  4. Your posts should never promote something hoax as this lowers search ranking. As discussed above, you need to stay away from guaranteed and salesy language.
  5. Make posts engaging so visitors spend more time on your posts that is directly proportional to Facebook search ranking.
  6. As per Facebook algorithm change, longer posts upto 400 words receive higher organic search rankings.
  7. Posts that intimate reactions from users are ranked higher.
  8. Make user-friendly content, as users can decide their Newsfeeds Preferences by filtering the types of pages, people and groups that they do not want to see.
  9. Content that your users report, flag or hide receives lower Facebook search ranking.
  10. Posts that talk about trending topics receive higher organic search rankings.

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3. Facebook Face Detection Algorithm

Deep Face Facebook Algorithm

Facebook Face Detection Algorithm

Facebook face detection algorithm is known as DeepFace, which is considered nearly as accurate as our brain.

The effectiveness of DeepFace Facebook Face Recognition Algorithm exists in its ability to look at two photos and judge the similarity of photos with 97.35% accuracy, irrespective of lighting or angle.

DeepFace is like a neural network (a software that simulates the working of real neurons), which is developed by Facebook AI research team and it is based on Deep Learning neural Network.

  • Deep learning resembles machine learning that looks at a huge body of data of human faces and then develops a high-level abstraction of a human face by analyzing the reappearing patterns like eyebrow, cheeks, etc.
  • com has a facial recognition algorithm that analyzes your uploaded photos and lets you know with tags if a match is made. DeepFace is actually closing the gap to human level performance in face identification and verification.

4. Facebook Encryption Algorithm

Facebook Algorithm Encryption

Facebook Encryption Algorithm

There are three basic Facebook Encryption Algorithms-

  1. Hashing Facebook Encryption Algorithm
  2. Symmetric cryptography Facebook Encryption Algorithm
  3. Asymmetric cryptography Facebook Encryption Algorithm

Facebook Encryption algorithm uses the science or scrambling data, known as cryptography.

Cryptography changes the readable text into an unreadable secret format, called as ciphertext through encryption. Encryption also ensures that there is no any altering to the message while transaction of information happens. Let us go through over mentioned 3 Facebook Encryption Algorithms-

1. Hashing-

It creates a unique fixed length signature of a group of data which are created with hash function. A hash would be unique for a particular message that impedes any potential tempering. Once the data is encrypted via hash, the encrypted data cannot be deciphered. Some common hashing algos are-

  • Message Digest 5 (MD5)
  • Secure Hashing Algorithm (SHA)

2. Symmetric cryptography-

This one is also called private-key cryptography, and in this, ‘key’ is used to encrypt and decrypt your information and related data. This method is also known as stream cipher or a block cipher as per the amount of data being encrypted or decrypted at a time.

One character at a time is encrypted in Stream Cipher, while fix chunks of data is encrypted in block cipher.

Common symmetric encryption Facebook algorithm includes-

  • Data Encryption Standard (DES)
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA)
  • Blowfish

3. Asymmetric cryptography-

This one is also called Public key encryption and it uses two types of keys-

  • A private key
  • A public key

Public key is freely accessible to everyone while the private key is only known to the receiver of ciphertext to decrypt messages. Algorithms that use Asymmetric cryptography are-

  • RSA
  • Diffie-Hellman

5. Facebook ad algorithm

Facebook Algorithm Ad

Facebook Ad Algorithm

How much paid reach you get for your Facebook Marketing campaigns is primarily based upon the Facebook Ad Algorithm, which incorporates an auction system that is based on variety of factors, such as how much other advertisers are bidding, quality of your Ads, your target audience, etc.

For each ad impression, Facebook ad auction system chooses the best ads as per the ads’ maximum bids and performance.

Facebook only charges you the bid necessary to win the Ad auction. You need to refine your targeting to make sure you are targeting the best audiences who will for sure engage with your Ads. When Facebook shows ads, it tries to balance two things:

  • Creating value for advertisers by assisting them target and convert their target audiences
  • Providing relevant and interactive experiences to people by using Facebook family of apps and services

What factors are considered in Facebook Ad Algorithm

The value that an Ad has is the combination of 3 major factors-

  • Advertiser bid
  • Estimated action rates
  • Ad quality and relevance

When a Facebook auction occurs, Facebook standardizes the factors above and combine them into a total value. The ad with the highest total value wins the Facebook Ad auction.

The total value decides who wins an auction, but it does not tell you about the amount winner is charged. Amount charged for your Ad depends on the minimum amount you would have needed to set your bid at, to win the Facebook Ad auction. Charging of Ad in Facebook Ad Algorithm depends on-

  • Charging of your Ad would be less than your bid.
  • Underbidding has no benefits according to Facebook Ad algorithm, as this may let you lose the auction that you would have otherwise won without paying any additional costs.

Final Thoughts

Remaining visible in Facebook with the Facebook Algorithm Change may become more challenging as the amount of traffic on Facebook continues to increase.

This makes it highly important to know the Facebook algorithm that helps in boosting organic search ranking of your content, plus, helps you focus on the content that your prospects would love to see in their newsfeeds.

Engaging audiences with the content that they find relevant, you can let Facebook optimize your content in the newsfeeds of your target audiences.

I hope idiosyncrasies of Facebook algorithms will help you understand how to channelize your Facebook marketing campaign.

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