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Facebook Marketing Enables Good Response For Leading Management Institutes In India

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There’s no denying that the most widely used social media platform today is Facebook. It is joined by more than a billion users every month. It’s no wonder that Facebook is a significant and influential tool to reach to an audience, share news, and shape and influence ideas and perceptions. This is why leading management institutes in India are stepping up their efforts to make a difference on this platform. Prospective and current students, parents and alumni — a common ground where they are all present in one way or the other is on Facebook.

Indian Management Institutes Leverage Facebook

ISB fb

Business schools in India have finally understood the reach of the digital media and are gradually warming up to them. Despite this, they still have a lot of catching up to do. The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta has a weak social media presence currently, regardless of the number of its alumni and batches and it being one of the oldest business schools in India. According to data from 2014, the B-school’s Facebook page garnered 13,805 likes; it has 24,259 and 10,900 users on LinkedIn and Twitter respectively, and around 1,733 YouTube subscribers. IIM-C is working diligently to improve its social media presence and impact. In addition to its team of professionals and students, the institute has also hired a social media marketing agency to improve its online presence. The Indian School of Business (ISB), on the other hand, boasts 50,835 ‘likes’ on its Facebook page, 18,308 members on LinkedIn, 11,600 followers on Twitter, and 2,463 subscribers on YouTube. These people follow the B-school actively on social media and participate in a dialogue with the institute. For an old and large community that grows with each passing year, these figures are encouraging. Most management institutes are using social media to interact with their stakeholders and for the purpose of branding and promotion. The information for interested students such as FAQs, deadlines for application, how to apply etc. is disseminated through Facebook and other platforms, along with the conventional email at the TA Pai Management Institute (TAPMI). The programs happening at TAPMI such as festivals, leadership seminars or guest lectures are promoted extensively through Twitter, Facebook and other online media platforms.

iim c fb

IIM-C also leverages social media to promote student diversity so that not just foreign students but NRIs are also apprised of what happens in a B-school in India through social media. They demonstrate one of the most successful social engagement programs carried out by a business school in India. The institute has been cutting down its traditional media expenditure and has instead been increasing its social and digital media budget for the past three years. Likewise, three years ago, about 10 per cent of ISB’s total media expenditure was spent on digital and social media which has now been increased to 50 per cent. Facebook as a medium allows a two-way exchange and is an effective way to ascertain the perception of the target audience. ISB interacts with prospective students, alumni, mid-career professionals for its executive education programs, recruiters, faculty and the public through digital media.

Students and parents do their research and evaluation online these days when it comes to selecting an educational institution.

Here are five ways in which leading management institutes leverage Facebook and how you can do it too.

Post photos and videos

Success on Facebook, like other social media platforms, is hinged on engagement. Higher engagement ensures that more people see and join your Facebook page. What is meant by engagement? Sharing, commenting and likes are forms of Facebook engagements. Motivate your Facebook fans to engage in every status by posting photos and videos. People are most impacted by visuals and it has been proven that users tend to comment, like, and share photos and videos more than words.

Ask Questions

Asking questions also calls for an active engagement. It makes people feel that you are open to their opinion. Taking reviews and feedback will encourage public participation on your page. Higher engagement will increase the popularity of your posts. Thus, more people would like to see your Facebook page.

Involve Your Alumni

iim c alumni

You can also seek the involvement of your alumna for query resolution on your Facebook page as they are the best resource for solving questions. They can also help you in marketing your institute. Consider them as your former customers and their experiences become reviews for your institute. There is no better and more reliable testimony for your institute than that of you alumni. Encourage them to participate on your page by posting their photos as throwback, posting and marketing alumni activities or you can also have a feature like ‘Alumni of the Month’. Such activities will keep your previous students buzzing and eventually, they will share your institute’s programs, activities, and news online.

Be Active On Facebook

Regularly post updates, photos and articles on your page. People lose interest in pages that get updated sporadically. You must also participate in discussions by answering questions or liking a comment. Most pages tend to just post and don’t interact with the people who follow it. This leads to a one-way engagement. Facebook is an effective medium of marketing and thus, you need to be involved with your audience. If you’re too busy with other things, appoint a Facebook account manager who can spend at least an hour or two on your page. Train him to get answers for all questions posted on your page.

Facebook as a Source of Information

isb info

This is the key feature of Facebook – it’s a source of information and many students go to their Facebook page for updates and urgent announcements. Keep doing this and it will create a lasting impact on your students. When potential students look for business schools or research on your institute, they will feel at ease on seeing the responsiveness of your page especially when it comes to giving correct and updated information and news to your students. It will be a testimony to the fact that your institute can serve them best when the time comes.

By and large, it is important to get down to brass tacks and take your Facebook campaign seriously. Only a few institutes realize the significance of Facebook in promoting and marketing. With today’s tech-savvy generation, Facebook is the best medium for reaching and endorsing your institute to potential students.

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