Facebook Helped CashKaro To Increase Fan Base From 17K To 2.9Lacs

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cashkarocash_1376028238_75About CashKaro

Cashback and Coupons website CashKaro is now one of the leading online company that helps shoppers save on all their online shopping. It was co-founded by Swati Bhargava with help of her husband, both being from finance background wanting to start something different. Now CashKaro is working with top brands like Myntra, Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Jabong and 500 more. This makes it the cheapest way of shopping online in the country. An individual can save over thousands easily per year.


Swati Bhargava at one of the interview with Digital vidya said: “My husband and Co-founder of CashKaro.com, Rohan and I realised that while daily deal sites like Groupon were becoming very popular and there were many of them, the Cashback space was relatively untapped. So, we started our Cashback business in the UK called Pouring Pounds, which we expanded to India last year and launched cashkaro.”

Salient features of CashKaro

  • Offers Cashback on leading brands: Only thing you need to do is visit the retailer’s website via CashKaro.com & purchase whatever you want to. For example, if you visit amazon via CashKaro.com & shop, you would get 12% Cashback from CashKaro every time and so on.
  • Coupons along with Cashback: CashKaro is different from other coupon sites, here you not only get instant coupon savings but also get Cashback along with it. This makes CashKaro the most rewarding website in India.
  • Coupons and Cashback for international retail brands : They also provide coupons and Cashback for International brands like hotels.com, expedia, Hilton etc. No Indian Cashback sites provide this in India.
  • Does not include any type of cost: Company gives their customers totally free service. They would earn my taking commissions from brands and not from the customers.


Cashkaro adopted Facebook as a primary tool for social media marketing.

Out if all the social networking websites available right now, they selected Facebook as one of their primary Social Media Channel for brand building and engaging the users with a good strategy, as Facebook is the largest Social networking website today. And within very less time, they managed to increase their 17K fans initially in mid-April to almost 366K fans in the next 8 months.

CashKaro introduced into comic world with two characters namely Raja Rani which reminds us of Hum Tum. Here rani used to love shopping a lot. The comic was published with 18 episodes showcasing their characters – Raja and Rani in those 18 episodes primarily displaying good innovation and demonstration about how the company actually works.


Facebook had become a crucial channel for consumer relationship management for CashKaro. Potential customers would come to ask about how much cash back would they be earning on purchases. Whereas existing customers come to give feedbacks and queries about the transaction. Numerous comments are shared between members and cashkaro showing healthy relationship and interactions. Facebook is also used as an Ultimate feedback medium where the customers put in their testimonials and feedbacks.

The company also launched face of cashkaro campaign on Facebook where the customers send their pictures showing how much they love CashKaro. They held many such exciting contest like – recommend a tagline and win some Cashback and so on.


Business objectives of cashkaro for Facebook:

  1. Brand building of this newly started venture.
  2. Generating Brand awareness among the masses as ways by which people can save through CashKaro.
  3. Get more and more people sign up for CashKaro.
  4. To create brand awareness of the company CashKaro is affiliated with.
  5. Lead generation through Facebook.
  6. Understanding the customer’s shopping preferences and customising the content.
  7. Increasing the brand-recall value of cashkaro.
  8. Increasing the number of cashkaro deals, offers, coupons etc.
  9. Building and maintaining consumer relations.

Execution by cashkaro :

  • Signed up for Facebook and created a well planned content strategy.
  • Made people participate with cashkaro and compelling them to like, share and comment over the posts, engaging customers with deals, interesting content, questions, puzzles were posted every day.
  • An entertaining comic strip of 18 episodes with characters named Raja and Rani were introduced by cashkaro in a campaign, they shared their amazing shopping experiences and showed how Rani loved shopping with the help of Cashkaro.
  • They started a campaign which was named as ‘a Face of Cashkaro’ as launched by cashkaro. CashKaro asked people to send their pictures expressing their love for cashkaro!
  • Many such contests were run which created a lot of excitement among people and then the prizes were distributed among them in order to make the Cashkaro’s community get engaged as well as build the understanding about how CashKaro works.


Outcome :

  • CashKaro fan following successfully increased from 17000 fans to the mark of 2.9 lacs fan in less than 6 months.
  • CashKaro successfully managed to emerge among the fastest growing Cashback and Coupons site in India.
  • CashKaro earned about 40% of the traffic with the help of Facebook.
  • CashKaro managed to position itself among the largest presence of all coupons and Cashback related sites in India.
  • When compared with much larger, older, as well as nicely established Indian e-commerce brands in India, Cashkaro still stands on top position  for highest engagement on Facebook regardless of being a newbie in the market.
  • CashKaro gets over 1000 likes, comments and shares daily on an average.
  • All these has resulted CashKaro to become a very media friendly company.

Image courtesy : mediatrics.wordpress.com, dsim, slideshare.

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