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Good News ! If you are an Indian marketer looking to expand your business and earn revenue it is the perfect time to leverage the opportunity. Coming to the news- Facebook to touch 200mn users in India. Facebook community has grown leaps and bounds in the world such that it has touched an insane figure of 1.9 billion user profiles… far more than any other Social network.

Moreover, to attract more users in India, Facebook added 12 more local languages. Keeping in mind the lackluster internet speeds in the country, it has also come up with its lighter version- Facebook lite. Facebook is also planning to explore the untapped rural areas of India by partnering with local carriers, internet service providers and businessmen. Due to a large mobile-market segment and Facebook’s more effective targeting and engagement opportunities it wouldn’t be surprising if Facebook manages to surpass 2oo million in the next quarter. 


As more number of people are registering on Facebook in India, it has reported a jump of 43% in revenue. Many marketers across the globe are happily spending more of their marketing dollars on Facebook advertisement. So does budding and established Indian marketers should look forward to do.

Facebook Asia’s growth rate also has been heartening. Facebook has around 396 million users in Asia which is more than what rest of the world combined has. There has been a staggering 57 per cent increase in the Asian users in the past two years. The user increase in turn has thus resulted in an overall increase in the revenue being generated… nearly doubling when compared to the last 15 months stats.

Facebook’s Growth In India, alone is the highest in the world. In the last two years, there has been an incredible growth in the number of users who have joined in. Not just in ‘user registration’ but also in ‘user engagements’, Facebook outperforms its competition. In terms of daily active user count, India grew 22% year on year compared with 17% globally, surpassing even the giant market of United States. Another reason for this possible growth is the vision of ‘Digital India’ that Narendra Modi and his team envisioned for the Indian Population. With infrastructure supporting Wi-Fi and affordable mobile connections, things are going to improve only from here. A leading New York-based market research company evaluated that digital media accounted for 12.6% of total ad spend in India in 2015 and it is expected to surpass $1 billion which is about 14.3% of total ad outlays by 2017.

Meanwhile Facebook continues to break records. According to the overall revenue generated, Facebook has reported a record high estimate of 8 billion US dollars from Oct- Dec.

200 million! What this tell is Indian Marketers have a golden opportunity to leverage their Facebook business page to boost traffic and brand awareness. If you have never considered Facebook a viable market tool then its time to change that approach.

Effective Facebook marketing campaigns: 

Facebook is a promotional platform. Effective Facebook marketing campaign includes: 

  1. Creating Facebook fan pages. Fan pages do wonders for brands, business, personalities. You can interact with your fans/ prospects without even getting connected to their personal accounts.
  2. Promoting your Facebook page on website, email signatures, forum signatures, newsletter etc.
  3. Defining goals: Depending on business your business goals may vary. Goals may include: increasing email subscribers, increasing Facebook page likes, or growing subscribers.
  4. Creating an irresistible offer as a freebie or at discounted rates.
  5. Converting lead through Facebook landing pages. Landing pages single-handedly can make or break your marketing initiatives. A poorly planned landing page might prove you costly. It should be simple, clear and straight to the point.
  6. Next step involves optimizing the campaign by split testing landing page designs. Create two or more designs and see which performs well. You may be surprised how much tweaking the LP templates a bit may result in varying conversion rates.
  7. Lastly end the conversion funnel with a Thank You page. Thank you pages are build to acknowledge the customer that the offer has been delivered. But you can step up the game by suggesting useful affiliate links related to your offer or offer them an opportunity to subscribe to your Facebook page by attaching a Facebook social button. You may think as wide as your creativity lets you take.

No Facebook Advertising campaign is complete without creating the tracking pixels. Just Copy paste the tracking pixel javascript code to whichever page you want to track. So whenever there is new email subscriber/conversion, it gets reported to you.

Facebook allows individuals to associate directly with people interested in what you do and say. Once that relationship is established you gain their trust. Online businesses run on people’s trust and if done right Facebook is a superlative market tool.

India being the second largest market for Facebook outside US and Facebook has just started to reach out the rural areas of India, a huge potential lies ahead.

Pic Credit: Onlinebizsmarts.com

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