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Facebook’s Multilingual Composer: Post in 45 different Languages

Facebook’s Multilingual Composer: Post in 45 different Languages

As per the first quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.65 billion monthly active users. This illustrates that Facebook has an enormously wide reach. Having such a huge user base, it is obvious that Facebook would be at losing end if in case one party doesn’t understand the language spoken by others.foreign-language-dictionaries

Therefore, to remove any such roadblock in the communication, Facebook has introduced Multi-lingual composer. This is an option which lets you post in multiple languages at once. This helps your post to reach a much wider audience in an effective manner.

Facebook description of the multilingual tool

“To help authors create multilingual posts, we’re testing a pre-fill feature that takes the first message composed and uses machine translation to pre-fill the messages in the additional languages selected. Authors can use the translations as a starting point for their own translations in other languages, or use the provided version as is. These machine translations are generated by machine learning models trained on hundreds of thousands or millions of translations from one language to the other. This is the same system that generates translations in other places on Facebook, like when you click ‘See Translation’ for posts and comments.”

Facebook is concerned with connecting people hence, people often post content intended for a larger audience and sometimes from different parts of the world and to people who speak different languages. In order to ensure that the content is read and understood by a large audience, they probably have to post the updates in one language and translate it later, thereby creating several posts for a single update in order to communicate with others.

How does multi-lingual composer works

You can post in all language versions in one single post. This helps the readers to read whatever part they comprehend.

It is easy to reach a wider audience with enhanced presentation and much less hassle with the new multilingual post tool. For posting in several languages, you don’t have to post separately in different languages. You can simply add several language versions while posting and facebook users will see the same post in a language they understand.facebook-ai-language


  • You just need to click on the dropdown for ‘post in different language’ just right next to where you type the post and then select one or more languages upon your preference.
  • When you choose a language, Facebook automatically suggests a translation for your post in the language you have chosen with its powerful language translation engines.
  • There is also an option of using the version suggested by Facebook or you can edit it as per your choice. This is totally up to you.

How this service improves Facebook?

Having a huge user base in every corner of the world where there is internet access and computers, communication is crucial. There is a continuous need for communication and translation each day and this helps Facebook translation machines to improve its capabilities that allow them to later extend an enhanced service arm.

‘Pages’ to give Facebook inspiration for multilingual tool

Last year, Facebook introduced the feature for Pages. Since many pages have multilingual audiences and were having trouble in communicating with them all at once. Therefore the option to post in multiple languages without creating hassle was much needed.

“It’s now being used by around 5,000 Pages to post nearly 10,000 times per day on average”- Facebook official

He further added

“Collectively, these posts receive 70 million daily views, and of these views, 25 million are viewed in one of the post’s secondary languages.”

Seeing the success rate with Pages, facebook was inspired to make a tool for multiple languages and especially available to individual users.

Example of Multilingual tool

If a post was created in both English and Hindi, the English speakers will see the English version whereas the Hindi speakers will see the Hindi version only.

But how Facebook will come to know about our preferred languages?

Facebook analyzes a host of factors so as to reach this outcome. These factors could be location data, knowledge about the most spoken language in that area in order to figure out which language you speak. Also, it could analyze the language in your previously made communications to learn what they prefer to post in.

In your language settings, you can manually set a language preference.

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Because of globalization, intercultural and international interactions, Facebook’s multilingual tool is going to be a daily use tool in the near future.

This multilingual tool is all the more important since more than 800 million Facebook users out of 1.6 billion are non-English speakers.

Are you one of those small percentages? You can check this by going to the account settings and look for the language section. If there is an option to enable the multi-lingual composer then you can post in different languages. However, it is important to keep in mind that this tool works only when you post via desktop.

Image Credits: and beta news dot com

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