14 Facebook Marketing Tools that you Must Use

by Anika J | Updated on: December 26, 2018 | 12 Min Read.


The award for the hottest social media platform in the world right now can rightly be granted to Facebook. Having a wide user base of over 2.01 billion monthly users, Facebook has stretched boundaries when it comes to content marketing. A platform which provides 1.15 billion active mobile users surfing through millions of Facebook posts. It’s easy for your post, no matter how great it is to get lost in a sea of millions of other Facebook posts, pages and profiles. Facebook Marketing Tools can best be defined as a Godsend when it comes to marketing in this highly active social networking website. Facebook being the most popularly used social networking site, amounts to the highest organic reach when it comes to marketing..

Facebook Marketing Tool Facebook marketing tools if used effectively can help you in targeting your ideal market audience efficiently. They can help you in segmenting and targeting  your ideal audience based on demographics, target location, and interest. 

Is Facebook a good Marketing tool in itself?

Facebook was initially created by a few college students with a view to connect with their peers and friends over a wide internet based social network. But gradually, Facebook saw a huge boost in its user base and it became the largest social network. A survey conducted by Pew showed that a total of 82 percent of people in the age group of 18-29 regularly use the social media platform. Another, 79 percent of people falling in the age group of 30-49 use it to connect to their loved ones. Internet users aged 69 and above, encompassing 48 percent of the total internet users also use the social network.

Facebook marketing tools

Facebook Marketing Partner

Keeping these demographics in mind using Facebook as a marketing tool can prove to be a great step forward in achieving your marketing goals. Here are some reasons why you should use Facebook Marketing Tools:

Facebook is addictive: 

An average Facebook user spend around 40 minutes every day scrolling through pages on Facebook. Facebook users account to nearly 20 percent of the entire internet usage in a day. More time spent in this addictive network would directly lead to greater online lead generation for your business.

Facebook is always growing:

Facebook has shown a high level of growth ever since its start and has shown no signs of slowdown ever since. According to eMarketer, Facebook has projected to reach 169.2 billion positive users in 2018.

Facebook adverts are target based:

The advertisements you put up on Facebook for your business are all based on the type of audience you want to target on factors such as age, location, gender, and interests. Facebook advertisements also help create awareness about your business through local ads that reaches customers directly on their mobile devices.

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Measure your reach and results:

Facebook Marketing Tools will help you track the results through insights tools made specifically to help you track the progress of your Facebook posts, ads, and organic reach. This would help you get a detailed data on how customers are reacting to your business in Facebook.

How to use Facebook as a Marketing Tool?

Irrespective of the size of your company, you can greatly benefit from the use of Facebook as a Marketing Tool. Facebook mainly provides you with three basic tools, i.e. pages, ads, and groups free and available to be used by anyone. While each of these options have their own singular capabilities and characteristics, they can also be combined to achieve greater marketing heights.

  • Facebook Pages:

    Facebook Pages can and are often compared to the general profiles you see or create to represent yourself in the online community. The only difference that sets the general Facebook profiles apart from Facebook pages is that while the former is made by an individual for staying networking purpose and the latter is made and managed for the business purposes. Facebook users are given the option to ‘Like’ the pages they are interested in, doing so will automatically bring forth the relevant page posts on their general news feed. The users are also given the option to ‘Like’ the page, but not follow it, in doing so they will not be able to see the page posts on their news feed anymore.

    Unlike general Facebook profiles, the creator of the page does not need to accept a fan and the pages can be liked by anyone interested in them. The page also does not have a restriction to the number of likes it can have at any given point of time, compared to the general Facebook profile restriction that restricts users from accepting friend requests after a specific limit has been reached.

    Facebook Marketing Tools

    Facebook Always stay connected

    From the above we can rule out the following distinct advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook pages as Facebook Marketing Tools:

    Advantage: Facebook Pages are easy to setup and access. You don’t need much knowledge about the internal workings of pages to set up your own Facebook page.

    Disadvantage: Building a fan base for a new page can be a huge task and takes up most of the time.

  • Facebook ads:

    Facebook allows you to advertise your business using Facebook ads. These advertisements are mostly targeted based on different factors such as age, location, interest, educational levels, and the type of device the ideal user is browsing on. Facebook also provides the users to stop viewing ads they don’t like or are not interested in. Alternatively, users are also given a ‘Like’ option underneath the ads, in case they are interested in the pages.

    Facebook Marketing Tools


    Facebook ads as Facebook Marketing Tools can be advantageous as well disadvantageous based on how you use it:

    Advantage: Facebook ads are target based, meaning the ads will bring your business closer to the relevant audience based on your ideal target market.

    Disadvantage: Based on your goals, expectations and the number of audience you would like to reach with your ads, Facebook ads can get very expensive.

  • Facebook groups:

    Facebook groups are often compared to discussion forums. Facebook groups are a great way to directly communicate with your potential customers at a more personal level through engaging discussions, comment threads, and polls. You can create a group for anything and everything, starting from the launch of new products to letting more people know about your business.

    Administrators manage Facebook groups, commonly known as admins and moderators. Facebook also allows you to select the type of group you want it to be namely, general, buy and sell. You can also set the privacy of the group to Open/Public, Closed and Secret.

    Facebook groups as effective Facebook Marketing Tools have both a good and a bad side to it as well:

    Advantage: Groups are free to create and will ensure a high level of engagement from prospective customers and target audience.

    Disadvantage: Facebook groups can sometimes be hard to manage and can take up a lot of your time.

The Best Facebook Marketing Tools for all your business needs:

Facebook is one of the most dynamic place you can promote your business and attract your ideal targeted audience. Turning potential leads into income has never been easier with these free Facebook marketing tools. There is a tool for all your Facebook marketing tools. These tools are your one stop solution to using Facebook as a marketing tool.

Facebook marketing tools

Top Facebook Marketing Tools

  • ShortStack:

    Facebook Marketing Tools


    One of the most versatile Facebook marketing tool, ShortStack is a comprehensive and free Facebook campaigning tool. ShortStack takes your campaigning efforts and makes it easy for you to target the right audience through the right campaign. ShortStack lets you add any type of campaign to your page as you may see fit. Apart from that ShortStack also provides you with templates that you can edit according to your need. ShortStack also lets you build your campaign from scratch with ShortStack’s intuitive visual editor.

    With ShortStack you can be assured your campaign will be live within minutes. While ShortStack is one of the free Facebook marketing tools, you will have to upgrade to a paid plan in order to access the premium and advance features of the tool.

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  • Agora Pulse:

    Facebook Marketing Tools

    Agora Pulse

    This effective and free Facebook marketing tool helps you schedule all your campaigns and posts all from a single neat dashboard. Agora Pulse gives you a wide campaign option such as coupons, photo contest, fan vote, instant win, personality quiz, quizzes, and sweepstakes. 

    You can add your specific campaign information in the page section, you can also promote you via a general post in your page. The free plan has a limit on the number of participants. However, you can change that, by upgrading to a premium plan.

  • EdgeRank Checker:

    Facebook Marketing Tools

    EdgeRank Checker

    EdgeRank Checker is owned by one of the top social media research site, Social Bakers. This tool provides you with a complete analysis and overview of your Facebook page backed with some really good and detailed charts and graphs in their free version. You can upgrade yourself to the paid version to gain access to extra features like page metrics and page recommendations of this one of the widely used facebook marketing tools free.

  • AgoraPulse Contest:

    Facebook Marketing Tools


    Coming from the same parent application AgoraPulse, the AgoraPulse contest lets you conduct various different types of Facebook contest such as SweepStakes, Photo Contests, and Quiz and reward the winners through your page itself.

    As a bonus, AgoraPulse Contest also lets you save the names of winners as reference to be followed up later in case you don’t want the same participant winning multiple times. The AgoraPulse Contest is absolutely free to use.

  • Likealyzer:

    Facebook Marketing Tools


    Similar to the Conversion score, the Likealyzer reviews your Facebook page and makes recommendations based on the current performance of your page. This tool also does not require any Facebook authorization. All you need to do is put the URL of your Facebook page in the tool and Likealyzer will return you neat data and advice about the performance and health of your page.

  • Wolfram Alpha Personal Analytics:

    Facebook Marketing Tools

    Wolfram Alpha Personal Analytics

    This effective Facebook Marketing Tool can be a boon to all business pages operating in Facebook. This tool can best be defined as a search engine that searches individual profiles on Facebook and returns back important information about your target market. The information captured by the tool varies from:

  1. Type of Facebook activity.
  2. Post Distribution (Weekly).
  3. Post Length.
  4. Post Statistics.
  5. Most liked posts.
  6. Word frequency and word cloud.
  • PostPlanner:

    Facebook Marketing Tools


    As the name suggests, PostPlanner lets you search for the most viral content and repost them on your page. PostPlanner vouches on improving your page’s engagement through viral content. Apart from that, PostPlanner also lets you schedule your posts with custom time stamps. While the PostPlanner’s plans start from $29 per month, you can also access the free version of the PostPlanner app directly from the Facebook page.

  • PageModo:

    Facebook Marketing Tools


    PageModo will help you create custom tabs, engaging contests, design visual posts, cover images, schedule posts and find engaging content. Their cover creation tool can best be compared to the free tool Canva. You can choose a predefined template or start your own from scratch. With the PageModo tool, you can also post the final product directly to your Facebook page from the tool itself.

  • DrumUp:

    Facebook Marketing Tools


    DrumUp is a social media marketing application which has been designed using the intelligent machine learning and natural language processing algorithms. So, it understands the user’s need and help the user in finding the relevant and fresh content from all over the internet based on the preferences you have set. It goes through tons of resources online and suggest you the content based on the keywords you require. So, basically it helps you to find interesting, useful, and current information all at one place with minimum time requirement.

  • Real Geeks:

    Facebook Marketing Tools

    Real Geeks

    It is an all-in-one Facebook marketing solution for Realtors. When you do Facebook ads on a large scale, you may require reproducing the campaigns over different time and areas. This Facebook marketing tool helps you in organizing and streamlining the entire process. It allows you to create custom list of target audience and various marketing parameters. This tool allows the realtors to create ads for a single property or multiple property and these campaigns get saved in the system and can be reproduces anytime. This makes the whole process convenient.

  • AdEspresso:

    Facebook Marketing Tools


    AdEspresso is the simplest and easy Facebook advertising tool. It provides you with clean and easy to understand analytics in visual format so that you can understand what is working and what is not working for your ad campaign. The customizable dashboard allows you to view detailed analytics so that you can review them deeply.

    This tool is completely free to use as well as they have their own learning section on their website that will guide you through the complete process clearly.

  • Coschedule Headline Analyzer:

    Facebook Marketing Tools

    Coschedule Headline Analyzer

    This is yet another great free tool that helps you in writing better headings. If you are writing a post and want a headline that shows up well on the Facebook newsfeed that you should definitely use the Coschedule Headline Analyzer tool. You need to simply enter the text to start with the headline analysis.

  • Wishpond:

    Facebook Marketing Tools


    If you want to increase engagement on your page then you should think about creating some fun contest using Wishpond. It is an online tool that helps the businesses to create promotions and offers and post them to the Facebook. It can be a photo contest, sweepstakes, donations contest, and more. It also supports advertisement and engagement.

     You can also track the results of the campaign in the comprehensive manner by getting a detailed report regarding the age, gender, and locations of the fans participating on contest.

  • Woobox:

    Facebook Marketing Tools


    Woobox is a Facebook marketing tool that allows the users to run contests, sweepstakes, quizzes, coupons and more on their Facebook pages. You can create an account using your Facebook account and add as many businesses you want to add on the dashboard. You can use this free tool then to create Facebook tabs and apps for each page. You can also preview what other brands are doing under each promotion category.


Whatever your Facebook Marketing needs may be, you can always find a specific tool that fits the bill and helps you achieve your goal and fulfill your marketing needs. Chances are you will either find the tool inbuilt into Facebook’s own interface or covered by another third party.

These Facebook Marketing Tools are sure to make your marketing efforts smoother and easier. 

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