Facebook Marketing For Startup Company: 5 Pro Creative Engagements

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Digital Marketing on Facebook has many benefits. It allows you to be creative content, media, engagements, established goals and eventually grow your company. For startup companies, we need to firstly get our customers interested in the product. The best thing is to be creative in thinking and executing the plan.

Having creative content engagements can make your startup business bloom!

As a startup, creative content is the process of bringing something new into being. For example, have you ever just looked at an image anywhere and just clicked on it. Reasons being, you liked the way the image looked or you simply wanted more information? In return, this allows the “clickers” to be potential customers. 

When we talk about creative engagements, it is always about your customer and your startup. How would you engage with them creatively? It could be a happy or a rude comment. But how would the company engage with them, in the best way possible? It could be as simple as customers not being able to get through the hotline number. How would we solve the problem and apologise to them? Great customer service also comes into play.

The first rule before i start is to know what is the company’s established goal. For example if you want more website visits, more Facebook likes or more fan engagement. Each of these metrics has its own value, so you need to choose your main objective before you get started. The Facebook ad will depend on what you are trying to achieve. 

1) Be The Real You:

Being yourself is the first rule on any social media. On Facebook, your audience is connected to your company emotionally. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Get your real name on your profile. Like for example, “Princesses” and “Kings” does not appeal to anyone. So don’t include them.
  • Fill your bio correctly: Tell them who you are and what you do. Share your values and company ethics.

Today’s generation, everybody wants to know your company before buying your product. Everybody wants to know how genuine you are, in return this will affect the business.

2) Ask Questions Creatively

We need to keep interacting with our customers. You could ask questions using media, text or another way you feel. Asking your fans some questions may get some response. But if you want to inspire engagement, do take things up a notch. For example, let’s say you’re in the food industry. Some questions could be so common that fans might not bother to answer. You may ask a similar questions with illustrated by a creative graphic, and you’re likely to get plenty of responses.

For example, Zomato, a restaurant finder app, writes excellent social media posts. They ask questions designed to get to know their fans, which include above-average graphics. As a result, their posts always get huge engagement.

By creating a Questions and Answers forum, your customers are more likely have questions for you.

3) Organize Unique Contests

Social media including Facebook contests are very common these days, so it’s important to stand out and do something different for your brand. Don’t just create any contest. Instead, think outside the box and creatively come up with something fans would like to take part in, share and discuss on yours and their social sites. For example, create a photo contest to promote your product. People have to “like” the page, and post a photo with the product with a hashtag for a chance to win $$. In return, the contest will receive more entries.

4) Use Images When Posting to Facebook

The best way to multiply engagement on Facebook is by adding images within your posts. Photos on Facebook have been shown to increase ‘likes’ more than 50% than the average post. When you would want to post an announcement or promote some content, then include the link to the page within the post. It is preferable to update an image after the content so it stands out.

5) Tag People in Creative Content

There are a couple of ways to create creative content that will enhance more engagement.

First, whenever you share someone’s content, remember to tag the original publisher. This is the best way to attract the eyes of the original content creators. In the most likely scenario, they will post a comment to thank you for the share.

Another method is to write creative articles. Choose a topic and reference with multiple articles, their authors and links. Then, tag everyone mentioned in the post while posting.

The more people tagged, more comments there will be to get the conversation flowing.

Tagged authors are likely to share your content on their page profiles and tag you back.

Additional Pro Creative Content Engagements

Also, there are other creative engagements we could use like for example:

– Connect With a Social Cause

Even if a social cause does not relate to your brand, you can still promote it on your page. It is always nice to do things for others. Plus, it enhances your branding.

– Posting About Current Events

Being topical always bring fresh traffic to your page, whether it’s centered on a holiday or an event.

For example, Papa John’s Pizza posted basketball finals on their Facebook page. They asked their fans to pick the winning team, and they received more than 50 comments within a few hours.

– Increase Exposure With Social Buttons

The more exposure you have on your social networks, the more likely you will gain more likes. The ultimate way to increase the number of exposure on your social networks is to add social buttons within your site. Most blogs have social sharing buttons shown to encourage readers to share the article. For example Facebook,twitter,email, contact us, promotion and the lists go on. Example

Our Company is who we are!

There’s lots you can do to inspire conversation on your social media page. You need to get creative with unique posts that will engage your fans and get them talking. When your fans contribute to the content on your page, they are likely to get engaged and get their friends to join in.


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  1. Tony

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  2. Jasleen Kaur

    Yes Tony, page likes can be gained by both the campaigns. Page like campaign gains more on getting page likes from new users although in website click campaign if you attach your page then also you can gain page likes to some extent. Instead, best you can use to boost your Best post and gain page like & post likes both.

  3. jasmine dora

    Really a very helpful blog. Before doing marketing on Facebook we should follow all these rules. All the points that you mentioned are very important and helpful. Especially i agree with it that we should also use the image for this purpose. Thanks for sharing such amazing and useful information.

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