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Facebook Customizes Ad Targeting Based On Purchases!

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If you are a frequent buyer of any product, then you might also now see advertisements of that product popping up on your Facebook Page. Thanks to the new program initiated by the company, ‘Partner Categories’ that serves users advertising based on their location and online purchasing as well as browsing histories.

Targeting by using data from the wider web is a huge progression on Facebook’s existing advertising services. Although, this social networking giant had been previously relying on user information to target ads on its site, but only relying data that has been picked up within Facebook itself (although that is an area, which is also expanding).

Facebook defines this offering as a new way to target ads to more categories of people. Partner Categories builds on Custom Audiences, which is a platform launched in September and then augmented in the month of February by making use of third party shopping data from firms such as Datalogix, Epsilon and Acxiom. Additionally, no personal information will be shared between Facebook, Third Parties and Advertisers. Here the advertiser will only be aware of the size of the audience and will not be able to access any information about the individuals that are included in the category. There are various organizations that have used this kind of targeting off of Facebook and now this will be available to advertisers of all sizes on Facebook.

The best part about Partner Categories is that now advertisers would be eligible to target 500 specific segments, which includes ‘Dairy and Egg Buyers’ and also customers that are searching for a full size sedan than just any car. However, if a category is too large (expensive), you can simply narrow that down by cross matching it with other categories. In fact Partner Categories also follows another tweak to custom audiences, lookalike audiences that assist advertisers to find ideal customers and then another group of people that have somewhat similar characteristics.

You can see in the screenshot displayed below of how Partner Categories provides a number of relevant details for each of the category without giving any information about the specific users. You can also see the number of people in a category. Here it shows that there are 14.8 million people for kid’s cereal along with some of the purchasing history. This signifies the frequency of the purchase of the product since last year with details of where the information got sourced from.


Such kind of precise targeting is one of Facebook’s primary methods – expansion on mobile is another, which the company hopes will help in the growth of its overall revenue.

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