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Facebook Home: A new Product unveiled by Facebook

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Finally, rumors about Facebook phone has come to an end with Facebook unveiling “Facebook Home”, an android app that will change your phone’s home screen as well as core features. It is basically a new home screen and app launcher interface for android that gives your Facebook notifications, news feed posts and messages more integration with the overall phone experience. It is scheduled to be released on 12th of April, with an update coming every month.

Initially, this app would work only on a few devices as the company needs to work with the hardware partners in order to make it compatible. It seems like only Samsung and HTC devices will be made compatible for this App, which would later be available for various other devices. When it comes to tablets, the company said that it would eventually be available on android tabs.

In fact, in order to give a better overview of the Facebook Home App, Facebook have also put an advertisement on YouTube, which reflected how the app or product will actually fit in your mobile. Here is a quick glance of the advertisement.

What are some of the core features of Facebook Home?

Cover feed

This app is definitely designed in a manner that would bring some changes your home and lock screen. If defining in simple terms, if you have installed the Facebook Home app in your device, you would encounter something known as “cover feed” which is a stream from your news feed and gives you an overview of what your friends are currently sharing such as photos, updates and links.

The cover feed would allow you to flip between stories and double tap a story to simply like it. The main idea behind this app is to surface some of the important updates from people in your life, which otherwise might have been missed.


Installing this app in your device will help you to get any new notifications from Facebook and also various other apps on your home screen. The HTC First model, which is scheduled to be launched in the mid of April will come pre-installed with Facebook Home App. Therefore HTC one users will get notifications from Facebook and various other apps on their home screen. However, users of different android devices would only be able to view notifications from Facebook and not any other device.


Chat heads and Messaging

One of the best and biggest feature of this app is the new messaging component dubbed chat heads. While viewing any app on your device, you would simultaneously also be able to view chat heads on the top left and simply respond back without having to navigate the messages app. Additionally, icons for the chat can also be moved around the screen for fast access to ongoing conversations.


APP Launcher

Although by introducing this app, Facebook would want to focus more about making Facebook the center of your phone rather than focussing on various other app, still Facebook Home will also have an app launcher.

The App launcher can be seen by swiping your Facebook profile photo. The best part here is that you can also customize your favorite apps into their own areas and pages.

These are some of the features of Facebook Home that can be expected to be available by 12th April 2013. Although the app is restricted to a limited handsets, but very soon it will be available to almost all the android devices. Till then you can share your comments on what do you think about Facebook Home and are you really satisfied with the features of this app.

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